309 Location Qualifier

Code identifying type of location

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
93Sender's Location Code
94Receiver's Location Code
AJurisdiction to Receive Credit for Uniform Commercial Code Filing
ACCity and State
APAll Points
Qualifies a code that identifies a geographic area where transportation rates apply
ARArmed Services Location Designation
BTransmitting Utility
BEBusiness Economic Area (BEA) Region Code
BLGovernment Bill of Lading Office Code (GBLOC)
Qualifies a code that identifies the location of a government office authorized to process transporation bills of lading
BSPlace of Business
C2Geopolitical Name Code
CACountry of Origin
CDCanadian Customs Office Code
CLNational Rate Basis (NRB)
COCounty/Parish and State
CRIn Tank Car
CSCanadian SPLC
DCensus Schedule D
DCDistribution Center Number
DEDestination (Shipping)
DRDistrict of Residence
DTDomicile Type Code
EUniform Commercial Code Filing Office
ELEmployer Location
A specific work location where an injury occurred
FCurrent Address
FEFreight Equalization Point
FFForeign Freight Forwarder Location
FIFederal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 55 (Named Populated Places)
FRU.S. Custom's Facilities Information and Resource Management Systems (FIRMS)
FSFreight Station Accounting Code
FTForeign Trade Zone
A secured area legally outside a nation's customs territory, usually located in or near customs ports of entry, industrial parks or terminal warehouse facilities; while in a zone, merchandise is not covered by a customs bond or subject to duty or excise tax
FVFree Alongside Vessel (Free On Board [F.O.B.] Point)
GLFreight Station Geographic Location
HHome Address
IAInternational Air Transport Association (IATA) Location Qualifier
IMMilitary Standard Movement Procedures (MILSTAMP)
ISIn Store
ITIntermediate FOB Point
A location indicating the point of destination is not the origin or final destination but rather at some other point
KCensus Schedule K
KEPort of Embarkation
KLPort of Loading
KPGovernment Furnished Property FOB Point
LLocal Address
MMailing Address
MSMetropolitan Sampling Area (MSA) Region Code
NSCity/State from Points
OOffice Address
OAOrigin (After Loading on Equipment)
OFOther Unlisted Free On Board (FOB) Point
An FOB Point that cannot be predetermined
OLOpen and Prepay Station List Code(SCAC & Number)
OPOther Unlisted Acceptance Point
An acceptance Point that cannot be predetermined
OROrigin (Shipping Point)
OVOn Vessel (Free On Board [FOB] point)
PPermanent Address
PAPort of Arrival
Port where shipment enters country
PEPort of Entry
Port where customs is declared
POPrincipal Servicing Office
PPPool Point
PQ3 Digit U.S. ZIP
PR4 Digit U.S. ZIP
PS5 Digit U.S. ZIP
PT3 Digit Canadian Postal Code
PU6 Digit Canadian Postal Code
RARate Area Code
Qualifies a code that identifies a geographic area where transportation rates apply
RCIn Rail Car
RERegional Education Service Agency
An educational agency funded by a state or by school districts for the purpose of providing services to multiple schools or school districts
RGRegion Code
Qualifies a code that identifies a geographic area where transportation rates apply
RSStandard Carrier Alpha Code
RTRoute Administrative Message To
SCCity/State and Points Within
SDSchool District
SHSchool Campus Code
SNStore Number
STIn Storage Tank
SWSwitching District
TCTranscontinental Freight Bureau
TLTerminal Cargo Location
TRRail Territory
TXTaxing District
UNUnited Nations Location Code (UNLOCODE)
VSVessel Stowage Location
WWorldwide Geographic Location Code
ZNZone Code
Qualifies a code that identifies a geographic area where transportation rates apply
ZZMutually Defined

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