346 Application Type

Code identifying an application

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
21Vessel Import Manifest (Canadian)
22Vessel Export Manifest (Canadian)
23Vessel In-Transit Manifest (Canadian)
24Vessel Consignment Import Manifest (Canadian)
25Vessel Consignment Export Manifest (Canadian)
26Vessel Consignment In-Transit Manifest (Canadian)
27Rail Import Manifest (Canadian)
28Rail Export Manifest (Canadian)
29Rail In-Transit Manifest (Canadian)
30House Bill of Lading (Canada)
31Re-Manifest Manifest (Canadian)
32Abstract Bill of Lading (Canada)
33Rail Consignment Import
34Rail Consignment Export
35Rail Consignment In-Transit
36Rail Manifest
37Highway Import
38Highway Export
39Highway In-Transit
40Highway Consignment Import
41Highway Consignment Export
42Highway Consignment In-Transit
43Air Import
44Air Export
45Air In-Transit
46Air Consignment Import
47Air Consignment Export
48Air Consignment In-Transit
ANArrival Notice
BDFinancial Institution Account Statement
BGGovernment Bill of Lading
BHPrivately Owned Personal Property Bill of Lading
A Government bill of lading used to request movement and storage services for Government sponsored personal property shipments
BLBill of Lading
BRAccounts Reconciliation
BTBalance and Transaction Reporting
CDConsolidator's Invoice
CICommercial Invoice
CLCash Letter
DLDeposit List
DODelivery Order
EPElectronic Presentments
FAFull Account Reconciliation
FRFreight Tender
A tender of rates for services provided by a commercial carrier to move all classifications of Government freight other than personal property shipments
HRPersonal Property Tender
A tender of rates offered by a carrier for the movement and/or storage of Government sponsored personal property shipments
ISTransportation Control Movement Document (TCMD)
LSLoad Summary
LTLoad Tender - Truckload (TL) Carrier Only
Used by a shipper to inform carrier that a particular load is available or becoming available for movement; also signifies an advance pick-up notification
PIPro Forma Invoice
PLPaid List (All Debits)
RDDeposit Reconciliation
ROReassociation Report
RPPartial Account Reconciliation
RRRange Reconciliation
S1Single Package Shipment Status
S2Multiple Package Shipment Status
SISingle Shipment Invoice
SLShipper's Letter of Instruction
Used by a shipper to inform recipient of documentation requirements (completion, preparation, and distribution of paperwork) required for the movement of goods
SPMultiple Shipment Invoice
SSSingle Shipment Status
TFTrailer Forecast
TGGovernment Guaranteed Traffic Tender
TMTrailer Manifest
ZZMutually Defined

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