1004 Percent Qualifier

Code to qualify percent

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
1Lease Rate Factor
01Guaranteed Interest Rate
2Early Termination Rate
02Locked Interest Rate
3Renewal Rate
4Renewal Rate Cap
5One Family
05Target Fee or Profit
The negotiated contract fee or profit applicable to one defined contract effort
62-4 Family
06Current Schedule Variance
The percent difference between the budgeted cost for work performed and the budgeted cost for work scheduled
07Current Cost Variance
The percent difference between the budgeted cost for work performed and actual cost of work performed
08Cumulative Schedule Variance
The cumulative percent difference between the budgeted cost for work performed and the budgeted cost for work scheduled
09Cumulative Cost Variance
The cumulative percent difference between the budgeted cost for work performed and actual cost of work performed
The percent of work completed for a given activity, task, or event
The percent of remaining work for a given activity, task, or event
13Owner Occupancy
14Availability Factor
A resource availability percentage
15Efficiency Factor
16Scrap or Rework Yield
17Physical (Percent) Completed
A percent measure of the actual work completed versus the passage of time
18Percent of Value
19Premium Rate
20Loan-to-Value Balance Remaining
21Annual Demand Quantity Weighting Factor
22Annual Demand Value Weighting Factor
23Essentiality Weighting Factor
24Procurement Lead-time Weighting Factor
25Months To Procurement Weighting Factor
26Annual Demand Frequency Weighting Factor
27Tenant Occupancy
28Occupancy Rate
30Active Contracts Delinquent-Contractor Caused
31Active Contracts Delinquent-All Causes
32Active Line Items Delinquent-Contactor Caused
33Active Line Items Delinquent-All Causes
34Contracts Completed Delinquent-Contractor Caused
35Contracts Completed Delinquent-All Causes
36Line Items Completed Delinquent-Contractor Caused
37Line Items Completed Delinquent-All Causes
38Delinquent Active Line Items in the Aging Population
41Servicing Fee
42Percentage of Original Loan Amount
43Percentage of Principal Balance
44Percentage of Principal and Interest Payment
45Percentage of Total Mortgage Payment
46Guarantee Fee Per Contract
47Guarantee Fee After Alternate Payment Method
48Guarantee Fee After Buyup or Buydown
49Buyup or Buydown Rate per Basis Point
50Security Margin
51Insurance Coverage
52Guarantee Amount
53Participation Retained or Owned
59Basement Finished
60Late Charge Rate
61Original Annual Interest Rate
62Default Interest Rate
63Default Note Holder's Rate
64Original Index Value
66Liquid Ratio
Liquid Assets (readily converted to cash) divided by current Liabilities expressed as a percentage
67Net Worth to Total Assets
69Percent of Points Paid by Borrower
70Percent of Points Paid by Seller
71Percent of Points Paid by Other
76Sales per Employee
Net Annual Sales divided by Employees
77Sales to Net Working Capital
Net Sales divided by Net Working Capital
78Tax Percentage Factor
79Total Liability to Net Worth
Total Liabilities divided by Net Worth
80Percentage of Time
81Predominant Occupancy Vacant
82Asset to Sales
Total Assets divided by Net Annual Sales
83Capital per Employee
Capital divided by employees
84Cash Sales
85Collection Period (Days)
Average number of days to collect payments (Accounts Receivable divided by Sales times 365)
86Costs per Employee
Costs divided by employees
87Accounts Payable (Creditors) to Sales
Accounts Payable divided by Net Annual Sales
88Current Liabilities to Net Worth
Current Liabilities divided by Net Worth
89Current Liabilities to Inventory (Stock)
Current Liabilities divided by Inventory
90Current Ratio
Current Assets divided by Current Liabilities
91Fixed Assets to Net Worth
Fixed Assets divided by Net Worth
92Inventory (Stock) Turnover
Net Annual Sales divided by Inventory
93Profit per Employee
Net Profit After Taxes divided by Employees
94Quick Ratio (Acid Test)
Cash plus Accounts Receivable divided by Current Liabilities
95Retainage Required for Project
96Return on Assets
Net Profit After Taxes divided by Total Assets
97Return on Sales (Profit Margin)
Net Profit After Taxes divided by Net Annual Sales
98Return on Capital
Net Profit After Taxes divided by Capital
99Shareholders' Return (Return on Net Worth)
Net Profit After Taxes divided by Net Worth
ANon-recoverable Depreciation
ABContracts Obtained by Negotiation
ACCost Plus Basis
ADLump Sum Payments
AEPurchases on Letter of Credit
AFPurchases on Floor Plan
AGChange in Sales
AHChange in Profit
AJInterest on Liabilities
Paid finance costs divided by total debt
AKRisk Margin
Return on total assets divided by interest on liabilities
ALLiability Ratio
Total of short and long term liabilities plus 30% of untaxed reserves divided by net worth
AMInterest Cover
Paid finance costs divided by total income
ANAnnual Limit
ARAccounts Receivable Turnover
BRecoverable Depreciation
BAAll Shares of Stock Owned
BBClass of Stock Owned
BCVoting Shares Issued
BDProperty in County
BEProperty in State
BGBid Guarantee
BPTotal Base Period Wages
BSBusiness Portion
Percentage of improved area of all building types
CPContract to Lease
CRContractor Share Ratio
CSCustomer Share Ratio
CUCapacity Used
DOverhead on Recoverable Depreciation
DFDecrement Factor
DYPer Day Limit
EProfit on Recoverable Depreciation
EAEstimate Accuracy
EFEscalation Factor
EPExpense Percentage
FTFault Isolation Time
FVForecasted Vacancy and Collection Loss
GAGross Adjustment
KAVariation in Quantity Over
The percent over a stated quantity in an order or line item on a contract, which the buyer agrees to accept and pay for, if delivered in an acceptable condition
KBVariation in Quantity Under
The percent under a stated quantity in an order or line item on a contract, which will constitute an acceptable performance, if less than the stated quantity delivered
MMiscellaneous Ownership Percentage
MAMaximum Allowable Withholding from Disposable Income
MNMonthly Limit
MSMarket Share
MXMaximum Owned by Small Shareholders
NNet Profit Payment Ownership Percentage
NANet Adjustment
NHNew Homes
OOverriding Royalty Payment Ownership Percentage
OCOverall Capitalization Rate
The percentage of production actually taken by an interest holder
OHOutside Hours
Percent of (labor) hours related to outside suppliers
OPOption Percentage
PProduction Payment Ownership Percentage
PALease Production
PCPrimary Coverage
PDPaid in Capital
PFPer Person Deductible
PHPer Occurrence Deductible
PMPer Person Monthly Limit
PNPer Occurrence Monthly Limit
PPPer Person Limit
PRPer Occurrence Limit
PTPrevious Participation
PVPercent of Value of Real Estate Taxes
RRoyalty Ownership Percentage
RAAbove Share
RBBelow Share
RCContractor Above Share
RDContractor Below Share
RFFixed Fee Rate
RGProgress Payment Rate
RIIncentive Fee Rate
RLProgress Payment Liquidation Rate
ROReal Estate Owned and Foreclosures
RRAlternate Progress Payment Liquidation Rate
SSpecial Overriding Royalty Ownership Percentage
SASet Aside
SCSubcontracted Costs
Percent of costs related to subcontractors
SDMoisture Content
SEProtein Content
SFPercent Dockage
Percentage of Grain Filler
SGTest Weight
Test Weight of Grain
TTax Ownership Percentage
WWorking Ownership Percentage
WIWorking Interest
WKPer Week Limit
XPurchase Ownership Percentage
XTAsset Turnover
Net Annual Sales divided by Total Assets

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