1300 Service, Promotion, Allowance, or Charge Code

Code identifying the service, promotion, allowance, or charge

Identifier (ID)
Min 4 / Max 4
A010Absolute Minimum Charge
A020Access Charge - Federal
A030Access Charge - State
A040Access Charges
A050Account Number Correction Charge
A060Acid (Battery)
A070Acknowledgement of Delivery Fee (AOD)
A080Activation of Carnet
A090Ad Valorem
A100Add on - Destination
A110Add on - Origin
A112Add to Make Market Value
A120Additional Copies of Freight Bill
A121Additional Commercial Invoices
A122Additional Tariff Classifications
A130Additional Material
A140Address Correction
A150Adjustment for Maximum Charges Billing
A160Adjustment for Minimum Average Time Requirement Billing
A180Advance Charges Handling
A190Advance Destination Amount
A200Advance Destination Fee
A210Advance Fee
A220Advance Lading Charge
A230Advance Origin Amount
A240Advance Origin Fee
A260Advertising Allowance
A280Agent Disbursement - Destination
A290Agent Disbursement - Origin
A300Air Export Certificate
A310Air Express Charge
A320Air Transportation Charge
A330Aircraft On Ground (AOG)
A340Airline Opening Fee
A350Airport Terminal Handling Charge
A360Alcoholic Beverage Report Charge
A370Allegheny County, PA Delivery Charge
A380Allowance Advance
A390Allowance for Consignment Merchandise
A400Allowance Non-performance
A420Amending Export Documentation
A430Anneal/Heat (Steel or Glass Treatment)
A440Anodizing Charge
A445Anti-dumping Duty
A450Appointment (Notification)
A460Arbitrary (In Addition to Through Rates and Charges)
A470Art Work
A485Assist Amount
A490Attachments to Bill of Lading Charge
A500Bad Debt
A510Banking Drafts
A520Base Charge
A530Basic Reorder Allowance
A540Beaming Charge
A555Beef Fee
A560Beyond Charge
A570Beyond Freight Charges
A580Bill and Hold
A590Bill of Lading Attendancy
A600Bill of Lading Charge
A610Billed Demand
A620Black Lung Tax
A630Blocking and Bracing Charge
A640Blower Charge
A650Bobtail Charges
A658Bond Amount
A660Bond Charge
A670Bordeaux Arbitraries
A690Break Bulk Surface Charge
A691Breakbulk Services
A700Bridge Toll
A710Broken Lot
A720Broken Package Charge
A730Brokerage or Duty
A740Bunker Surcharge
A760Buyer Hand Carry
A770Buyers Car Allowance
A780Cable Pressurization
A790Cables (sending of)
A800Call Tag
A810Camp Arbitrary
A820Canada Great Lakes Additionals
A830Canadian C.Q.Customs Clearance
A840Canadian Currency Exchange
A850Canadian Import Termination Fee
A860Canadian Reconsignment Fee
A870Canadian Remanifest Fee
A880Cancellation Charge
A890Cancelled Order, Heavy Duty Flatcar
A910Car Loading
A920Car Rental
A930Carrier Credit Allowance
A940Carrier Debit Allowance
A950Carrier Notification Charge
A970Cartage Charge
A990Cataloging Services
ADOWPayroll Additives, Overtime Labor
ADRWPayroll Additives, Straight Time Labor
Percentage or fixed fee an organization charges for services
ALPTPort Changes
B000Central Buy
B010Cents Off
B015Bop Sheet
A cardboard pallet
B020Certificate of Conformance
B030Certificate of Origin
B040Certificate of Registration
B060Chain and Binders
B070Chamber of Commerce Service Charge
B080Change of Airbill - Service Fee
B090Charges Forward/Advance Charge
B091Charter Services
B100Chassis Transfer
B110Chemical Milling Charge
B120Chicago Loop Charge
B130Cigarette Stamping
B140City Delivery
B150City maintenance fee
B160City Pick-up
B170City Terminal Charge
B180Cleaning Charge
B190Closing & Sealing
B200Co-manufacturing Discount
B210Co-op Credit
B220Coating (Dip, Rustproof, EDP)
B230COD Amount
B240COD Charges
B250Collect on Delivery Alteration Charge
B260Collect on Delivery Deletion Charge
B270Collect Surcharge
B280Combination Performance and Non-performance
B300Combine All Same Day Shipment
B310Commission Amount
B320Competitive Allowance
B330Competitive Car Allowance
B340Competitive Price
B350Compressor Charge
B360Concession Credit
B370Concession Money
B380Congestion Surcharge
B390Connect Charge
B400Conservation research fee
B500Consignee Unload
B520Constant Surveillance Service - Armed
B530Constant Surveillance Service
B540Consular Legalization Service
B550Consularization Fee
B551Consulting Service
B560Container Allowance
B570Container Deposits
B580Container Destuffing
B581Container Discount
B590Container Leasing
B600Container Service Charge UK/EUR
B610Container Service Charge USA/Canada
B620Container Stuffing
B630Container/Trailer Allowance
B650Continuous Mileage
B660Contract Allowance
B670Contract Escalation
B680Contract Service Charge
B690Controlled Atmosphere
B720Cooperative Advertising/Merchandising Allowance (Performance)
B730Copy of Bill of Lading Charge
B740Copy of Delivery Receipt Charge
B750Core Charge
B760Cost Recovery Factor
B770Cost recovery/adjustment
B775Cotton Fee
B780Count and Recount
B785Coupon Reimbursement
B787Countervailing Duty
B810Currency Adjustment Factor
B820Currency Adjustment
B830Currency Discount
B840Customer Account Identification
B850Customer Equipment Allowance
B860Customs Broker Fee
B870Customs Charge
B872Customs Duty
B880Customs Entry
B881Customs Exam
B890Customs Formalities
B900Customs Invoice - Additional Page
B910Customs Invoice
B911Customs Penalty
B920Cut and Parallel
B940Cutting Charge
B950Damaged Merchandise
B960Data/Drawing Charge
B980Deadhead Mileage Charge
B990Deaf and Disabled Surcharge
B992Declared Value for Carriage
B994Declared Value for Customs
B996Declared Value for Insurance
B998Deduct to Make Market Value
BU2TBunker Adjustment - 20 Foot Container
BU4TBunker Adjustment - 40 Foot Container
BUATBunker Adjustment
BURDBurden, Overhead, or Allowance for Indirect Costs
C000Defective Allowance
C010Deficit Freight
C020Delay Furnishing Destination Weights
C030Delivery Surcharge
C050Demand charge
C060Demurrage - Average Agreement
C070Demurrage - Special
C090Deposit Charges
C100Deposit in Lieu of Order
C130Derrick Charge
C140Designated Supplier Inspection
C150Destination Charge
C160Detention - Special Type Flat Car
C170Detention Loading
C180Detention of Power Units
C190Detention of Trailers
C200Detention Unloading
C210Determined Freight
C220Development Charge
C230Die Service Charge
C240Disconnect Charge
C250Discount - Drop Box/Convenience Ctr.
C260Discount - Incentive
C270Discount - Multiple Shipment
C280Discount - Service Option (Delivery)
C290Discount - Service Option (Pickup)
C300Discount - Special
C320Display Allowance
C330Distribution Fee
C340Distribution Service
C350Distributor Discount/Allowance
C360Diversion and Reconsignment
C370Diversion Charge
C380Diversion to Air Charge
C390Dockage - Boat Detention
C400Documentation Charge
C401Document Handling
C410Dowel Pin Charge
C430Drayage/Line Haul
C440Driver Assisted Unloading
C450Driver's Wages
C460Drop Dock
C470Drop Yard
C480Drum Cost
C490Drum Deposit
C500Drum Up Charge
C510Dry Ice
C520Dryer Charge
C530Duty Charge
C531Duty Drawback
C540Early Buy Allowance
C550Early Payment Allowance
C560Early Ship Allowance
C570Emergency Port Charge
C580Emergency Service
C590Emergency Surcharge
C600Empty Weighing Charge
C630Endorsement Fee
C640Energy charge
C650Energy Surcharge (Fuel Adjustment Factor)
C660Engineering Charge
C675Entered Value
C680Environmental Protection Service
C700Escort Service
C710Eur1 Presentation Fee
C720European Port Charges
C730Excess Mileage Charge
C740Excess Periods
C750Excess Value Fee
C760Excess Weight
C770Excessive Value Charge
C780Exchange Access Credit
C790Exclusive Use Of Equipment
C800Exclusive Use
C810Exhibition Delivery Charge
C820Exhibition Pickup Charge
C830Expanded Service
C840Expedited One Day Consular Service
C850Expedited Service Charge
C860Expedited Shipments
C870Expediting Fee
C880Expediting Premium
C890Export Customs Clearance
C900Export Declarations - Automated
C910Export Declarations - U.S. Shippers
C920Export License Application
C930Export Shipping Charge
C940Export/Import Charge
C950Extra Copies and Mailings
C960Extra Labor (Helper Service)
C970Extra Length
C980Extra Service - Counter-to-Counter
C990Fabrication Charge
CA2TCurrency Adjustment - 20 Foot Container
CA4TCurrency Adjustment - 40 Foot Container
CFCTCustoms Fees - Container Level
CFLTCustoms Fees - Lift Level
CGTTCargo Taxes
CLDTContainer Loss/Damage
COMMCommunications Charges
CRLTContainer Lease
CTLTControlled Atmosphere
CUFTCurrency Adjustment - Break Bulk
D000Facsimile Charges - Additional Pages
D010Facsimile Charges
Loose materials used around a cargo to prevent damage or padding in a shipping container to protect contents against breakage
D020Failed Lamp Panel Charge
D025Fax Pre-alert
D030Federal Transfer Surcharge
D040Finance Charge
D050First Article Charge
D060First Flight Out
D070Flat Rate
D080Floor Stock Protection
D100Food and Lodging
D101Foreign Office Advance
D103Foreign Customs Duty
D110Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Rental
D120Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Special Charge
D130Forwarding Agent Commission
D140Forwarding Charge
D141Forward Coupons
D142Capture Additional Data
D143Provide Name and Address
D144Provide Household Identifier
D150Franchise fee
D160Free Domicile Shipment Processing
D170Free Goods
D180Freight Based on Dollar Minimum
D190Freight Charges to Border
D200Freight Charges to Destination
D210Freight Equalization
D220Freight Passthrough
D230Freight Surcharge
D242Freight, International
D244Freight, International, U.S. Dollars
D246Freight, International, Non-U.S. Dollars
D250Freshness/Leaker Allowance
D260Fuel Charge
D270Fuel Surcharge
D280Full Service
D290Full Truckload Allowance
D300Garment District
D301Gateway Fee
D310Gas Pressure
D330Gold Factor
D340Goods and Services Charge
D350Goods and Services Credit Allowance
D360Goods and Services Tax Charge
D370Government Inspection
D380Government Warehouse Fee - Destination
D390Government Warehouse Fee - Origin
D400Grain Doors
D410Grain Flow Charge
D430Gross Receipts Surcharge
D440Groupage Discount
D450Grouped Items
Indicates the pricing for this line is related to the pricing of some other item either in this transaction or some prior transaction(s)
D460Guaranteed Inspection Technical Service
D470Gulf Port Delivery Charge
D480Handling Charges on Distribution Freight Forwarded Beyond
D490Handling Freight At Positions Not Immediately Adjacent To Vehicle Charge
D501Harbor Maintenance Report
D502Harbor Maintenance Fee
D510Hauling and Hoisting to be Direct Billed
D520Hauling and Hoisting
D530Hazardous Cargo Charge
D540Hazardous Materials Handling Fee - Domestic
D550Hazardous Materials Handling Fee - International
D560Hazardous Storage
D570Heat in Transit Charges
D580Heat Treat Charge
D590Heavy Duty Flat Car Charge
D600Heavy Lift
D610High Security Red In-bond Seal Charge
D620Highway Interchange
D630Hointins and Hauling
D640Holding Charge
D650Home Line Freight Charge
D655Honey Fee
D660Hook-up charge
D670Hose Charge Special
D680Hose Charge
D690Household Goods Pick-up or Delivery
D700IATA Airbill Preparation
D701International Air Transport Association (IATA) Commission
D710IATA Fee
D711International Air Transport Association (IATA) Markup
D730Import Service Fee
D740In Transit Price Protection
D750Inbound Freight Charges
D760Income Freight (Manufacturing to Shipping Point)
D770Incorrect Billing Account Charge
D780Industry Price Allowance
D790Initial License Fee
D800Inland Transportation
D810Inside Cable Connectors
D820Inside Delivery
D830Inside Pick-up
D840Inspect at Destination
D850Inspect at Origin
D860Inspection Fee
D880Installation & Warranty
D890Installation and Training
D910Insulated Tank Charge
D920Insurance Fee
D930Insurance Placement Cost Charge
D940Insurance Premium
D950Insurance Provided by Lessee
D960Insurance Provided by Lessor
D970Insurance Surcharge
D990Interdivision Profit
D995Interest Amount
DCETDamage to Carrier Equipment
DCVTDamage to Carrier Vessel
DDZTDrayage at Port of Debarkation (Rate Zone)
DEZTDrayage at Port of Embarkation (Rate Zone)
DFDTKeep From Freezing Percent Differential
DGETDamage to Government Equipment
DOVTContainer Diversion
DPDTDrayage at Port of Debarkation
DPETDrayage at Port of Embarkation
E000Interest on refund
E010Interest on Security Deposit
E020Interim Use Permitted at Special Rate
E022International Courier
E030International Door-to-Door Handling Fee
E040Interplant Charge
E050Interstate/Highway Toll
E060Intra-plant Charge
E063Invoice Additional Amount
E065Invoice Adjustment
E067Invoice At-Cost Amount
E068Invoice Delivery Terms Amount
E069Invoice No-Charge Amount
E070Invoice Services
E080Invoice with Goods
E090Irish Arbitraries
E100Island Delivery Charge
E110Island Pick-Up Charge
E120Italian Release Charge
E130Item Percentage
E160Label Allowance
E180Labor (Repair and Return Orders)
E190Labor Charges
E191Labor, Straight-time
E192Labor, Overtime
E193Labor, Premium Overtime
E200Labor Cost of Removal
E210Labor Service
E220Labor, Modify
E230Labor, No Trouble Found
E240Labor, Test and Calibrate
E250Lading Adjustment Charge
E270Late Order Charge
E280Late Payment Charge
E300Layover Charges
E310Lead Factor
E320Leaking Underground Storage Tax (LUST)
E330Lease Shortfall Consideration
E340Less Than Truckload (LTL) Charge
E350Letter of Credit Processing
E360License and Title
E370Lifeline Surcharge
E380Lift Gate (Truck) or Forklift Service at Pick-up/Delivery
E381Lime Fee
E382Liquidation Anti-Dumping Duty
E384Liquidation Countervailing Duty
E386Liquidation Tax Amount
E388Liquidation Total Due U.S. Customs Service (USCS)
E389Liquidation Total Fees
E390Load Weighing Charge
E400Loading (Labor Charges)
E420Loan Fee
E430Local Delivery/Drayage
E440Locomotive Delayed in Switching Service
E450Locomotive Under Own Power
E460Lot Charge
E470Lump Sum
E480Machining Charge
E485Mail Fee
E490Mail Invoice to Each Location
E500Mail Invoice
E510Mailing - Postage Cost
E520Mailing - Service Fee
E530Manifest Charge
E550Market Development Funds
E560Marking or Tagging Charge
E570Marriage Rule
E580Memo Returnable Container
E585Merchandise Processing Fee
E590Message Charge
E600Message Rate Adjustment
E610Messenger Service
E620Metals Surcharge
E630Meter Charge
E640Mileage Fee (For Repair and Return)
E650Mileage or Travel
E660Monthly Rental
E690Municipal Surcharge
E695Mushroom Fee
E700N.H.D. Wharfage
E710New Discount
E720New Distribution Allowance
E730New Item Allowance
E740New Store Allowance
E750New Store Discount
E760New Warehouse Discount
E770New Warehouse
E780New York Delivery Charge
E790New York Pick-up Charge
E800No Return Credit Allowance
E805Non-Dutiable Charges
E810Non Generated Freight
E820Non-returnable Containers
E830Normal Pump Charge
E840Notarized Affidavit
E850Notify Consignee Before Delivery
E860Notify Consignee
E870Nozzle Charge
E880Ocean Charges - Hazardous
E890Ocean Freight
E900Offshore - Alaska/Hawaii
E910On Carriage
E920On Hand Service
E930One - Day Service
E940One Time Engineering Charge
E950One-Time License Fee
E960One-Time-Only Charge
E970Onetime Tooling
E980Operator Credit
E990Option Charge (Color Fabric Office Furniture)
ENGAEngineering Supplies
EXLTExtra Length Surcharge
F000Optional Charge
F010Optional Software Support for Operational Support Systems
F020Optional Software Support for Switching Systems
F030Order Notify Charge
F050Other (See related description)
F060Other Accessorial Service Charge
F061Other Advances
F062Other Export Charges
F063Other Government Agency Declaration
F065Other Government Agency Exam
F067Other Import Charge
F070Out of Route Miles
F080Out of Zone Pick-up or Delivery
F090Outside Cable Connectors
F100Over Dimension
F110Overrun Charge
F120Oversized Premium
F130Overtime Loading
F140Pack Invoice with Shipment
F150Packaging Service
F160Painting (Primer or Finish)
F170Pallet Exchange Charge
F210Parish/County Sales Tax (only)
F220Passing Shippers Export Entry
F225Pecan Fee
F230Penalty Charge
F240Per Item Charge
F250Per Order Charge
F260Per Pound Charge
F270Percent of Product
F271Percent of Shipped Quantity that is Returnable
F272Percent of Shipment Value that is Returnable
F280Performance Allowance
F290Performance Award
F300Permit Charge
F310Permits Bonds Escort Attendant
F320Phosphatizing (Steel Treatment)
F330Pick-up and Delivery
F350Pickle and Oil
F360Pickup - Out of Area
F370Pickup Surcharge
F380Pier Charges - Wharfage
F390Pier Charges Other Than Wharfage
F400Pier Pick-up and/or Delivery
F401Pier Unloading
F410Pilot Inspection
F420Placement and/or Removal Charge
F440Pole, Wood-service Charge
F445Pork Fee
F450Positioning at Origin
F465Potato Fee
F470Power Factor Adjustment
F480Pre-carriage Excess
F500Pre-Positioned Inventory Service
F510Precious Metal Content
F520Preloading Charge
F530Prelodge Charge
F540Premise Use
F550Premium Charge
F560Premium Transportation
F570Prepaid Usage Allowance
F580Preparation and Delivery
F590Preparation of Air Waybill - Origin
F600Preparation of Canadian Customs Invoice
F610Preparation of Commercial Invoice
F620Preparation of Export Entry
F630Preparation of Insurance Certificate
F640Preparation of U.S. Export Documentation
F660Previous Billing
F670Price and Marketing Allowance
F680Price Deviation
F690Prior Balance
F700Prior Billing Amount
F710Prior Delivery Of Bill Charge
F720Prior Month Credit
F730Priority Service
F740Process in Transit Privilege
F750Processing Charge
F770Professional Fees
F780Proforma Invoice
F790Progress Payment Requirement
F800Promotional Allowance
F810Promotional Discount
F820Proof & Composition
F830Proof of Delivery
F840Protective Service - Cold
F850Protective Service - Heat
F860Protective Service Charge
F870Pulling Eyes
F880Pump Air Charge
F890Pump Charge
F900Purchase Option
F910Quantity Discount
F920Quantity Surcharge
F930Equipment Manufacturer Restoration Audit
F950Rate Code
F960Re-Bill Charge
F980Rebilled Drayage - Destination
F990Rebilled Drayage - Origin
FAKTBarge Freight All Kinds Service
FLSTFlatrack Surcharge
G000Recipient Address Correction
G010Reclamation, Federal
G020Reclamation, State
G030Reconnect charge
G040Reconsign Consignee Charge
G050Reconsign Delivery Charge
G060Reconsignment Charge
G070Recoopering (at Owner's or Shipper's Expense)
G090Recovery Fee
G110Recrating/Recoopering - Destination
G120Recrating/Recoopering - Origin
G130Recurring Hardware Maintenance Charge
G140Recurring License Fee
G150Recurring Software Maintenance Charge
G170Redistribution Allowance
G180Reduction Prepalletized Cargo
G190Reel Cable
G200Reel Deposit
G230Refrigeration/Mechanical Detention
G250Refurbishing Charge
G270Registration of Export for Reentry
G280Registration of Export Shipments
G290Regulatory Fee
G300Regulatory required refund
G310Reliability Charge
G320Relinquishment Charge
G322Reliquidation Anti-Dumping Duty
G324Reliquidation Countervailing Duty
G326Reliquidation Tax Amount
G328Reliquidation Total Due U.S. Customs Service (USCS)
G329Reliquidation Total Fees
G330Rental Charge
G340Rental Deduction
G350Rents and Leases
G360Repack Charge
G370Repair at Buyers Expense Charge
G380Repair at Customer Expense Charge
G390Repair at Government Expense Charge
G420Request Via Canada
G430Research & Development Fee
G440Resellers Discount
G450Residential Delivery
G460Residential Pick-up
G470Restocking Charge
G480Restricted Article Fee
G500Return Cargo Charge
G510Returnable Container
G520Returned Load
G540Riding Attendant Charge
G550Rocky Mountain Bureau 583 Item 1100 Arbitrary Charge
G560Roll Out Adjustment
G570Roll Rebate
G600Same - Day Service
G610Saturday Delivery
G620Saturday Pick-up or Delivery Charge
G630Saturday Pick-Up
G640Scale Charge Unloading
G650Scale Charge
G660Scrap Allowance
G670Security Signature Service
G680Segregating (Sorting)
G690Select Charge
G700Self Unloader
G710Seller Hand Carry
G720Service Assistance Program Surcharge
G730Service Charge (with Cash Discount)
G740Service Charge
G750Service Upgrade
G775Sheep Fee
G780Ship to Stock Quality Audit
G790Shipper Load and Count
G800Shipper Load Carrier Count
G810Shipper Load Consignee Unload
G820Shipper Load
G830Shipping and Handling
G840Shipside Pickup
G860Shrink Allowance
G870Shrink-Wrap Charge
G880Shrinkage Allowance
G890Single Invoice Allowance
G900Single Pick-up
G910Single Shipment Fee
G930Slip Sheet Unloading Allowance
G940Slip Sheet, Rail
G950Slip Sheet, Truck
G960Slotting Allowance
G970Small Order Charge
G980Software Support Service
G990Source Inspection
GMSTGarment Surcharge
H000Special Allowance
H010Special Buy
H020Special Circus Trains
H030Special Credit
H040Special Delivery
H050Special Detention Charge
H060Special Equipment Charge
H070Special Finish Charge
H080Special Freight Supplements
H090Special Handling
H100Special Mileage Movements
H110Special Packaging
H120Special Permits
H130Special Pickup
H140Special Pump Charge
H150Special Seal Charge
H151Special Services
H160Special Test Equipment Charge
H170Special Tooling Charge
H180Special Tooling rework charge
H190Special Train Movement
H200Special Use
H210Special Vehicle Rent
H215Specific Duty
H220Specification Review
H230Split Delivery
H240Split Pick-Up at Pier Charge
H250Split Pick-up
H260Spool Charge
H270Spotting of Trailer
H280Spreader Charge
H290Stamp Fee
H310Standby Charge
H320State Motor Fuel
H330State Sales Charge
H340State Surcharge
H350State/Metropolitan Transit Authority Surcharge
H360Steaming Charge
H370Stenciling Charge
H380Stop-off at Pier Charge
H390Stop-off Charge
H410Stopping in Transit
H420Storage in Transit
H440Straightening Charge
H460Street lamps charge
H470Stripping, Sorting, and Consolidation
H480Subject to Cooperative Advertising Allowance
H490Subject To Tax On Resale
H500Sufferance Warehouse Charge (Export or Import)
H505Sugar Fee
H507Sum of Adds and Deducts to Make Market Value
H510Sunday or Holiday Pick-up or Delivery
H520Super Bag Charge
H530Supervisor Charge
H535Supplemental Duty
H540Supplemental Items
H551Surety Bond
H570Switch Charge
H580Switching Charge
H590Tank Car Allowance
H600Tank Rental
H610Tax - Airport Tax, Destination
H620Tax - Airport Tax, Origin
H625Tax - Beverage Tax
H630Tax - City Sales Tax (Only)
H640Tax - Excise Tax - Destination
H650Tax - Excise Tax - Origin
H660Tax - Federal Excise Tax, FET
H670Tax - Federal Excise Tax, FET, on Tires
H680Tax - Governmental
H690Tax - Handling Charge Tax
H700Tax - Local Tax
H710Tax - Metropolitan Transit Tax
H720Tax - Regulatory Tax
H730Tax - Local Sales Tax
All applicable sales taxes by taxing authorities below the State level
H740Tax - Sales and Use
H750Tax - Sales Tax (State and Local)
H760Tax - State Hazardous Substance
H770Tax - State Tax
H780Tax - Super Fund Excise Tax
H790Tax - Use Tax
H800Tax - Value Added Tax (VAT)
H806Tax Credit
H810Tax Liability - Amortized
H820Tax Liability - One Time
H830Tax on Miscellaneous Charges
H840Tax on Transportation
H855Tea Fee
H860Technology Exchange
H870Telegram Chargeback
H880Telephone - Destination
H890Telephone - Origin
H900Telephone Charge
H910Temperature Protection
H920Temporary Allowance
H930Temporary Voluntary Allowance
H935Tendered as Truckload
H940Terminal Charge
H950Terminal Differential
H960Terminal Service Fee
H970Terms Allowance
H980Test/Qualification Charge
H990Testing Services Charge
HZDTHazardous Cargo on Deck
I010Third Party Allowance
I020Third Party Pallets
I030Throughput Allowance
I040Throughput Container Charge
I050Thruway Charge
I060Ticketing Service
I070Tobacco Products Report Charge
I080TOFC Service Charge
I090Tool Charge
I100Tooling Rework Charge
I120Tools for Printing
I130Total Assessorial Charges
I131Total Fees
I132Total Invoice Amount
I133Total Due U.S. Customs Service (USCS)
I134Total Invoice Amount, U.S. Dollars
I136Total Invoice Amount, Non-U.S. Dollars
I138Total Material Invoice Amount
I140Tracing Inbound Via Other Carriers
I150Tracing Service Fee
I160Track Storage
I170Trade Discount
I180Trade In
I190Trailer Rental Charge
I200Transfer Charge
I210Transfer of Lading Charge
I220Transferred Charges
I240Transportation And Setup
I250Transportation Charge (Minimum Rate)
I260Transportation Direct Billing
I270Transportation Third Party Billing
I280Transportation Vendor Provided
I290Trimming Charge
I300Truck Detention
I310Truckload Discount
I320Turning Charge
I330Two - Day Service
I340Two Door Pick Up
I350U.S. Vehicles
I360Unabsorbed Switching
I380Unloading (Labor Charges)
I400Unloading/Reloading Charge
I410Unsaleable Merchandise Allowance
I411Unscheduled Fee
I420Up Charge
I430Usage Plan Detail Charge
I431U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Flat Assist Amount
I432U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Maximum Assist Amount
I440USDA Inspected, Stamping Certification
I450Use - Special Type Flat Car
I460Use Charge Tooling/Personnel
I470Valuation Fee
I480Vehicle Ordered but Not Used
I490Vehicle Prep Charge (Courtesy Delivery)
I495Vehicle Road Charge
I500Vendor Freight
I510Venting Instructions
I520Virgin Island Transfer Charge
I530Volume Discount
I540Voluntary Contribution Charge
I550Waiting Time
I560War Risk Surcharge
I595Watermelon Fee
I600Waybill and Invoice Distribution
I610Weather Protection
I620Weight Verification Charge
I630Wharfage & Handling
I640Wharfage Charge
I650Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS) Usage Credit
I660Will Call Charge
I670Written Proof of Delivery
I680X-ray Charge
I720Direct Product Handling (DPC)
I730Price Adjustment Percent (PCT)
I740Post Damaged Handling (PDC)
I750Reclamation Center Handling (Chute)
I760Reclamation Shared Responsibility (SRS)
IDCTImproper Documentation
LC2TLand Currency Adjustment Factor - 20 Foot Container
LC4TLand Currency Adjustment Factor - 40 Foot Container
LCLTPercent Differential - Less Than Container
LECTLess Than Container
LFDTLinehaul from Port of Debarkation
LMDTLiner Terms at Port of Embarkation
LNDTLiner Terms at Port of Debarkation
LPDTLinehaul Percent Differential
LQDTLiquidated Damages
LTETLinehaul to Port of Embarkation
MATTModified Atmosphere
OCNTOver Height Container
OFFAOffice Supplies
OODTOn Deck Break Bulk Differential
OTHROther Miscellaneous Earning or Additive
OWCTOver Width Container
PRSTStuffing Charge
PTAXPayroll Taxes
PVPTPrivate Owned Vehicle Processing
R020Personal Property, Member
R030Personal Property, Spouse
R040Port Handling and Unloading
R060Packing, Crating, and Handling Charge
R080Packing, Crating, Handling, and Transportation Charge
RDHTRailhead Handling
RFMTReefer Maintenance
RPDTReefer Cargo Percent Differential
SFBTSingle Factor Origination/Destination
SFDTSingle Factor Origination/Port of Debarkation
SFETSingle Factor Port of Embarkation/Destination
SSCTStripping, Sorting and Consolidation
SSUTPole Lashing Equipment (PLE) Surcharge
STDTStopoff at Destination
STOTStopoff at Origination
TERTTerminal Handling Charges
VCLTVan Cleaning
WBBTWharfage - Breakbulk
WCFTWharfage - Container
WFTTWasted/Futile Trip
WRBTWar Risk Crew Insurance
WRITWar Risk Insurance
ZZZZMutually Defined

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