9 Late Reason Code

Identifies the reason for tardiness

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
C1Coverage Lack of Information
D1Dispute Concerning Coverage
D2Dispute Concerning Compensability in Whole
D3Dispute Concerning Compensability in Part
D4Dispute Concerning Disability in Whole
D5Dispute Concerning Disability in Part
D6Dispute Concerning Impairment
E1Wrongful Determination of No Coverage
E2Error(s) from Employer
E3Error(s) from Employee
E4Error(s) from State
E5Error(s) from Health Care Provider
E6Error(s) from Other Claim Administrator, Independent Adjuster or Third Party Administrator
L1Late No Excuse
L2Late Notification, Employer
L3Late Notification, Employee
L4Late Notification, State
L5Late Notification, Health Care Provider
L6Late Notification, Assigned Risk
L7Late Investigation
L8Technical Processing Delay or Computer Failure
L9Manual Processing Delay
LAIntermittent Lost Time Prior to First Payment

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