1193 Program Type Code

Codes identifying a program type

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E)
03Both RDT&E and Production
06Advanced Design
07Full Scale Development
08Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD)
11Single Family
13Multifamily Construction
14Multifamily Project
15Single Family Serial Note
20Concept Exploration
21Demonstration Validation
23Low Rate Initial Production
AQAdjustable Rate Mortgage with Off-Cycle Interest Charges
ARAdjustable Rate Mortgages
AZCustom Adjustable Rate Mortgage
CLConstruction Loan; Multifamily
CSConstruction Loan with Split Interest Rate
GAGrowing Equity Mortgage--Monthly Payments Increase 4% Annually Over the Life of the Loan
GDGrowing Equity Mortgage--Monthly Payments Increase Annually at any Rate over the life of the Loan
GPGraduated Payment Mortgage--Monthly Payments Increase Annually for no more than the first 5 years of the Mortgage
GTGraduated Payment Mortgage--Monthly Payments Increase Annually for no more than the first 10 years of the Mortgage
MHManufactured Housing
PLProject Loan; Multifamily
PNProject Loan with Non-Level Payments
SFSingle Family Level Payment Mortgage
SNSerial Notes
SPStraight Pass-Through

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