163 Stop Reason Code

Code specifying the reason for the stop

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
AAPoint of Delay
ALAdvance Loading
Carrier requested to hold a loaded trailer at carrier's facility or a place designated by the shipper for a brief period of time prior to delivery
CUComplete Unload
DRDeramp and Ramp for Subsequent Loading
DTDrop Trailer
HTHeat the Shipment
LESpot for Load Exchange (Export)
Carrier requested to spot a loaded trailer at a prearranged location to allow for load exchange of an export shipment
PAPick-up Pre-loaded Equipment
PLPart Load
PUPart Unload
RTRetrieval of Trailer
Carrier required to retrieve an empty trailer at a prearranged location following delivery of an export shipment
SLSpot for Load
Carrier requested to spot trailer for loading
SQSoftwood Lumber Quota
SUSpot for Unload
Carrier requested to spot trailer for unloading
WLWeigh Loaded

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