460 Shipment Weight Code

Code indicating the way by which weights are obtained for a particular shipment

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 1
AShipper's Weight Agreement
CConsignee Scale Weight
Weighed using consignee scale
DDestination Weight Agreement
Weights provided by consignee or receiver at destination
EEstimated Weight
Weight provided to carrier to be used for load tender only
FPublic Scale Weight on Behalf of Consignee
Weighed using public scale as specified by the consignee
GGrain Exchange Weight
HPublic Scale Weight on Behalf of Shipper
Weighed using public scale as specified by the shipper
MManifest Weight
NNo Wt. Req., Ship. Moving on Contract or per car rate
OOfficial Weight
RCarrier Scale Weight
SShipper Certified Scale Weights
TTariff Authorized Weight

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