1468 Reason Stopped Work Code

Code identifying reason claimant stopped working

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
11Paid Leave of Absence
12Unpaid Leave of Absence
13Lay off Permanent
14Lay off Temporary
15Personal Day Off
D1Discharged Failed to Meet Work Standards
D2Discharged Not Qualified
F1Failed to Report for Assignment
F2Fire, Flood or Natural Disaster
L1Lay Off Seasonal
L2Lay Off End of Assignment or Contract
L3Lay Off Reduced Hours or Partial Employment
L4Lay Off Workforce Reduction
M1Misconduct Insubordination
M2Misconduct Excessive Absence or Tardiness
M3Misconduct Violated Rules or Regulations
M4Misconduct Dishonesty
M5Misconduct Failure to Call or Show
O1Labor Dispute
O2No Record of Employment
O3Still Employed Part-time
O4Jury Duty
O5Company Relocation
O6Still Employed or No Separation
R1Refusal to Provide Service
V1Voluntary Accepted Another Job
V2Voluntary Personal or Not Job Related
V3Voluntary Left Area or Follow Spouse
V4Voluntary No Reason Given
V5Voluntary Educational Pursuits

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