753 Packaging Characteristic Code

Code specifying the marking, packaging, loading and related characteristics being described

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 5
01Casing Type
02Recycle Code
10Shipping Package Labeling
11Shipping Package Sealing
12Primary Marking
13Secondary Marking
34Product Marking
35Type of Package
36Package Specifications
37Package Protection
39Platform/Skid Location
40Bearing Piece Location
42Placement on Carrier
43Spacing Directions
44Unloading Device
45Unloading Equipment
60Product Marking Pattern
61Product Marking Location
62Package/Container Mark Location
63Marking Method
65Core Characteristics
66Receiving Facility Limitations
67Tagging/Bar Code Instructions
68Skid/Pallet Type
CBContainer Type
CCContainer Characteristics
CDCleaning or Drying Procedure
CSContainer Shape
CTCushioning Thickness
CUDCushioning and Dunnage
HMHazardous Material
ICIntermediate Container
IPIntermediate Pack
LPLevel Of Preservation
OPIOptional Procedure Indicator
PMPreservation Method
PMLPreservation Material
PNPromotional Marking
SMKSpecial Marking
UCUnit Container
UCLUnit Container Level
UPUnit Pack
WMWrapping Material

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