88 Marks and Numbers Qualifier

Code specifying the application or source of Marks and Numbers (87)

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
AIUCC/EAN-128 Application Identifier (AI) and Data
CAShipper-Assigned Case Number
Number identifying unit shipped
CPCarrier-Assigned Package ID Number
DZReceiver Assigned Drop Zone
GMSSCC-18 and Application Identifier
LLine Item Only
MCMaster Carton Number
The identification number of the outermost (external) container in a shipment leaving the supplier's dock
MTMarked Ticket Price
PBPremarked by Buyer
ROriginator Assigned
Information originated by the initiator of the transaction
SEntire Shipment
SISelf-Identifying Container via Radio Frequency ID Device
Inbound containers that do not need manual routing
SMShipper Assigned
SRShipper Assigned Roll Number
SSShipper Assigned Skid Number
UCU.P.C. Shipping Container Code
UPU.P.C. Consumer Package Code (1-5-5-1)
WPallet Number
XPallet Configuration Number
ZZMutually Defined

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