98 Entity Identifier Code

Code identifying an organizational entity, a physical location, property or an individual

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 3
00Alternate Insurer
0AComparable Rentals
0BInterim Funding Organization
0DNon-occupant Co-borrower
0EList Owner
0FList Mailer
0GPrimary Electronic Business Contact
0HState Division
0IAlternate Electronic Business Contact
0JPrimary Practice Location
01Loan Applicant
1CGroup Purchasing Organization (GPO)
1EHealth Maintenance Organization (HMO)
1GOncology Center
1HKidney Dialysis Unit
1IPreferred Provider Organization (PPO)
The name of pipeline company to which a well, lease or field is connected
1MPrevious Group
1OAcute Care Hospital
1QMilitary Facility
1RUniversity, College or School
1SOutpatient Surgicenter
1TPhysician, Clinic or Group Practice
1ULong Term Care Facility
1VExtended Care Facility
1WPsychiatric Health Facility
1YRetail Pharmacy
1ZHome Health Care
02Loan Broker
002Surface Management Entity
2AFederal, State, County or City Facility
2BThird-Party Administrator
2DMiscellaneous Health Care Facility
2ENon-Health Care Miscellaneous Facility
2HHospital District or Authority
2IChurch Operated Facility
2MAir Force Facility
2NArmy Facility
2ONavy Facility
2PPublic Health Service Facility
2QVeterans Administration Facility
2RFederal Facility
2SPublic Health Service Indian Service Facility
2TDepartment of Justice Facility
2UOther Not-for-profit Facility
2VIndividual for-profit Facility
2WPartnership for-profit Facility
2XCorporation for-profit Facility
2YGeneral Medical and Surgical Facility
2ZHospital Unit of an Institution (prison hospital, college infirmary, etc.)
003Application Party
3AHospital Unit Within an Institution for the Mentally Retarded
3BPsychiatric Facility
3CTuberculosis and Other Respiratory Diseases Facility
3DObstetrics and Gynecology Facility
3EEye, Ear, Nose and Throat Facility
3FRehabilitation Facility
3GOrthopedic Facility
3HChronic Disease Facility
3IOther Specialty Facility
3JChildren's General Facility
3KChildren's Hospital Unit of an Institution
3LChildren's Psychiatric Facility
3MChildren's Tuberculosis and Other Respiratory Diseases Facility
3NChildren's Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Facility
3OChildren's Rehabilitation Facility
3PChildren's Orthopedic Facility
3QChildren's Chronic Disease Facility
3RChildren's Other Specialty Facility
3SInstitution for Mental Retardation
3TAlcoholism and Other Chemical Dependency Facility
3UGeneral Inpatient Care for AIDS/ARC Facility
3WSpecialized Outpatient Program for AIDS/ARC
3XAlcohol/Drug Abuse or Dependency Inpatient Unit
3YAlcohol/Drug Abuse or Dependency Outpatient Services
3ZArthritis Treatment Center
04Asset Account Holder
004Site Operator
4ABirthing Room/LDRP Room
4BBurn Care Unit
4CCardiac Catherization Laboratory
4DOpen-Heart Surgery Facility
4ECardiac Intensive Care Unit
4FAngioplasty Facility
4GChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Service Facility
4HEmergency Department
4ITrauma Center (Certified)
4JExtracorporeal Shock-Wave Lithotripter (ESWL) Unit
4KFitness Center
4LGenetic Counseling/Screening Services
4MAdult Day Care Program Facility
4NAlzheimer's Diagnostic/Assessment Services
4OComprehensive Geriatric Assessment Facility
4PEmergency Response (Geriatric) Unit
4QGeriatric Acute Care Unit
4RGeriatric Clinics
4SRespite Care Facility
4TSenior Membership Program
4UPatient Education Unit
4VCommunity Health Promotion Facility
4WWorksite Health Promotion Facility
4XHemodialysis Facility
4YHome Health Services
005Construction Contractor
5AMedical Surgical or Other Intensive Care Unit
5BHisopathology Laboratory
5CBlood Bank
5DNeonatal Intensive Care Unit
5EObstetrics Unit
5FOccupational Health Services
5GOrganized Outpatient Services
5HPediatric Acute Inpatient Unit
5IPsychiatric Child/Adolescent Services
5JPsychiatric Consultation-Liaison Services
5KPsychiatric Education Services
5LPsychiatric Emergency Services
5MPsychiatric Geriatric Services
5NPsychiatric Inpatient Unit
5OPsychiatric Outpatient Services
5PPsychiatric Partial Hospitalization Program
5QMegavoltage Radiation Therapy Unit
5RRadioactive Implants Unit
5STherapeutic Radioisotope Facility
5TX-Ray Radiation Therapy Unit
5UCT Scanner Unit
5VDiagnostic Radioisotope Facility
5WMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Facility
5XUltrasound Unit
5YRehabilitation Inpatient Unit
5ZRehabilitation Outpatient Services
06Recipient of Civil or Legal Liability Payment
006Drilling Contractor
6AReproductive Health Services
6BSkilled Nursing or Other Long-Term Care Unit
6CSingle Photon Emission Computerized Tomography (SPECT) Unit
6DOrganized Social Work Service Facility
6EOutpatient Social Work Services
6FEmergency Department Social Work Services
6GSports Medicine Clinic/Services
6HHospital Auxiliary Unit
6IPatient Representative Services
6JVolunteer Services Department
6KOutpatient Surgery Services
6LOrgan/Tissue Transplant Unit
6MOrthopedic Surgery Facility
6NOccupational Therapy Services
6OPhysical Therapy Services
6PRecreational Therapy Services
6QRespiratory Therapy Services
6RSpeech Therapy Services
6SWomen's Health Center/Services
6THealth Sciences Library
6UCardiac Rehabilitation Program Facility
6VNon-Invasive Cardiac Assessment Services
6WEmergency Medical Technician
6XDisciplinary Contact
6YCase Manager
007Spud Contractor
Contractor responsible for initiating the drilling of an oil or gas well
7CPlace of Occurrence
7DContracting Officer Representative
7EParty Authorized to Definitize Contract Action
7FFiling Address
7GHazardous Material Office
7HGovernment Furnished Property FOB Point
7IProject Name
7LPreliminary Inspection Location
7MInspection and Acceptance Location
7NParty to Receive Proposal
7OFederally Chartered Facility
7PTransportation Office
7QParty to Whom Protest Submitted
Location where individual was born; may be the country or a more complete address
7SPipeline Segment
7THome State Name
Name filed by a business in the state where it is incorporated when this name is used by another business in the state where it is registering to do business
7VPetitioning Creditor's Attorney
7WMerged Name
Name of survivor company resulting from a merger
7XParty Represented
7YProfessional Organization
08Non-Mortgage Liability Account Holder
008Lien Holder
8AVacation Home
8BPrimary Residence
8CSecond Home
8DPermit Holder
8EMinority Institution
8FBailment Warehouse
A warehouse property that is owned by an organization, but the inventory contained in the warehouse belongs to the supplier until the organization owning the warehouse legally purchases the goods
8GFirst Appraiser
8HTax Exempt Organization
8IService Organization
8JEmerging Small Business
8KSurplus Dealer
8LPolling Site
8MSocially Disadvantaged Individual
8NEconomically Disadvantaged Individual
8ODisabled Individual
8QPublic or Private Organization for the Disabled
8RConsumer Service Provider (CSP) Customer
8SConsumer Service Provider (CSP)
8UNative Hawaiian Organization
8VPrimary Intra-LATA (Local Access Transport Area) Carrier
8WPayment Address
8XOil and Gas Custodian
8YRegistered Office
Address where legal correspondence should be sent
09Note Co-Signer
9ADebtor Individual
9BCountry of Export
9CCountry of Destination
9DNew Service Provider
9FLoss Payee
9IRegistered Principal
9JAdditional Debtor
9KKey Person
9LIncorporated By
9NParty to Lease
9OParty to Contract
9QLast Supplier
9RDownstream First Supplier
9TTelephone Answering Service Bureau
9VFirst Supplier
9WUltimate Parent Company
9XContractual Receipt Meter
9YContractual Delivery Meter
A person or entity that is also liable on a debt listed by the debtor in a bankruptcy case, excluding the spouse in a joint case, but including guarantors and co-signers
11Party to be billed(AAR Accounting Rule 11)
12Regional Office
13Contracted Service Provider
14Wholly-Owned Subsidiary
15Accounts Payable Office
17Consultant's Office
19Non-Production Supplier
20Foreign Supplier
21Small Business
22Minority-Owned Business, Small
23Minority-Owned Business, Large
24Woman-Owned Business, Small
25Woman-Owned Business, Large
26Socially Disadvantaged Business
27Small Disadvantaged Business
29Prototype Supplier
30Service Supplier
31Postal Mailing Address
32Party to Receive Material Release
33Inquiry Address
34Material Change Notice Address
35Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Coordinator Point Address
37Previous Debt Holder
38Mortgage Liability Account Holder
39Appraisal Company
Entity to accept transmission
Entity transmitting transaction set
42Component Manufacturer
Provider of a proprietary designed and manufactured subassembly that meets defined customer specifications
43Claimant Authorized Representative
44Data Processing Service Bureau
45Drop-off Location
46Invoicing Dealer
Source with whom monetary transactions for component manufacturer extended service coverages will occur
48In-service Source
Source placing product into service
49Initial Dealer
The dealer who initially attempted the repair
50Manufacturer's Representative
51Parts Distributor
52Part Remanufacturer
53Registered Owner
Unique code of entity owning the equipment
54Order Writer
Individual who receives the product from the customer and prepares the repair order describing work to be performed
55Service Manager
Person responsible for service department
56Servicing Dealer
57Servicing Organization
58Store Manager
59Party to Approve Specification
Identification of individual that sold the product e.g. SSN, salesperson id, etc.
61Performed At
The facility where work was performed
62Applicant's Employer
63Reference's Employer
64Cosigner's Employer
65Applicant's Reference
A person identified on the loan application as a secondary contact for the borrower
66Applicant's Cosigner
A person who signs the promissory note in addition to the borrower and is responsible for the obligation if the borrower does not pay
67Applicant's Comaker
One of two individuals who are joint borrowers on a loan and who are equally liable for repayment of the loan
68Owner's Representative
Individual operating or responsible for the vehicle/equipment
69Repairing Outlet
Party completing the repair
70Prior Incorrect Insured
71Attending Physician
Physician present when medical services are performed
72Operating Physician
Doctor who performs a surgical procedure
73Other Physician
Physician not one of the other specified choices
74Corrected Insured
76Secondary Warranter
77Service Location
78Service Requester
An institution where the ill or injured may receive medical treatment
81Part Source
Identifies vendor who supplied casual part
82Rendering Provider
83Subscriber's School
84Subscriber's Employer
85Billing Provider
87Pay-to Provider
Manufacturer's representative approving claim for payment
90Previous Business Partner
91Action Party
The organization responsible for investigation and resolution
92Support Party
The organization supporting the resolution of an investigation
93Insurance Institute
94New Supply Source
95Research Institute
96Debtor Company
97Party Waiving Requirements
98Freight Management Facilitator
Organization and/or individual responsible for the monitoring and management of freight services
99Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Area Location
Investigates a claim and estimates the value of the damage: the information gathered by an adjuster is used in settling the insurance claim.
A2Woman-Owned Business
A business (not defined as large or small) that is owned by a woman
A3Labor Surplus Area Firm
A business that has an identified surplus of labor in the geographic area where it is located
A4Other Disadvantaged Business
A business which qualifies as a disadvantaged business for another, unspecified reason
A5Veteran-Owned Business
A business owned by a veteran
A6Section 8(a) Program Participant Firm
A firm participating in a program (under Section 8 (a) of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 637 (a)), in which the Small Business Administration enters into contracts on behalf of, and then subcontracts with, the participating firm, certifying the firm's competence and responsibility
A7Sheltered Workshop
A business entity which provides work for a special category of worker
A8Nonprofit Institution
A business that by operation of policy or law does not choose (or is not allowed) to make a profit from the efforts of its enterprise
A9Sales Office
A business entity whose main activity is, or a location at which, the sale of goods or services takes place
AAAuthority For Shipment
AA1Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
AA2Financial Aid Office
AA4Admission Office
AA5Multi-Campus Administrative Unit
AA7Business Officer
AA9School Principal
AABManagement Non-Officer
A manager who is not an officer of a company
AACIncorporated Location
Location where a company is officially incorporated
AADName not to be Confused with
Entity with a similar name that should not be confused with
AAFPrevious Occupant
AAGGround Ambulance Services
AAHAir Ambulance Services
AAIWater Ambulance Services
AAJAdmitting Services
AAKPrimary Surgeon
AALMedical Nurse
AAMCardiac Rehabilitation Services
AANSkilled Nursing Services
AAOObservation Room Services
AAQAnesthesiology Services
AASPrior Base Jurisdiction
AATIncorporation Jurisdiction
AAUMarker Owner
Identifies railroad, company or municipal owner of a property marker
AAVReclamation Center
AAWParty Providing Financing
ABAdditional Pickup Address
AB1Private School System
AB2State Operated School System
AB3Vocational Regions School System
AB4Chartered School District
AB5Schooling of Indian Children School System
AB6Unorganized Territories School System
AB7State Administered District
AB8Towns in Unions School System
AB9Agent Towns School System
ABBMaster Property
ABCProject Property
ABDUnit Property
ABEAdditional Address
ABFSociety of Property Information Compilers and Analysts
ABHJoint Owner Annuitant
ABIJoint Annuitant Owner
ABJJoint Owner Annuitant Payor
ABKJoint Owner Joint Annuitant
ABLJoint Owner Joint Annuitant Payor
ABMJoint Owner Payor
ABONew Address
ABQDecision Maker
ABRFormer President
ABTImported from Location
ABULiterally Translated Name
A literal translation from another language when no official English name exists
ABVOriginal Location
ABXRating Organization
ACAir Cargo Company
AC1Regional Center
AC2Local Education Agency (LEA)
AC3State Education Agency
ACBInitial Medical Provider
ACCConcurrent Employer
ACERouting Point
ACFBorder Crossing
ACGBobtail Service Point
ACIInsured Location
ACJReferral Provider
Name of the second level referral
ACLAllied Health Professional
ACMEmergency Provider
ACNFederal Government
ACOFellowship Institution
ACPGovernment - Combined Control
Organization with combined control including government and voluntary (i.e.: Charitable organization)
ACQGovernment - Federal - Military
ACRGovernment - Federal - Other
Federal government organization that is neither military nor veteran
ACSGovernment - Federal - Veterans
ACTGovernment - Local
ACUGroup Affiliation
ACVInformation Source
ACWInternship Entity
ACXMedical School
ACYNational Organization
ACZNon-Profit Health Care Provider See U.S. Internal Revenue Code Chapter 1, Subchapter F, Part 1, Section 501(c)
ADParty to be advised (Written orders)
ADANot for Profit Health Care Provider See U.S. Internal Revenue Code Chapter 1, Subchapter F, Part 1, Section 501(c)
ADBFor Profit Health Care Provider
ADCOffice Manager
ADDOn-call Provider
ADEPhysician Hospital Organization (PHO)
ADFPoint of Service (POS)
ADHResidency Institution
ADJShared Service
ADKSupporting Personnel
ADLTraining Institution
ADMPublic School
ADNPrivate School
ADOPublic Pre-K Education
ADPPrivate Pre-K Education
ADQPre-K Day Care
ADRCharter School
ADSHome School
ADTPublic Alternative School
ADUNeglected/Delinquent Institution
ADVPost-Secondary Institution
ADWFood Service Operator
ADXFuture Address
ADYFormer Registered Address
ADZTop Parent Company in Same Country
AEAdditional Delivery Address
AEASecond Level Parent Company
AEBAirport Authority
AECCouncil of Governments
AEEPort Authority
AEFPlanning Commission
AEGCar Rental Location
AEILodging Facility
AEJParty to Receive Transportation Credit
AEKParty to Receive Packing, Crating, and Handling Credit
AELPrimary International Telecom Carrier
AFAuthorized Accepting Official
AHMAgency Hazardous Material Information System Location
AJAlleged Debtor
AKParty to Whom Acknowledgment Should Be Sent
ALAllotment Customer
ALAAlternative Addressee
ALOActivity Location
AMAssistant U.S. Trustee
ANAuthorized From
AOAccount Of
APAccount of (Origin Party)
APRActivity Provider
AQAccount of (Destination Party)
ARArmed Services Location Designation
ASPostsecondary Education Sender
ATPostsecondary Education Recipient
ATAAlternate Tax Authority
AUParty Authorizing Disposition
AUOAuthorizing Official
AVAuthorized To
AZPrevious Name
B1Construction Firm
A business entity whose main activity is construction
B2Other Unlisted Type of Organizational Entity
An organization, e.g., a business, the description of which cannot be accomplished using the existing code list and for which the trading partners have not mutually agreed to a definition for it
B3Previous Name of Firm
A name by which a business entity was previously known
B4Parent Company
The organizational entity which, by virtue of organization, ownership, and/or management, exercises control over a subordinate but separate business entity
B5Affiliated Company
An organizational entity that shares a business affiliation with another business entity
B6Registering Parent Party
An organizational entity (which is also a parent company) that is registering, for a program, e.g. to become a registered bidder
B7Registering Nonparent Party
An organizational entity (which is not a parent company) that is registering, for a program, e.g. to become a registered bidder
B8Regular Dealer
A business entity that regularly deals in a commodity or service being quoted on; use of the term "regular dealer" is consistent with its application to the Walsh-Healey Act
B9Large Business
A business entity that cannot be classified as a small business for purposes of receiving preferential treatment in the award of contracts
That portion of the surface of land, other than a wellsite or roadway, required for access to and to accommodate all equipment, including above ground pressure maintenance facilities that are necessary to measure, separate or store prior to shipping to market or disposal, or necessary to produce the fluids, minerals and water or any of them from wells
BBBusiness Partner
BDBill-to Party for Diversion Charges
Charges associated with a diversion or reconsignment of a railcar
BFBilled From
BGBuying Group
BHInterim Trustee
BITrustee's Attorney
BLParty to Receive Bill of Lading
BNBeneficial Owner
BOBroker or Sales Office
BOWBody of Water
BPSpecial Counsel
BQAttorney for Defendant Private
BRNBrand Name
BSBill and Ship To
BUPlace of Business
BVBilling Service
Entity that provides statement of charges for medical services or supplies
BXAttorney for Plaintiff
BYBuying Party (Purchaser)
BZBusiness Associate
C0Assistant Conductor
C1In Care Of Party no. 1
C2In Care Of Party no. 2
C3Circuit Location Identifier
Identifies the address information as that which is assigned to a circuit location address
C4Contract Administration Office
Established at either a contractor facility or in a geographic area, and responsible for administering on behalf of the buying activities that assigned contracts for administration and all contracts awarded to either the specific contractor or all contractors in the geographic area
C4ASecondary Contract Administration Office
C5Party Submitting Quote
A business entity submitting a quote; this entity may be the party who ultimately performs if an order is received, or the entity may be submitting the quote on behalf of another entity who will perform if an order is received
C9Contract Holder
CBCustoms Broker
CDConsignee (To Receive Mail and Small Parcels)
CEConsignee (To receive large parcels and freight)
CGCarnet Issuer
CHChassis Provider
CHAChanged Address
CJAutomated Data Processing (ADP) Point
A qualifier for an address of a location providing ADP support to an entity that is the intended recipient of a transmission, but that entity does not have its own organic capability to receive the transmission directly, relying instead on the support provided by the ADP point
CLContainer Location
CLTBuilding Cluster
Defines a grouping of buildings that are attached by common or party walls
CMWCompany Merged With
CNPConfirming Party
CNRConfirmation Requester
CNSConfirmation Service Identifier Code
COOcean Tariff Conference
COLCollateral Assignee
CORCorrected Name
CPParty to Receive Cert. of Compliance
CQCorporate Office
CRContainer Return Company
CTCountry of Origin
CUCoating or Paint Supplier
CWAccounting Station
A qualifier for an address of a location providing Automated Data Processing (ADP) support to an entity that is the intended recipient of a transmission, but that entity does not have its own organic capability to receive the transmission directly, relying instead on the support provided by the ADP point
CXClaim Administrator
CZAdmitting Surgeon
D2Commercial Insurer
D6Consolidated Debtor
D7Petitioning Creditor
D9Creditor's Attorney
DADelivery Address
DBDistributor Branch
DCDestination Carrier
DCCChief Deputy Clerk of Court
DDAssistant Surgeon
DFMaterial Disposition Authorization Location
DGDesign Engineering
Identifies the design engineer or office of the design engineer who will receive design specifications
DHDoing Business As
DIDifferent Premise Address (DPA)
Provides the different premise address when the associated equipment, or services, or both, are located at an address different from the main address
DIRDistribution Recipient
DJConsulting Physician
DKOrdering Physician
DMDestination Mail Facility
DNReferring Provider
DODependent Name
DPParty to Provide Discount
DQSupervising Physician
DRDestination Drayman
DTDestination Terminal
DUResale Dealer
DWDownstream Party
An entity that manufactures an alcoholic product using Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms approved methods and formulas
DYDefault/Foreclosure Specialist
The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) representative that processes the default monitoring and foreclosure reports
DZDelivery Zone
Area where the product was delivered
E0Assistant Engineer
E1Person or Other Entity Legally Responsible for a Child
E2Person or Other Entity With Whom a Child Resides
E3Person or Other Entity Legally Responsible for and With Whom a Child Resides
E4Other Person or Entity Associated with Student
E7Previous Employer
E8Inquiring Party
E9Participating Laboratory
EAStudy Submitter
EABCampaign Manager
EAIDeputy Chairperson
EAJDeputy Treasurer
EAOIndependent Contractor
EAQParty Performing Liaison
EARLobbying Firm
EATMedia Contact
EAUOffice Holder
EAVParty Authorized to Administer Oaths
EAWParty to Benefit
EAXParty Holding Interest
EAYParty Making Pledge
EAZParty Returning Contribution
EBEligible Party To The Contract
EBAParty Returning Transfer
EBBLobbied Party
EBCPolitical Action Committee
EBDPolitical Party
EBFPublic Official
EBGReceiving Committee
EBHAffiliated Committee
EBKSponsored Committee
EBMTemporary Residence
EBPSlate Mailer Organization
EBQLodging Location
EBRIndependent Expenditure Committee
EBSMajor Donor
EDExcluded Party
EELocation of Goods for Customs Examination Before Clearance
EFElectronic Filer
The firm, organization, or individual who converts the paper return into a machine-readable form
EIExecutor of Estate
EJPrincipal Person
EKAnimal Source
ELEstablished Location
EMParty to Receive Electronic Memo of Invoice
ENEnd User
EOLimited Liability Partnership
EPEligible Party to the Rate
EQOld Debtor
ERNew Debtor
ETPlan Administrator
EUOld Secured Party
EVSelling Agent
EWServicing Broker
EYEmployee Name
EZNew Secured Party
F1Company - Owned Oil Field
F2Energy Information Administration (Department of Energy) - Owned Oil Field
F3Specialized Mobile Radio Service (SMRS) Licensee
F4Former Residence
F5Radio Control Station Location
F6Small Control Station Location
F7Small Base Station Location
F8Antenna Site
F9Area of Operation
FBFirst Break Terminal
FCCustomer Identification File (CIF) Customer Identifier
FDPhysical Address
FEMail Address
FFForeign Language Synonym
FGTrade Name Synonym
FGTForeign Government
FHParty to Receive Limitations of Heavy Elements Report
FIName Variation Synonym
FJFirst Contact
FLPrimary Control Point Location
FNFiler Name
FOField or Branch Office
Remote location of the payer responsible for administering the plan of benefits
FPName on Credit Card
FQPier Name
FRMessage From
FRLForeign Registration Location
FSFinal Scheduled Destination
Customs duties, excise taxes, and use of bonded fuels are dependent on whether an aircraft flight originated or is destined for an international location, these codes would be used to note those occurrences
FSIParty to Receive Sensitive Foreign Disclosure Information
FSRFinancial Statement Recipient
FTNew Assignee
FUOld Assignee
FVVessel Name
FXClosed Door Pharmacy
FYVeterinary Hospital
FZChildren's Day Care Center
G0Dependent Insured
G1Bankruptcy Trustee
G5Contingent Beneficiary
G6Entity Holding the Information
G7Entity Providing the Service
G8Entity Responsible for Follow-up
G9Family Member
GAGas Plant
GBOther Insured
GBAAlternate Government Business Contact
GBPPrimary Government Business Contact
GCPrevious Credit Grantor
GEGeneral Agency
GFInspection Company
A company which acts as a reinsurance broker for a direct writing company or a reinsurer
GHMotor Vehicle Report Provider Company
A company which performs the services of obtaining motor vehicle records
GIRGift Recipient
GJParamedical Company
A company which performs physical examination services
GKPrevious Insured
GLPrevious Residence
The residence where the entity lived before moving to their present address
GMSpouse Insured
GOPrimary Beneficiary
GPGateway Provider
Identifies a gateway access provider
GQProposed Insured
GSGaraged Location
GTCredit Grantor
GUGuarantee Agency
GVGas Transaction Ending Point
A company which acts as a reinsurer for a reinsurance company
GYTreatment Facility
H5Paying Agent
H6School District
H7Group Affiliate
HBHistorically Black College or University
An educational institution of higher learning with a historical black student population.
HCJoint Annuitant
HDContingent Annuitant
HEContingent Owner
HFHealthcare Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) Facility
Facility recognized by the Health Care Financing Administration as existing in an area of the country lacking in health care establishments and services
HGBroker Opinion or Analysis Requester
HHHome Health Agency
HIListing Company
HJAutomated Underwriting System
HLDocument Custodian
HMCompetitive Property Listing
HMIMaterial Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Recipient
HNCompeting Property
HOComparable Property Listing
HOMHome Office
The main administrative location
HONHonorary Society
HPClosed Sale
HQSource Party of Information
HRSubject of Inquiry
HSHigh School
HTState Chartered Facility
HVTax Address
Address used for tax purposes
HWDesignated Hazardous Waste Facility
HXTransporter of Hazardous Waste
HZHazardous Waste Generator
I1Interested Party
I3Independent Physicians Association (IPA)
I4Intellectual Property Owner
This is the party who claims to be the owner of any intellectual property contained here
IAInstalled At
IAABusiness Entity
IACPrincipal Executive Office
IADForeign Office
IAFExecutive Committee Member
IAIParty with Knowledge of Affairs of the Company
IAKParty to Receive Statement of Fees Due
IALCompany in which Interest Held
IAMCompany which Holds Interest
IAPAlien Affiliate
IAQIncorporation State Principal Office
IARIncorporation State Place of Business
IASOut-of-State Principal Office
IATParty Executing and Verifying
IAVOther Related Party
IAWRecord-Keeping Address
IAYInitial Subscriber
IAZOriginal Jurisdiction
IBIndustry Bureau
ICIntermediate Consignee
ICPInventory Control Point
IDIssuer of Debit or Credit Memo
Party that will issue any credit or debit memo
IEOther Individual Disability Carrier
IFInternational Freight Forwarder
IIIssuer of Invoice
IJInjection Point
IKIntermediate Carrier
ILInsured or Subscriber
IMMIntegrated Material Manager
INVInvestment Advisor
IPIndependent Adjuster
IQIn-patient Pharmacy
IRSelf Insured
ISParty to Receive Certified Inspection Report
ITInstallation on Site
J1Associate General Agent
J2Authorized Entity
J3Broker's Assistant
J5Irrevocable Beneficiary
J6Power of Attorney
J7Trust Officer
J8Broker Dealer
J9Community Agent
JADairy Department
JBDelicatessen Department
JCDry Grocery Department
JEFrozen Department
JFGeneral Merchandise Department
JGHealth & Beauty Department
JHAlcohol Beverage Department
JIMeat Department
JJProduce Department
JKBakery Department
JLVideo Department
JMCandy and Confections Department
JNCigarettes and Tobacco Department
JOIn-Store Bakery Department
JPFloral Department
JQPharmacy Department
JSJoint Debtor Attorney
JTJoint Debtor
JVJoint Owner
JWJoint Venture
JXClosing Agent
JYFinancial Planner
JZManaging General Agent
K1Contractor Cognizant Security Office
K2Subcontractor Cognizant Security Office
K3Place of Performance Cognizant Security Office
K4Party Authorizing Release of Security Information
K5Party To Receive Contract Security Classification Specification
K6Policy Writing Agent
K7Radio Station
K8Filing Location
K9Previous Distributor
KAItem Manager
The address of the person responsible for the management of an item of supply
KBCustomer for Whom Same or Similar Work Was Performed
The party for whom the proposing entity performed the same or similar work
KCParty That Received Disclosure Statement
The office to which the Cost Accounting Standards Board (CASB) disclosure statement was sent
The party submitting the proposal to the proposal soliciting entity
KEContact Office
KFAudit Office
The office performing the audit
KGProject Manager
The address of the person responsible for the management of a designated project
KHOrganization Having Source Control
Organization controlling the design and manufacturing process of a product
KIUnited States Overseas Security Administration Office
KJQualifying Officer
KKRegistering Party
The party requesting registration into a system
KLClerk of Court
KNFormer Address
KOPlant Clearance Officer
KPName Under Which Filed
KRPre-kindergarten to Grade 12 Recipient
KSPre-kindergarten to Grade 12 Sender
KUReceiver Site
KVDisbursing Officer
KWBid Opening Location
KXFree on Board Point
KYTechnical Office
KZAcceptance Location
L1Inspection Location
Place where the item was viewed or inspected
L2Location of Principal Assets
L3Loan Correspondent
L8Head Office
L9Information Provider
LBLast Break Terminal
LCLocation of Spot for Storage
Name of the location at which a trailer is spotted for storage, i.e., the party to receive equipment
LCNGas Nomination Location
LDLiability Holder
LFLimited Partner
LGLocation of Goods
LGSLocal Government Sponsor
LIIndependent Lab
Outside laboratory which provides test results for entity providing medical services
LJLimited Liability Company
LKJuvenile Owner
LLLocation of Load Exchange (Export)
Name of the location at which load (trailer) is exchanged with another motor carrier for export
LMLending Institution
LOLoan Originator
LPLoading Party
LQLaw Firm
LRLegal Representative
LTLong-term Disability Carrier
LUMaster Agent
LVLoan Servicer
LYMAmended Name
LYOManaging Agent
LZLocal Chain
M1Source Meter Location
M2Receipt Location
M3Upstream Meter Location
M4Downstream Meter Location
M5Migrant Health Clinic
M7Foreclosing Lender
M8Educational Institution
MAParty for whom Item is Ultimately Intended
MBCompany Interviewer Works For
MCMotor Carrier
MDVeterans Administration Loan Guaranty Authority
MEVeterans Administration Loan Authorized Supplier
MFManufacturer of Goods
MGGovernment Loan Agency Sponsor or Agent
MHMortgage Insurer
MIPlanning Schedule/Material Release Issuer
MJFinancial Institution
MKLoan Holder for Real Estate Asset
MLConsumer Credit Account Company
MMMortgage Company
A business entity that is responsible for originating and servicing mortgage loans
MNAuthorized Marketer
MORelease Drayman
MPManufacturing Plant
MQDelivery Location
MRMedical Insurance Carrier
MSBureau of Land Management (Minerals Management Service) Property Unit
MSCMammography Screening Center
MTRMeter Location
MUMeeting Location
MWMarine Surveyor
MXJuvenile Witness
MYMaster General Agent
N1Notify Party no. 1
N2Notify Party no. 2
N3Ineligible Party
N4Price Administration
N5Party Who Signed the Delivery Receipt
N6Nonemployment Income Source
N7Previous Neighbor
NCCross-Town Switch
Local Rail Movement
NCTName Changed To
NDNext Destination
NFOwner Annuitant
NJTrust or Estate
NKNational Chain
NLNon-railroad Entity
NMPhysician - Specialists
NNNetwork Name
Identifies the name of the telecommunications network, e.g., Envoy
NPNotify Party for Shipper's Order
NPCNotary Public
NQPipeline Segment Boundary
NRGas Transaction Starting Point
NSNon-Temporary Storage Facility
NTMagistrate Judge
NUFormerly Known As
NVFormerly Doing Business As
NWMaiden Name
NXPrimary Owner
NYBirth Name
NZPrimary Physician
O1Originating Bank
O2Originating Company
O3Receiving Company
O5Merchant Banker
Banker who invests in commercial enterprises only
O6Non Registered Business Name
Name used by a business which is not registered with governmental authorities
O7Registered Business Name
Name used by a business which is registered with governmental authorities
OAElectronic Return Originator
A firm, organization, or individual who collects a prepared tax return for the purpose of having an electronic return produced and who obtains the taxpayer's signature for electronic filing
OBOrdered By
OCOrigin Carrier
ODDoctor of Optometry
OEBooking Office
OFOffset Operator
The company operating a property adjacent to the property being reported
OHOther Departments
OIOutside Inspection Agency
OMOrigin Mail Facility
ONProduct Position Holder
OOOrder Of (Shippers Orders) - (Transportation)
OPOperator of property or unit
OROrigin Drayman
ORIOriginal Name
OSOverride Institution; this is not the institution sending the record, but another institution the student previously attended or is currently attending
OSHOff-Site Handler
OTOrigin Terminal
OUOutside Processor
A resource extraneous to primary material provider that performs additional material processing prior to delivery of the material to the primary provider's customer
OUCOther Unlisted Type of Corporation
OVOwner of Vessel
OWOwner of Property or Unit
OXOxygen Therapy Facility
Building in which oxygen treatment is provided for medical disorder
OYOwner of Vehicle
OZOutside Testing Agency
A company or organization which performs testing for a manufacturer but is not owned by that manufacturer
P0Patient Facility
Facility where patient resides
The firm, organization, or individual who determines the tax liability from information supplied by the taxpayer
P2Primary Insured or Subscriber
A primary insured or subscriber is a person who elects the benefits and is affiliated with the employer or the insurer
P3Primary Care Provider
Physician that is selected by the insured to provide medical care
P4Prior Insurance Carrier
P5Plan Sponsor
P6Third Party Reviewing Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
P7Third Party Repricing Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
P8Personnel Office
P9Primary Interexchange Carrier (PIC)
Identifies the carrier who will handle the interexchange calls
PAParty to Receive Inspection Report
PBPaying Bank
PCParty to Receive Cert. of Conformance (C.A.A.)
PDPurchaser's Department Buyer
PFParty to Receive Freight Bill
PGPrime Contractor
PICPrimary Inventory Control Activity
PJParty to Receive Correspondence
PKParty to Receive Copy
PLParty to Receive Purchase Order
PLCLaw Enforcement Agency
PLRPayer of Last Resort
PMParty to receive paper Memo of Invoice
PMCPrior Mortgage Company
PMFParty Manufactured For
PMGProgram Manager
PNParty to Receive Shipping Notice
POParty to Receive Invoice for Goods or Services
PPCPast Performance Contact
PPSPerson for Whose Benefit Property was Seized
PQParty to Receive Invoice for Lease Payments
PREPrevious Owner
PROProspect Service
PRPPrimary Payer
PSPrevious Station
PTParty to Receive Test Report
PUParty at Pickup Location
PURPurchased Company
PVParty performing certification
PWPickup Address
PXParty Performing Count
PYParty to File Personal Property Tax
PZParty to Receive Equipment
Name a party to receive the transfer of equipment
Q1Conductor Pilot
Q2Engineer Pilot
Q3Retail Account
Q4Cooperative Buying Group
Q5Advertising Group
Q8Base Period Employer
Q9Last Employer
Establishment responsible for preparing and dispensing drugs and medicines
QBPurchase Service Provider
Entity from which medical supplies may be bought
Individual receiving medical care
QDResponsible Party
Person responsible for the affairs of the person having services rendered
QIParty in Possession
QJMost Recent Employer (Chargeable)
QKManaged Care
QMDialysis Centers
QODoctor of Osteopathy
QPPrincipal Borrower
QQQuality Control
QRBuyer's Quality Review Board
QVGroup Practice
QXHome Health Corporation
Organization primarily engaged in providing skilled nursing or other therapeutic services
QYMedical Doctor
An individual trained and licensed to practice as a Medical Doctor (M.D.)
R0Royalty Owner
R1Party to Receive Scale Ticket
Party receiving document containing weight information from scale
R2Reporting Officer
R3Next Scheduled Destination
R4Regulatory (State) District
R5Regulatory (State) Entity
R7Consumer Referral Contact
R8Credit Reporting Agency
R9Requested Lender
RAAlternate Return Address
RBReceiving Bank
RCReceiving Location
RCRRecovery Room
RDDestination Intermodal Ramp
RECReceiver Manager
RGResponsible Installation, Origin
RGAResponsible Government Agency
RHResponsible Installation, Destination
RIRemit To
RJResidence or Domicile
RKRefinery Operator
RLReporting Location
RMParty that remits payment
RNRepair or Refurbish Location
Location to ship goods for repair or refurbishment
ROOriginal Intermodal Ramp
RPReceiving Point for Customer Samples
RQResale Customer
RR2Class II Railroad
RR3Class III Railroad
RSReceiving Facility Scheduler
RTReturned to
Location to which goods have or will be returned
RUReceiving Sub-Location
Sometimes in aircraft fueling operations additional fueling charges may apply due to an unusual fueling location within the airport boundaries, this code would be used in those instances to note the location and reason for the special charge
RWRural Health Clinic
RXResponsible Exhibitor
RYSpecified Repository
RZReceipt Zone
Area where the product was received
S0Sole Proprietor
S3Custodial Parent
S4Skilled Nursing Facility
S5Secured Party
S6Agency Granting Security Clearance
S7Secured Party Company
S8Secured Party Individual
SASalvage Carrier
SBStorage Area
SCStore Class
SDSold To and Ship To
SESelling Party
SEPSecondary Payer
SFShip From
SGStore Group
SIShipping Schedule Issuer
SICSecondary Inventory Control Activity
SIPShip-in-Place Location
SJService Provider
Identifies name and address information as pertaining to a service provider for which billing is being rendered
SKSecondary Location Address (SLA)
Identifies a physical address location in which a telecommunications circuit terminates; this address is in addition to a main service address
SLOrigin Sublocation
The origin of product for accounting and operations purposes
SMParty to Receive Shipping Manifest
SOSold To If Different From Bill To
SPParty filling Shipper's Order
SQService Bureau
A business entity that is responsible for providing computer resources to other firms that do not have computer resources of their own
SRSamples to be Returned To
SSSteamship Company
STShip To
STCSwitching and Terminal Carrier
SUSSupply Source
SVService Performance Site
When services are contracted for, this describes the organization for whom or location address at which those services will be performed
SWSealing Company
SXSchool-based Service Provider
SYSecondary Taxpayer
Taxpayer who is filing jointly with the primary taxpayer
T1Operator of the Transfer Point
T2Operator of the Source Transfer Point
T3Terminal Location
A geographic location where a motor or rail or air or water terminal is located
T4Transfer Point
A geographic location where a shipment is transferred or diverted to a new destination
T6Terminal Operator
T8Previous Title Company
T9Prior Title Evidence Holder
TATitle Insurance Services Provider
TCTool Source
TDTooling Design
TECTax Exempt Corporation
TFTank Farm
TGTooling Fabrication
THTheater Circuit
TITariff Issuer
TKTest Sponsor
Organization sponsoring a test to be run for certification
TLTesting Laboratory
A firm, organization, or individual who transmits returns electronically to a taxing authority
TOMessage To
TOWTowing Agency
TPPrimary Taxpayer
Taxpayer whose social security number or employer identification number is used as the primary identification number for the filing
TPMThird Party Marketer
TQThird Party Reviewing Organization (TPO)
TSParty to Receive Certified Test Results
TSDTreatment, Storage or Disposal Facility
TSEConsignee Courier Transfer Station
TSRConsignor Courier Transfer Station
TTTransfer To
TTPTertiary Payer
TUThird Party Repricing Organization (TPO)
TVThird Party Administrator (TPA)
TWTransit Authority
TXTax Authority
TZSignificant Other
U1Gas Transaction Point 1
U2Gas Transaction Point 2
U3Servicing Agent
U6Title Underwriter
U9Non-Registered Investment Advisor
UAPlace of Bottling
UBPlace of Distilling
UCUltimate Consignee
UETesting Service
UFHealth Miscellaneous
Health related entities that are not otherwise classified
UGNursing Home Chain
UHNursing Home
UIRegistered Investment Advisor
UJSales Assistant
ULSpecial Account
UMCurrent Employer (Primary)
UOCurrent Employer (Secondary)
UPUnloading Party
UQSubsequent Owner
USUpstream Party
UTU.S. Trustee
UUAnnuitant Payor
UWUnassigned Agent
UXBase Jurisdiction
V3Well Pad Construction Contractor
V4Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency
V5Surface Discharge Agency
V6Well Casing Depth Authority
V8Market Timer
V9Owner Annuitant Payor
VASecond Contact
VCVehicle Custodian
VDMultiple Listing Service
VEBoard of Realtors
VERParty Performing Verification
VFSelling Office
VGListing Agent
VHShowing Agent
VIContact Person
VJOwner Joint Annuitant Payor
VKProperty or Building Manager
VLBuilder Name
VOElementary School
VPParty with Power to Vote Securities
VQMiddle School
VRJunior High School
VSVehicle Salvage Assignment
VTListing Office
VUSecond Contact Organization
VVOwner Payor
VXProduction Manager
VYOrganization Completing Configuration Change
W1Work Team
W2Supplier Work Team
W3Third Party Investment Advisor
W8Interline Service Commitment Customer
W9Sampling Location
WAWriting Agent
WBAppraiser Name
WCComparable Property
WDStorage Facility at Destination
A storage facility located in the geographic vicinity of a destination location
WESubject Property
WFTank Farm Owner
WGWage Earner
WJSupervisory Appraiser Name
WNCompany Assigned Well
WOStorage Facility at Origin
A storage facility located in the geographic vicinity of an origin location
WPWitness for Plaintiff
WRWithdrawal Point
WSWater System
WTWitness for Defendant
WUPrimary Support Organization
WVPreliminary Maintenance Period Designating Organization
WWPreliminary Maintenance Organization
WXPreliminary Referred To Organization
WYFinal Maintenance Period Designating Organization
WZFinal Maintenance Organization
X1Mail to
An address to which a specified item is to be mailed
X2Party to Perform Packaging
A party responsible for packaging an item after it has been produced
X3Utilization Management Organization
X5Durable Medical Equipment Supplier
X6International Organization
X8Hispanic Service Institute
XCDebtor's Attorney
Other Names Used
XEClaim Recipient
XGEvent Location
XHFinal Referred To Organization
XIOriginal Claimant
XJActual Referred By Organization
XKActual Referred To Organization
XLBorrower's Employer
XMMaintenance Organization Used for Estimate
XNPlanning/Maintenance Organization
XOPreliminary Customer Organization
XPParty to Receive Solicitation
XQCanadian Customs Broker
XRMexican Customs Broker
XSS Corporation
An "S" corporation is a corporation type designation given by the Internal Revenue Service to a corporation meeting certain tests of ownership and profit distribution
XTFinal Customer Organization
XUUnited States Customs Broker
XVCross Claimant
XWCounter Claimant
XXBusiness Area
XYTribal Government
XZAmerican Indian-Owned Business
Y2Managed Care Organization
Person bringing forward a court case
YCBail Payor
YDDistrict Justice
YEThird Party
YFWitness for Prosecution
YGExpert Witness
YHCrime Victim
YIJuvenile Victim
YJJuvenile Defendant
YLCourt Appointed Attorney
YMComplainant's Attorney
YNDistrict Attorney
YOAttorney for Defendant, Public
YPPro Bono Attorney
Counsel provided without charge
YQPro Se Counsel
Proceeding without counsel
YRParty to Appear Before
YUArresting Officer
YVHostile Witness
YWDischarge Point
YXFlood Certifier
YYFlood Determination Provider
YZElectronic Registration Utility
Z1Party to Receive Status
An organization that will receive information about a transaction
Z2Unserviceable Material Consignee
An organization that will receive unserviceable material
Z3Potential Source of Supply
An organization that might stock the needed material
Z4Owning Inventory Control Point
An inventory control organization responsible for management of a particular item
Z5Management Control Activity
Department of Defense organization that oversees contractor requests for government-owned material to be supplied for use in support of government contracts
Z6Transferring Party
An organization that is sending material
Z7Mark-for Party
Z8Last Known Source of Supply
The last organization known to hold a transaction for the needed material
ZACorrected Address
The organization to which information should have been sent
ZBParty to Receive Credit
The organization to which credit will be granted
ZCRent Payor
ZDParty to Receive Reports
The organization designated to receive reports
ZEEnd Item Manufacturer
Manufacturer of the end item associated with the required material
ZFBreak Bulk Point
ZGPresent Address
ZLParty Passing the Transaction
The party forwarding a transaction
ZMLease Location
ZNLosing Inventory Manager
The organization losing management responsibility for an individual item of supply
ZOMinimum Royalty Payor
ZPGaining Inventory Manager
The organization assuming management responsibility for an individual item of supply
ZQScreening Point
ZRValidating Party
Party to affirm the validity of a requirement
ZSMonitoring Party
Party to oversee and track the status of a requirement
ZTParticipating Area
ZVAllowable Recipient
ZXAttorney of Record
ZYAmicus Curiae
Friend of the Court
ZZMutually Defined

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