1651 Shipment Status or Appointment Reason Code

Code indicating the reason a shipment status or appointment reason was transmitted

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
A1Missed Delivery
A2Incorrect Address
A3Indirect Delivery
A5Unable to Locate
A6Address Corrected - Delivery Attempted
ADCustomer Requested Future Delivery
AERestricted Articles Unacceptable
AGConsignee Related
AHDriver Related
AIMechanical Breakdown
AJOther Carrier Related
AKDamaged, Rewrapped in Hub
ALPrevious Stop
AMShipper Related
ANHoliday - Closed
AOWeather or Natural Disaster Related
APAwaiting Export
AQRecipient Unavailable - Delivery Delayed
ARImproper International Paperwork
ASHold Due to Customs Documentation Problems
ATUnable to Contact Recipient for Broker Information
AUCivil Event Related Delay
AVExceeds Service Limitations
AWPast Cut-off Time
AXInsufficient Pickup Time
AYMissed Pickup
AZAlternate Carrier Delivered
B1Consignee Closed
B2Trap for Customer
B4Held for Payment
B5Held for Consignee
B8Improper Unloading Facility or Equipment
B9Receiving Time Restricted
BBHeld per Shipper
BCMissing Documents
BDBorder Clearance
BERoad Conditions
BFCarrier Keying Error
BHInsufficient Time to Complete Delivery
BICartage Agent
BJCustomer Wanted Earlier Delivery
BKPrearranged Appointment
BLHeld for Protective Service
BMFlatcar Shortage
BNFailed to Release Billing
BORailroad Failed to Meet Schedule
BPLoad Shifted
BQShipment Overweight
BRTrain Derailment
BSRefused by Customer
BTReturned to Shipper
C1Waiting for Customer Pickup
C2Credit Hold
C3Suspended at Customer Request
C4Customer Vacation
C5Customer Strike
C6Waiting Shipping Instructions
C7Waiting for Customer Specified Carrier
C8Collect on Delivery Required
C9Cash Not Available From Consignee
CACustoms (Import or Export)
CBNo Requested Arrival Date Provided by Shipper
CCNo Requested Arrival Time Provided by Shipper
D1Carrier Dispatch Error
D2Driver Not Available
F1Non-Express Clearance Delay
F2International Non-carrier Delay
HBHeld Pending Appointment
P1Processing Delay
P2Waiting Inspection
P3Production Falldown
P4Held for Full Carrier Load
S1Delivery Shortage
T1Tractor With Sleeper Car Not Available
T2Tractor, Conventional, Not Available
T3Trailer not Available
T4Trailer Not Usable Due to Prior Product
T5Trailer Class Not Available
T6Trailer Volume Not Available
T7Insufficient Delivery Time

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