363 Note Reference Code

Code identifying the functional area or purpose for which the note applies

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
AAAAgent Details
AABAssociated Business Areas
AADNationality Details
AAHAdditional Facility Details
AAIExemption Law Location Description
AAJForecast Details
AAKImport and Export Details
AALInventory Valuation
AAMProduct Brands Sold Description
AANPurchase Territory
AAPSupplier Description
AAQEducation Description
AARLiquidity Details
AASFormer Activity Description
AATDivision Description
ABNAbbreviated Nomenclature
ACCAccess Instructions
Instructions or arrangements made with the customer on how to gain access to the customer's premises to work on a service request
ACIAdditional Claim Information
ACNAction Taken
ACSActual Solution
ADDAdditional Information
AESActual Evaluation Summary
AETAdverse Event Terms
AFBGeneric Chemical Name
AFCPrevention Program Description
AFDRisk Management Plan Description
AFESafety Comments
ALLAll Documents
AMNAdditional Manufacturer Narrative
AOOArea of Operation
APNApplication Notes
APSAppropriation Specifications
Multiformatted data that describes government accounting classification information used to process the payment information for services provided to the Government
BBDBank Description
BBFBusiness Founder
BBHBusiness History
BBNBanking Notes
BBOBusiness Origin Description
BBTBrand Names
BFDBusiness Financing Details
BOLBill of Lading Note
BURBureau Remarks
CAAAuthentication Information
CABLine of In-State Business
CACRelationship Information
CADBasis for Amount Due
CAEType of Debt
CAFLand Use Purpose
CAGLand Description
CAHBasis of Calculation
CAIGeneral Business Description
CAJType of Business
CAKCharacter of Business
CALRepresentation of Value
CAMSupporting Statement, Tax, and Fee Computation
CANCooperative Corporation Statement
CAOClose Corporation Statement
CAPAgreement to Abide by Laws
CAQStock Restrictions
CAROther Related Information
CASProhibition Against Being an Officer
CATQualification of Director
CAUNature of Charter
CAVStatement of Assets and Liabilities
CAWBankruptcy Information
CAXCertificate of Disclosure
CAZAsset Detail
CBAStatement Related to Regulation
CBBConsideration to be Received
CBCOther Lawful Provisions
CBHMonetary Amount Description
CBIDescription of Title
CCBConstruction Details
CCCConstruction Financing
CCDConstruction Line of Business
CCEContract Details
CCFCorporate Filing Details
CCGCustomer Description
CCNCopyright Notice
CDDContingent Debt Details
CERCertification Narrative
Any notes associated with the certification involved
CIGCigarette Information
CIRCircumstances Prior to Difficulty
CLNClassifying Information
CLRSecurity Clearance Instructions
Used to describe the level of security clearance required for individuals viewing information
CMPConcomitant Medical Product Description
CMTMaintenance Comment
CODCorrected Data
COMConsumer Comments
CONConviction Act Details
CRACredit Report Alerts
CRKClosing Comment
CRNCredit Report Notes
CUSCustoms declaration
DCPGoals, Rehabilitation Potential, or Discharge Plans
DCSDestination Control Statement
DDCDeficiency Description Changes
DEEEvent Description
DEPProblem Description
DFRDose, Frequency and Route Description
DFSDeparture from Specification Comment
DGNDiagnosis Description
Verbal description of the condition involved
DMEDurable Medical Equipment (DME) and Supplies
DODDescription of Damage
DOIOutcome Description
DRVDriver Out of Service Notice
DRWDriver Out of Service Resolution
DSWDetailed Statement of Work
EAAOther Type of Group
EABBallot Measure
EAEProhibited Contribution Circumstance
EAFCommittee Activity
EAGCompensation Arrangement
EAHCountry Sub-Entity
EAKIn-Kind Contribution Use
EALIndustry Group
EANNature and Purpose of Other Lobbyist Employers
EAODescription of Office
EAPParty Considering Legislation
EAQDescription of Position
EARDescription of Sponsor
EATAsset Disposition
EAVCommittee Interest
EAWCompensation or Services Exchanged for Consideration
EAXContributor Interest
EAYDescription of Debt
EAZEmployer Description
EBAPurpose of Employment
EBBDescription of Agency and Position
EBCDescription of Goods and Services
EBDLength of Lobbying Actions
EBELobbying Interest
EBFMethod of Disposal
EBGPurpose of Credit
EBHDescription of Other Business Sub-Category
EBIOther Type of Compensation
EBJDescription of Other Legislative Interest
EBKOther Reason for Withdrawal
EBLOther Type of Relationship
EBMOther Temporary Residence
EBNOther Type of Committee
EBOPlace Paid
EBQReason for Purchase
EBRReason for Contribution
EBSDescription of Repayment Schedule
EBUService Description
EBWDescription of Amendment
EBXType of Election
EBYOther Type of Account
EBZInterest Rate Description
ECAIn-Kind Contribution
ECBReason for Refund
ECCIncidental Expenses
ECDEnvironmental Conditions Description
ECEOther Expenses
ECFOther Income
ECGDescription of Receipt
ECHSurplus Funds
ECKMiscellaneous Receipt Transaction
ECLOther Advertising
ECMEstimate Comment
ECNEquipment Condition Description
ECOOther Necessary Personal Expense
ECPOther Campaign Expense
ECQLong-Term Liability
ECRShort-Term Liability
ECSOther Sponsor Expense
ECTEmergency Certification
ECUOther Transportation Expense
ECWReason for Return
EEDEquipment Description
EFDEquipment Function Description
ELEEquipment Log Entry
EMCEmployment Comments
EMDEstimate Method Description
ENRExplanation for Non-Return of Device to Manufacturer
ERNError Notes
EVLEvent Location
EXEExemption Description
EXNExhibit Notes
EXRExercise Routine
Notes necessary to evaluate medical necessity of portable oxygen system
EXTExterior Description
FDDFinal Deficiency Description
FEEFee Description
FIXRepair Summary
FUTFuture Plans
GENEntire Transaction Set
GPIGeneral Product or Process Information
GPLGeneral Policy
GSIGeneral Specification Information
HHIHousehold Goods Information
ICNInterviewee Conversation
IDTIntangible Description
IIDInventory (Stock) Description
IIEInvestment Description
IIRIntercompany Relations
IMPProblem Impact
INPReason for Inspection
INTGeneral Order Instructions
INVInvoice Instruction
IVCIncome Verification Comments
JVDJoint Venture Description
LABLabeling Instructions
LBDLaboratory Data
LBSLabeled Strength
LENLender Use
LINLine Item
LIQLiquor Information
LLALetters of Liability Agreements
LLBLoan Details
LLCLong Term Debt Description
LOCLocation Description Information
A free-form description of a location, helpful in trying to locate a specific facility
LOILoading Instructions
LSDLegal Structure Details
MCDMarital Contract Details
MCNMotor Carrier Instructions
MDODevice Operator Description
MFGManufacturing Instructions
MKNMarketing Notes
MMDMerger Description
MSDMarketable Securities Description
NCDNonconformance Specification
NPDNameplate Data
NTRNutritional Requirements
OBIOriginator to Beneficiary Instructions
OBLObligation Description
OCAOther Current Asset Description
OCCOccupancy Information
OCLOther Current Liability Description
OCROutside the Continental U.S. (OCONUS) Rating Information
ODDOriginator Deficiency Description
ODTOrders for Disciplines and Treatments
OLSOriginal Legal Structure
OPOOccupation Definition
ORATest Results Other Than Room Air
Description of the results of oxygen test when given with other than room air
ORDOrdering Restrictions
OREOther Remedial Action
ORIOrder Instructions
OTHOther Instructions
OTNAnother Type of Number Description
OTSReport Source Description
PCSProcess Specification
PDSProduct Specification
PEDEmployee Sharing Arrangements
PENPenalty Description
PESPartial Pressure of Oxygen (PO2) is 60 millimeters (MM) of Mercury (Hg) or above, or arterial blood oxygen saturation is 90% or above
Description of the result of an oxygen saturation test
PIDProperty Improvement Description
PKGPackaging Instructions
POBPrimary Observation
POCPrincipals or Organization Comments
POLProperty Owner Location Information
PPCPrincipal Procedure Code Description
PRNPublic Record Notes
PROPrevious Registered Office
PRRPrice Range
PSYProblem Summary
QUTQuotation Instruction
RDIReason for Delinquency Information
REFTreatment Refusal Note
REGRegistered Activity
RFLReason for Leaving
RHBFunctional Limitations, Reason Homebound, or Both
RLAReason for Leave of Absence
RLHReasons Patient Leaves Home
RNHTimes and Reasons Patient Not at Home
RNIMissing Report Explanation
ROUCircuit Routing Instructions
A customer request for a particular routing sequence for a telecommunications circuit
RPTReport Remarks
RSTPlace Where a Report was Submitted
RVCRent Verification Comments
SANSettlement Amount Notes
SCNOcean Shipping Container Information
SDDSentence Description
SETUnusual Home, Social Environment, or Both
SFMSafety Measures
SHRShipping Restrictions
SMDSelling Means Description
SOBSecondary Observation
SOWStatement of Work
SPHSpecial Handling
SPTSupplementary Plan of Treatment
SPVClosing Instructions
SSASchool Attended Details
SSCStatus Comment
SSDSales Description
SSESpouse Information
SSGSchool Graduated Details
SSHSecurity Service Information
SSIShareholding Information
SSSSigning Authority
SSTSales Territory
TAFTariff Abbreviation
TCFTariff Commodity Footnotes
TDATurkish Defense Affairs Authorization Information
TESTask Statement
TILTariff Index
TLFTariff Rule
TLRTradeline Remarks
TMPToxic Organic Management Plan
TPOThird Party Organization Notes
TREReportable Event Description
TRFTariff Rate Footnotes
TRSQuality Information
TSDTerms of Sale Description
TSFTariff Section Footnotes
TSTTest Results
UPIUpdated Information
VECVerification Comments
VEHVehicle Out of Service Notice
VNNVariation Notes
WHIWarehouse Instruction
WRPWrapping Instructions
ZEDZero Discharge Certification Statement
ZZZMutually Defined

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