1336 Insurance Type Code

Code identifying the type of insurance policy within a specific insurance program

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 3
12Medicare Secondary Working Aged Beneficiary or Spouse with Employer Group Health Plan
13Medicare Secondary End-Stage Renal Disease Beneficiary in the Mandated Coordination Period with an Employer's Group Health Plan
14Medicare Secondary, No-fault Insurance including Auto is Primary
15Medicare Secondary Worker's Compensation
16Medicare Secondary Public Health Service (PHS)or Other Federal Agency
19Prescription Drugs
41Medicare Secondary Black Lung
42Medicare Secondary Veteran's Administration
43Medicare Secondary Disabled Beneficiary Under Age 65 with Large Group Health Plan (LGHP)
47Medicare Secondary, Other Liability Insurance is Primary
APAuto Insurance Policy
COConsolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
CPMedicare Conditionally Primary
Provides periodic payments to replace income when an insured person is unable to work as a result of illness, injury or disease
DBDisability Benefits
EMedicare - Point of Service (POS)
EPExclusive Provider Organization
Gives subscriber a choice of providers from an approved/contracted payer list; there are fixed dollar co-payments for most covered services in return for using plan providers
FFFamily or Friends
GPGroup Policy
Two or more people who are part of complete unit who enter into an insurance contract with an insurance company
HMHealth Maintenance Organization (HMO)
HNHealth Maintenance Organization (HMO) - Medicare Risk
HSSpecial Low Income Medicare Beneficiary
An individual eligible for Medicare for whom Medicaid pays only Medicare premiums
Gives a subscriber the choice to select any provider. Payment is fixed percentage of the cost for covered care after satisfying an annual deductible
IPIndividual Policy
LCLong Term Care
Coverage designed to help pay for some or all long term care costs, reducing the risk that a policy-holder would need to deplete all of his or her assets to pay for long term care
LDLong Term Policy
LILife Insurance
MAMedicare Part A
MBMedicare Part B
Program of health care services made available to medically indigent and other needy persons, regardless of age, under terms of a 1965 amendment to the U.S. Social Security Act
MDMedicare Part D
MHMedigap Part A
Health insurance policy intended to cover the non-covered portion of expenses eligible for Medicare Part A reimbursement which must be paid by a Medicare beneficiary for health care services and/or supplies received
MIMedigap Part B
Health insurance policy intended to cover the non-covered portion of expenses eligible for Medicare Part B reimbursement which must be paid by a Medicare beneficiary for health care services and/or supplies received
MPMedicare Primary
Medicare has the primary responsibility to pay for health care services and/or supplies received by a covered beneficiary (a person entitled to Medicare benefits)
PEProperty Insurance - Personal
PPPersonal Payment (Cash - No Insurance)
PRPreferred Provider Organization (PPO)
PSPoint of Service (POS)
QMQualified Medicare Beneficiary
Coverage for a Medicare eligible individual for whom Medicaid pays only for Medicare premiums, co-insurance, and deductibles
RPProperty Insurance - Real
SPSupplemental Policy
An insurance policy intended to cover non-covered charges of another insurance policy
TFTax Equity Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA)
UMultiple Options Health Plan
WCWorkers Compensation
Coverage provides medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages and related expenses arising from a job related injury or disease
WUWrap Up Policy
A Workers Compensation Policy written for a specific job site, which will include or cover more than one insured

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