632 Rate Application Type Code

Code indicating the method by which the rates are applied to a shipment

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 1
CMinimum Charge per Carload or Trailer
DDepartment of Defense Unique Freight Class
ERate per Unit Applicable only to Units in Excess of a Specific Threshold Amount
FDepartment of Defense Freight All Kinds, Class 100
LLTL (Less Than Truckload) Rate
Indicates that a less-than-truckload rate has been applied to the shipment
MMinimum Charge
NNo Rate for This Application
PPercent of Minimum Charge
RRate per unit subject to minimum units specified, if any
SMinimum Charge per Shipment
TTL (Truckload) Rate
Indicates that a truckload rate has been applied to the shipment

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