1017 Claim Type Code

Code identifying the basis and type of a legal claim

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
AAllowed Claim
ALAgricultural Lien
BProtested Draft
Claim placed when a draft has not been paid
BGBasis of Claim: Goods Sold
BMBasis of Claim: Money Loaned
BOOther Basis of Claim
BPBasis of Claim: Personal Injury
BRBasis of Claim: Retiree Benefits per 11 USC
BSBasis of Claim: Services Performed
BTBasis of Claim: Taxes
BWBasis of Claim: Wages
CCombined Wage Claim
CMChattel Mortgage
Claim type when a bank loan is protected by tangible property other than real estate
DPre-protested Bill
Claim placed when payment not made to bank
DADisaster Unemployment Assistance
EBExtended Benefits
EUEmergency Unemployment Compensation
GCGeneral Charge
HLAttachment Lien
JLJudgment Lien
Lien filed when judgment is entered in conjunction with a suit against personal property of defendant
MLMechanics Lien
Type of lien against clients' building and real estate by contractors, etc. to ensure payment
NFNorth American Free Trade Agreement Affected Unemployment Insurance
OLOther Lien
OPOfficial Promise
PPrepetition Charges
PAUnsecured Priority Claim: Alimony and Support
PBUnsecured Priority Claim: Employee Benefits
PCUnsecured Priority Claim: Commitments to Maintain Capital
PDUnsecured Priority Claim: Deposits
PEUnsecured Priority Claim: Extensions of Credit
PFUnsecured Priority Claim: Farmers or Fishermen
PKProtested Check
POOther Unsecured Priority Claim
PPPersonal Property Lien
PTUnsecured Priority Claim: Taxes
PWUnsecured Priority Claim: Wages
PZProtested Bill
SMSecured Claim: Motor Vehicle
SOOther Secured Claim
SRSecured Claim: Real Estate
SSSocial Security Claim
TTotal Claim
TCTreasury Claim
TLTax Lien
Type of lien filed by government agencies against taxpayer property when taxes are not paid
TRTrade Affected Unemployment Insurance
TXExtended Trade Affected Unemployment Insurance
UUnsecured Nonpriority Claim
VTValue Added Tax (VAT)
WPWarrant Pledging

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