176 Time Qualifier

Code specifying the reported time

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
0Original Transaction
1Must Respond By
2Pickup Appointment Scheduled Time
3Delivery Appointment Scheduled Time
4Pickup Requested Scheduled Time
5Delivery Requested Scheduled Time
6Pickup Appointment Granted Time
7Delivery Appointment Granted Time
8Actual Pickup Time
9Actual Delivery Time
AActual Departure Time
CConstructive Placement
CBBeginning of Customer Plant Shutdown
CEEnding of Customer Plant Shutdown
DEstimated Departure Time
EEstimated Arrival Time
EDEarliest Delivery Time
EPEarliest Pickup Time
FActual Unloading Completed
GEarliest Requested Deliver Time
HCustoms Release
IEarliest Requested Pickup Time
JDuty Paid
KLatest Requested Pickup Time
LLatest Requested Delivery Time
LDLatest Delivery Time
LPLatest Pickup Time
MCharged From
OCharged To
PActual Placement
RActual Arrival Time
RSReady to Ship
SScheduled Departure Time
TScheduled Arrival Time
UScheduled Pickup Time
VActual Unloading Started
WEffective Time
XScheduled Delivery Time
YRequested Pickup Time
ZRequested Delivery Time

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