521 Product Transfer Type Code

Code identifying the type of product transfer

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
BBDemand Information Only
No physical transfer of material occurs; historical demand information is provided for record purposes only
BCIssue - Other Agency
BDIssue - Other Department
BEGrant Aid
Issue from inventory or by direct delivery from vendor for grant aid
BFForeign Military Sale
Issue for Foreign Military Sales from inventory or by direct delivery from vendor
BGTest and Evaluation
BHFurnished Goods and Services
Issue of furnished goods and services from inventory or by direct delivery from a vendor for consumption in manufacture of an end item
BIReutilization and Marketing
Issue of stocks from inventory for processing and reuse within the Department of Defense (DoD) or resale outside of DoD
BLRepair or Nondestructive Testing
BODesignated Items
Issue of designated items from inventory for installation on a principal item/weapon system
BPBroken Price
Issue from inventory, when a specific reason type is not otherwise provided
BSBailment Stock Withdrawal
BTBook Entry
BUTransfer via Depository Trust Company (DTC)
BVPhysical Delivery
CCTransfer for Charitable Contribution
COReplacement Due to Complaint
Product shipped or transferred to customer to settle a complaint
CSContract Sale
DLOil Deliveries
DSDrop Ship Sale
FGFlowing Gas Information
GDGas Disposition
GPGas Plant Liquids Summary
GRGas Receipts
IAInventory adjustment
OFOffshore Movement/Sale
ONOnshore Movement/Sale
OTOil Transfer and Storage
PAPrice adjustment
PBPrice Book
PLProperty Level Movement/Sale
PMPhysical Meter Information
POProduction Origin
PPPool Level Movement and/or Sale
RAReapplication of Order
RBReturn of Broken Price
RCReceived From Vendor
RPReturn of List Price
RTOil Receipts
RUReturn to Usable Inventory
RVReturn to Vendor
SAStocking adjustment
SDShip and Debit Sale
SHShip and Debit
SSStock Sale
TDTransfer for Disposal
WLWell Level Movement/Sale

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