641 Status Reason Code

Code indicating the status reason

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
001Death of Principal Mortgagor
002Illness of Principal Mortgagor
003Illness of Mortgagor's Family Member
004Death of Mortgagor's Family Member
005Marital Difficulties
006Curtailment of Income
The reduction of income of a borrower
007Excessive Obligations - Same Income, Including Habitual Nonpayment of Debts
008Abandonment of Property
009Distant Employment Transfer
010Neighborhood Problem
011Property Problem
012Inability to Sell Property
013Inability to Rent Property
014Military Service
015Default Detail
Default reasons which are specified and detailed in a textual note
017Business Failure
019Casualty Loss
020Moved - Vacated
021Dissatisfied with Property
022Energy-Environment Cost
023Servicing Problems
024Auto Repairs
025Extended Reasons
The mortgage is in default due to other reasons or combination of reasons
026Payment Adjustment
027Payment Dispute
028Due on Transfer
029Transfer of Ownership Pending
031Unable to Contact Borrower
032Air traffic control delay
033Delivery Commitment Waived by the Customer
035Borrower Action
036Automatic Conversion
037Lender Approval Required
038Lender Approval Not Required
039Owner-occupied Loan Outstanding
040Loan Reached Maturity
041Triggered by Interest Increase
042Specified Time Period Completed
043Transfer Without Written Notice
044Triggered by Payment Increase
045Facility Added
046Facility Changed
047Location Added
048Location Changed
049Merchandise Damaged or Destroyed
050Internal Systems Problems
051Vendor-Supplied Carrier Delay
052Import Container Delay
053Notice of Term Enrollment
054Term Grade Report
055Change of Venue Granted
056Removed to Federal Court
057Foreclosure Completed
058Servicing Rights Transferred to Non-member
059Investor is Pulling Servicing as a Result of Default
060Servicer Pulling Servicing from Sub-Servicer as a Result of Default
061Consolidation, Extension, Modification (CEM)
062Renewal and Extension
063Reinstatement - Loan Not Reassigned to Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS)
064Member Resignation or Expulsion
068State Action
069Company Action
070Voluntary Surrender
071Producer Requested
072Awaiting State Confirmation
073Continuing Education Non-compliance
075For Cause
076Lack of Production
079Requested in Error
080Continuing Medical Education (CME)
081Faculty Appointment
082Health Care Fellowship Appointment
083Health Care Internship Appointment
084Health Care Residency Appointment
085Ownership Change Due to Flow Sale of Servicing Rights
086Ownership Change Due to Bulk Sale of Servicing Rights
087College Preparatory Diploma
090Not Selected
093Not Verified
094Within Tolerance
095Without Documentation
096Not Available
A01Missed Delivery
Transportation carrier missed customer delivery
A02Release Signature or Release Number
A03Incorrect Address
Shipment has been returned to carrier's terminal; address correction is required
A04Indirect Delivery
A05Unable To Locate
Transportation carrier is unable to find customer location
A06Address Corrected - Delivery Attempt
A07Refused by Consignee
A08Not In On Delivery Completed
A09Damaged - Delivery Completed
A10Damaged - Delivery Not Completed
Shipment completely damaged or destroyed; delivery not attempted
A11Business Closed
A12Package Sorted To Wrong Route
Delay caused by carrier sorting shipment incorrectly
A14Returned to Shipper
A15Business On Strike
A16Payment Received
A17Customer Requested Future Delivery
Delay in delivery per the customer's (consignee's) request
A19Restricted Articles Incompatible
A20Restricted Articles Unacceptable
A21Bulk Plane
A22Package Missed Inbound Plane At Origin Station
A23Customer Dropped Off Package After Aircraft Depart
Delay caused by shipment being contained in vehicle involved in accident
A25Package Received At Destination Station Without Airbill
A26Consignee Related
Unspecified delay caused by consignee
A27Driver Related
The driver returned the shipment to the terminal
A28Package Missorted During Aircraft Unload
A29Hold Changed To Delivery Package
A30Mechanical Breakdown
A31Arrived In Station After Courier Dispatch
A32Aircraft Arrived Late In Hub
A33Other Carrier-Related
Delivery delay caused by a non-specified carrier related reason
A34Package Shipped From Overgoods
A36Holding In Overgoods
A37Damaged Rewrapped In Hub
A38Detached Airbill
A39Previous Stop
Customer previous to this stop caused delay
A40Shipper Related
Unspecified delay caused by the shipper
A41Standard Air Package
A42Holiday - Closed
A43Weather or Natural Disaster Related
Shipment delayed by natural disaster or severe weather
A45Delivery Not Completed
Delivery stopped for unidentified reason
A46Recipient Unavailable -- Delivery Delayed
A49ODA/Cartage Agent
Agent delayed load at drop lot
A50Improper International Paperwork
A51Carrier Keying Error
A keying error that has caused a delay in the shipment
A52No Requested Arrival Date
The shipper or consignee has to provide the required date of delivery
A53Shipper Changed Scheduled Shipment Date
A55Hold Due to Customs/Documentation
A58Unable to Contact Recipient For Broker Information
A59Hold At Location
A61International Manifest
A63Puerto Rican Tax Authorities Holding Package
A64Non-FEC Broker Advised
A65Customs Release
A73Package Delivered Before Commitment
Customer accepted shipment early
A74Package Delivered After Commitment
A75Invalid Account Format
A76Account Not Found
A77Name Specified Does Not Match Account
A78Item or Service Already Established, Cannot Add
A79Item or Service Not Established, Cannot Modify
A80Item or Service Not Available
A81Item or Service Not Available on Requested Date
A82Address Specified Does Not Match Account
A83Unauthorized or Invalid Action
A84Civil Event Related Delay
A85Customer-requested Early Delivery
A91Exceeds Service Limitations
A95Past Cutoff Time
A96Insufficient Pickup Time
Load tendered to the carrier late
A98Missed Pickup
Carrier missed pickup appointment
A99Alternate Carrier Delivered
A code specifying that health screening results for a student were not in the expected range of findings
ACCActual Contractor-Caused Delay
Delay actual rather than anticipated; caused by the contractor rather than the government
ACDAnticipated Contractor-Caused Delay
Delay anticipated rather than actual; caused by the contractor rather than the government
AFRAssignment Form Required
AGCActual Government-Caused Delay
Delay actual rather than anticipated; caused by the government rather than the contractor
AGDAnticipated Government-Caused Delay
Delay anticipated rather than actual; caused by the government rather than the contractor
ANAAgent Not Appointed
ANLAgent Not Licensed
APIApplication Incomplete
The shipper or consignee redirected the shipment
B02Appointment or Pre-Arranged Delivery Date
Shipment is being held pending an appointment or pre-arranged delivery date
B03Trap for Customer
According to a customer's request, shipment is being held at a terminal before delivery
B04Held for Payment
Delay caused by required payment not available
B05Held for Consignee
Customer unable to accept order as specified
B06Consignee Closed (Inventory, Vacation, Etc.)
Shipment is being held because consignee is closed
B07Dock Pickup
Shipment is awaiting pickup at carrier's dock
B08Improper Unloading Facility or Equipment
Shipment is on hold pending correct unloading facility or equipment
B09Receiving Time Restricted
Shipment is being held, consignee's receiving time is restricted
B10Order Notify
Shipment is being held pending notification of order
B11Held for Protective Service
Shipment is being held pending assignment of protective service
B12Connecting Line or Cartage Pickup
Shipment is awaiting connecting line or cartage company pickup
B13Held per Shipper
Plant held order for any reason
B14Missing Documents
Shipment is being held because of missing documents
B15Border Clearance
Shipment is being held pending clearance at a border point
B16Road Conditions
Shipment is being delayed due to road conditions
B17Did not complete secondary school
B18Standard high school diploma
B19Advanced or honors diploma
B20Vocational/Technical Preparatory Diploma
B21Special education diploma
B22Certificate of completion or attendance
B23Special certificate of completion
B24General Education Development Diploma (GED)
A high school equivalency diploma awarded as a result of successfully passing the American Council on Education General Education Development Tests
B25Other high school equivalency diploma
A high school equivalency diploma awarded on a basis other than the American Council on Education General Education Development Tests
B26International diploma or certificate (such as International Baccalaureate)
B27Student is eligible to continue or return or both
B28Student is on Suspension or Dismissal
For unstated reasons
B29Student is expelled (from PreK - grade 12)
B30Currently enrolled but courses in progress not included
B31Not currently enrolled
B32Previous enrollment. Used for entry or exit or both at school other than the sending school
B33Unreported - Information is not available in record
B34Currently enrolled and courses in progress are included
B35Highest Honors
B36Second Highest Honors
B37Third Highest Honors
B39Academic Probation
B41Requested record will not be sent; Cannot identify student
B42Requested record will not be sent electronically; Paper copy will be sent
B43Requested record will not be sent; Have student contact us
B44Part of requested record being sent; Remainder to be sent by hard copy
B45Requested record will not be sent; No record of student
B46Requested record will not be sent; Degree or Diploma not yet awarded
B47Requested record will not be sent; Institutional policy requires student release. Have student contact us
B48Record being sent at request of student
B49Record being sent to replace one previously sent
B50Requested record being sent
B51Student on Suspension or Dismissal; Eligible to Apply for Re-entry
B52According to established regulations or statutes, the student is considered to be a "dropout"
B53Student Qualifies for Special Services
B54Passed Proficiency Test
B55Passed Screening
B56Better Features
B57Rating Changed
B58Student on Dismissal or Suspension for Disciplinary Reasons
B59Student is on Suspension or Dismissal for Academic Reasons
BPRBetter Performance
BW2Bottom Well Cannot Handle Two or More Units
BWLBottom Well Cannot Handle Unit Assigned because of Length
BWTBottom Well Cannot Handle Unit Assigned because of Type
BWWBottom Well Cannot Handle Unit Assigned because of Width
C01Waiting for Customer Pickup
Consignee will pick up shipment at dock
C02Credit Hold
Customer on credit hold
C03Suspended at Customer Request
C04Customer Vacation
C05Customer Strike
C06Waiting Shipping Instructions
C07Waiting for Customer Specified Carrier
C08Collect on Delivery Required
C09Cash Not Available from Consignee
C10Customs (Import/Export)
Delivery delayed by customs
C11No Requested Arrival Date Provided To Carrier By Shipper
Shipper failed to provide arrival date
C12No Requested Arrival Time Provided To Carrier By Shipper
C13Loan Paid in Full
C14Loan Refinanced, Insured by Insurer Receiving Report
C15Loan Refinanced, Insured by Other Insurance Carrier
C16Loan Refinanced, No Insurance Required
C17Coverage No Longer Required
C18No Outstanding Commitments
C19Court Probation
CBDChanged Broker Dealer
CDEClearance to Destination Exceeded
CHAChanged Agent
CIEConflict of Interest Exists
CIMCheck in Mail
CLACollateral Assignment
CLPContract or Lost Policy Statement Required
CLRClear - No motor vehicle violations
D01Carrier Dispatch Error
Shipment has been delayed for delivery or pickup because of a carrier dispatch error
D02Driver Not Available
D03Student has attended a nonpublic school or home education program in- or out-of-state this year, but is entering a public school in this state for the first time this school year
D04Student was received from another attendance reporting unit in the same school
D05Student was received from a school in the same district
D06Student was received from another public school outside the district either in- or out-of-state
D07Student was received from a nonpublic school either in or out of the district or has returned after having been enrolled in a home education program; The student must have been enrolled previously in a public school this year
D08Student unexpectedly reentered the same school after withdrawing or being discharged
D09Student was expected to attend a school but did not enter as expected for unknown reasons
D10Student was promoted, retained, or transferred to another attendance-reporting unit in the same school
D11Student was promoted, retained, or transferred to another school in the same district
D12Student withdrew to attend another public school in the same district
D13Student withdrew to attend another public school in- or out-of-state
D14Student Over Compulsory Attendance Age Left School Voluntarily with No Intention of Returning
D15Student Graduated from School with a Standard Diploma
D16Student Graduated from School with a Special Diploma
D17Student Left School with a Certificate of Completion
D18Student Left School with a Special Certificate of Completion
D19Student Left School with a State General Education Development (GED) High School Diploma
D20Student Withdrew to Attend a Non-Public School or Home Education Program In- or Out-of-State.
D21Student withdrew from school due to hardship
D22Student has not entered any school in this or any other state this school year
D23Previously attended out-of-state public school but is entering a public school in this state for the first time this school year
D24Returned to Regular Education Program
D25Reclassified Fully English Proficient
D26Retained in Current Grade
D27Placed in Next Grade After Expected Grade
D28Placed in Transitional Program (K-1)
D29Status Pending Completion of Summer School (K-12)
D30Declined Services
D31Administratively Placed in a Higher Grade
D32Academically Placed in a Higher Grade
D33Promotion Status not Applicable
D51Currently Applying
D52Previously Applied
D53Graduate from a College
D54Transfer from a University Program
D55Graduate from a University Program
D56Exchange Student
D57Returning Student Admitted to a New Program
D58Returning Student Admitted to the Same Program
D59Returning or Continuing Student Changing to Unclassified or General or Unspecified Studies
D60Continuing Student Changing to a New Program
D61Special Permission
D62Graduate from a Technical Institute
D63Transfer from a College
DEFDeferred Maintenance
EB2Did not Attend this Semester
EB5Never Attended
EB6Full-Time Enrollment
EB7Half-Time Enrollment
EB8Less Than Half-Time Enrollment
EB9Approved Leave of Absence
EBANo Record Found
EBOThree-quarter Time
ENRExport Release Not Required
The foreign military sales (FMS) shipment for which this Notice of Availability is provided will not require an Export Release
ERRExport Release Required
The foreign military sales (FMS) shipment for which this Notice of Availability is provided will require that an Export Release be obtained
EXDExcessive Dimension Cannot be Accepted
EXTEnrolled at Extension
F73Non-express Clearance Delay
F74International Non-carrier Delay
FCSFlatcar Shortage
FLEFree Lunch Eligible
FRBFailed to Release Billing
FZDFreeze Damage
HITHit - At Least One Motor Vehicle Violation
HZMHazardous Material Placement
IBFIrrevocable Beneficiary
IEPIndividual Education Program
INFIncomplete - Final
INPIncomplete - In Progress
INSInvestment Selections
IOCInvestment Objectives Changed
IRSInternal Revenue Service Lien
IV1Failed Material Returned for Repair
IV2Material Shipped Between Intermediate Points
JOWJoint Ownership
JVPJuvenile Policy
LEPLimited English Proficient
LSHLoad Shifted
MASMultiple Assignments
MEPMigrant Education Program
MINMental Incompetency
MP2Middle Position Cannot Handle Two or More Units
MPLMiddle Position Cannot Handle Unit Assigned because of Length
MPTMiddle Position Cannot Handle Unit Assigned because of Type
MPWMiddle Position Cannot Handle Unit Assigned because of Width
MTCMultiple Conditions
NGPNew Generation Product
NNMNo New Money (IRA > 70 1/2)
A code indicating that health screening results for a student were in the expected range of findings
NWDNo Withdrawals
P01Processing Delay
P02Waiting Inspection
P03Production Falldown
Shipper held order for stock
P04Held for Full Carrier Load
Minimum number of shipments or weight is required by the consignee for delivery
P05Waiting Test Results
P06Producer Strike
P07Producer Vacation
PAAPending Agent Appointment
PALPending Agent License
POAPower of Attorney
REJRejected - Insufficient or Incorrect Information
RFMRailroad Failed to Meet Schedule
RFRReplacement Form Required
RLEReduced Price Lunch Eligible
RUNReason Unknown
S01Delivery Shortage
Delivery of shipment not complete due to misdirected pieces of freight
SCHSurrender Charges
SFRSurrender Form Required
SGRSignature Required
SOWShipment Overweight
T01Tractor With Sleeper Car Not Available
T02Tractor, Conventional, Not Available
T03Trailer Not Available
T04Trailer Not Usable Due to Prior Product
T05Trailer Class Not Available
T06Trailer Volume Not Available
T07Insufficient Delivery Time
TDRTrain Derailment
TILTemporary Income Loss
TP2Top Position Cannot Handle Two or More Units
TPLTop Position Cannot Handle Unit Assigned because of Length
TPTTop Position Cannot Handle Unit Assigned because of Type
TPWTop Position Cannot Handle Unit Assigned because of Width
UCDUnknown Cause of Delay
Reason and responsibility for the delay cannot be determined
W01Out of Stock
W02Equipment Cut
W03Booking Location Request
W04On Hold
W05Order Discrepancy
W06Receiving Location Request
W07Inventory Discrepancy
W08Material Shortage
W10Diverted Item
W11Loading Error
W12Inbound Carrier Failure
W13Product Allocation Exceeded
W14Improperly Sized Order
W15Wrong Equipment
W16Insufficient Equipment Space
WADWaiting Application Delivery
WLCWeight Limit of Car Exceeded
WLTWeight Limit of Truck Exceeded
WLWWeight Limit of Well Exceeded
WTPWaiting for Proof
X10Alternative Career Exploration
XX1Educator in Another District
XX2Educator in Another State
XX3Educator Outside U.S.
XX4Other Educational Occupation
XX5Not Offered Reemployment
XX6Long Term Substitute
XX7Intra-District Transfer from Licensed Position to Nonlicensed Position
XX8No Assignment
XX9Staff Reduction
ZZZMutually Defined

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