718 Transaction Set Syntax Error Code

Code indicating error found based on the syntax editing of a transaction set

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 3
1Transaction Set Not Supported
2Transaction Set Trailer Missing
3Transaction Set Control Number in Header and Trailer Do Not Match
4Number of Included Segments Does Not Match Actual Count
5One or More Segments in Error
6Missing or Invalid Transaction Set Identifier
7Missing or Invalid Transaction Set Control Number
8Authentication Key Name Unknown
9Encryption Key Name Unknown
10Requested Service (Authentication or Encrypted) Not Available
11Unknown Security Recipient
12Incorrect Message Length (Encryption Only)
13Message Authentication Code Failed
15Unknown Security Originator
16Syntax Error in Decrypted Text
17Security Not Supported
18Transaction Set not in Functional Group
19Invalid Transaction Set Implementation Convention Reference
23Transaction Set Control Number Not Unique within the Functional Group
24S3E Security End Segment Missing for S3S Security Start Segment
25S3S Security Start Segment Missing for S3E Security End Segment
26S4E Security End Segment Missing for S4S Security Start Segment
27S4S Security Start Segment Missing for S4E Security End Segment

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