1089 Index Identity Code

Code identifying the index value used for adjustable rate mortgage rate changes

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Treasury Bill - 1 Year
02Treasury Bill - 3 Year
03Treasury Bill - 6 Months
04Treasury Bill - 5 Year
05Treasury Bill: 3 Month Index (Weekly Auction)
06Treasury Bill: 6 Month Index (Weekly Auction)
07Treasury Bill: 6 Month Index (Monthly Auction)
08Treasury Bill: 6 Month (Invest) (Weekly)
09Treasury Bill: 6 Month (Invest) (Monthly)
10Cumulative Average Previous 4 Weeks of 6 Month T Bills
11Cumulative Average Previous 26 Weeks of 6 Month T Bills
12Cumulative Average Previous 12 Months of 6 Month T Bills
13Treasury Sec.: 1 Year (Weekly Average)
14Treasury Sec.: 2 Year (Weekly Average)
15Treasury Sec.: 3 Year (Weekly Average)
16Treasury Sec.: 5 Year (Weekly Average)
17Treasury Sec.: 7 year (Weekly Average)
18Treasury Sec.: 10 Year (Weekly Average)
19Treasury Sec.: 1 Year (Monthly Average)
20Treasury Sec.: 3 Year (Monthly Average)
21Treasury Sec.: 5 Year (Monthly Average)
22Cumulative Average Previous 12 Months of 1 Year Treasury Secretary
23Federal Home Loan Bank District 11 Index
24OTS: Average Contract Rate
25OTS: Series of Closed Loan Index
26OTS: Fixed Rate, Closed Loan All Lenders
27OTS: S & L Average Quarterly Cost of Funds
28OTS: S & L Median Monthly Cost of Funds
29OTS: 11th Dist. Cost of Funds (Monthly)
30OTS: 4th Dist. Cost of Funds (Monthly)
31OTS: 7th Dist. Cost of Funds (Monthly)
32OTS: 1 Year 1st Dist. Advance Rate (Daily)
33OTS: 11th Dist. Daily Guarantee 30 Day Comm 5 Year
34Federal Home Loan Bank Index
35OTS: 4 Year 2nd Dist. Advance Rate (Daily)
36OTS: 5 Year 2nd Dist. Advance Rate (Daily)
37OTS: Average Previous 12 Month Series Closed Loans
38OTS: Average Previous 12 Month 11th Dist. Cost of Funds
39OTS: Semi-Annual Cost of Funds for CA Members
40OTS: Nat. Mon. Median Cost of Funds Ratio
41OTS: Federal Cost of Funds
42OTS: Quarterly National Average Cost of Funds
43OTS: Semi-annual National Average Cost of Funds
44London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR)
45Libor: 1 Month Rate
46Libor.: 3 Month Rate
47Libor.: 6 Month Rate
48Libor.: 1 Year Rate
49Libor.: 1 Month Fannie Mae Index (Monthly)
50Libor: 3 Month Fannie Mae Index (Monthly)
51Libor.: 6 Month Fannie Mae Index (Monthly)
52Libor: 12 Month Fannie Mae Index (Monthly)
53Libor: 1 Month Wall Street Journal Rate
54Libor: 6 Month Wall Street Journal Rate
56National Cost of Funds
58National Average Contract Rate on Previous Occ. Homes
59Wall Street Journal Prime Rate
606 Month Certificate of Deposit Rate
61NY Federal Res. 6 Month Jumbo CD Rate (Daily)
626 Month Money Market-Comml. Bank (Weekly)
636 Month Treasury Bill Secondary Market
646 Month CDS-Secondary Market (Weekly)
656 Month CDS-Secondary Market (Monthly)
66Fannie Mae: Blend 50% Frm./50% 1 Year Treas.
67Fannie Mae: Blend 75% Frm./25% 1 Year Treas.
68Fannie Mae: 30 Day Frm. Yield Actual/Actl.
69Fannie Mae: 30 Day Frm. Yield Schl./Actual
70Fannie Mae: 60 Day Frm. Yield Actual/Actl.
71Fannie Mae: 60 Day Frm. Yield Schl./Actual
ZZMutually Defined

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