1307 Loan Status Code

Code indicating the loan status

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
1AForeclosure Sale Held
1BForeclosure Sale Confirmed
1CCertificate of Title Issued
1DEviction Referral Received
1EEviction Started
1FEviction Scheduled
1GEviction Completed
1HTitle Package Submitted
1JAttorney File Closed
1KBankruptcy Referral Received
1LProof Claim Filing Expires
1MProof of Claim Filed
1NPetition Sent
1PCreditors Meeting
1QMotion to Lift Bankruptcy Stay Filed
1RPreliminary Hearing for Motion to Lift Bankruptcy Stay
1SFinal Hearing for Motion to Lift Bankruptcy Stay
1TBankruptcy Discharge Hearing
1UBankruptcy Discharge Entered
1VAdequate Protection Granted
1WTrustee's No Asset Report Filed
1XTrustee's Abandonment Requested
1YCourt File Closed
1ZCase Dismissed
2Guaranteed with Changes
2AReaffirmation Hearing
2BReaffirmation Agreement Approved
2CBankruptcy Schedules Reviewed
2DBankruptcy Schedules Sent
2EBankruptcy Confirmation Hearing
2FBankruptcy Objection Filed
2GHearing on Bankruptcy Objection to Confirmation
2HPlan and Disclosure Statement Filed
2IHearing on Disclosure Statement
2JBallot Expires
2KMotion to Dismiss Bankruptcy Filed
2LContested Bankruptcy
2MDeed in Lieu Referral Received
2NDeed in Lieu Documents Sent to Borrower
2PDeed in Lieu Documents Executed by Borrower
2QDeed in Lieu Documents Received from Borrower
2RDeed in Lieu Documents Sent for Recording
2SDeed in Lieu Title Package Sent
2UVeterans Affairs Notice of Default Sent (VA 6850)
2VVeterans Affairs Intention to Foreclose Sent (VA 6851)
2WVeterans Affairs Notice of Election to Convey Sent
2XSale of Converted Adjustable Rate Mortgage
2YResale of Converted Adjustable Rate Mortgage
2ZForeclosure Status Reset
A loan guarantee will not be issued for the loan application under consideration
3AReinstated or Modified - Not Reassigned to Mortgage Registrar
3FDocument Preparation
3GLoan Closing
3IQuality Control
3JLoan Delivery
A loan guarantee may be issued for the loan application under the consideration if the appropriate errors are corrected
A temporary status assigned during loan investigation
The loan proceeds have been transferred from the lender to the borrower or to the school
Status assigned during the grace period prior to loan repayment
Status assigned during the authorized loan payment deferment period
Status assigned during the temporary suspension of loan payments, granted at the discretion of the lender, according to federal regulations
Status assigned while attempts are being made to encourage the borrower to resume loan payments
Application has been made to the guarantor for payment of insured student loan
Status assigned during period in which the borrower must make regular installment payments on a loan
13Paid in Full
Status assigned when the principal and interest balances are reduced to zero through payments other than an claim payment
15Preforeclosure Acceptance Plan Available
16Preforeclosure Acceptance Plan Not Available
17Preforeclosure Sale Closing Plan Accepted
18Preforeclosure Sale Closing Plan Rejected
19Partial Reinstatement
20Reinstated by Mortgagor Who Retains Ownership
21Reinstated by Assumptor
22Servicing Transferred or Sold to Another Mortgagee
24Government Seizure
30Third Party Sale
32Military Indulgence
33Contested Foreclosure
34Natural Disaster
35Expiration of Redemption
36Preclaim - Skip
37Preclaim - Past Due Repayment
38Preclaim - Failure to Pay Interest
39Preclaim - Enrolled
40Preclaim - Ineligible Borrower
41Supplemental Preclaim
43Foreclosure Started
44Deed-in-Lieu Started
45Foreclosure Completed
46Property Conveyed to Insurer
47Deed-in-Lieu Completed
48Claims without Conveyance of Title
49Assignment Completed
50Claim Paid
51Claim - Closed School
52Claim - False Certification
53Claim - Non-payment
54Claim - Ineligible Borrower
55Claim - Death
56Claim - Disability
57Foreclosure Pending - Assigned to Servicer
58Foreclosure Pending - Retained by Mortgage Registrar
59Chapter 12 Bankruptcy
60Reinstated or Modified - Reassigned to Mortgage Registrar
61Second Lien Considerations
62Veterans Affairs -- No Bid
63Veterans Affairs -- Refund
64Veterans Affairs -- Buydown
65Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
66Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
67Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
68First Legal Action to Commence Foreclosure
69Bankruptcy Plan Confirmed
70Order Lifting Bankruptcy Stay Entered
71Foreclosure Sale Scheduled
72Redemption or Confirmation Post Sale Ended
73Property Redeemed
74Broker's Price Opinion or Appraisal Obtained
75No Delinquencies to Report
76Bankruptcy Court Clearance Obtained
77Deed Recorded
78State Housing Assistance Program
79Foreclosure File Received by Attorney
80Breach Letter Sent
81Breach Letter Expired
82Service By Publication
83Service Completed
84Hearing Scheduled
85Department of Housing and Urban Development Occupancy Letter Sent
86Title Search Ordered
87Power of Attorney or Substitute of Trustee Recorded
88Appraisal Ordered
89Veterans Affairs Holder's Statement of Account Sent (VA 567)
90Notice of Election and Demand Recorded
91Default Entered
92Hearing Held
93Writ of Seizure Issued
94Judgment or Decree Entered
95Foreclosure Sale Continued
96Foreclosure Publication Commenced
97Redemption Pre-sale Expired
98Reinstatement Funds Received
99Payoff Funds Received by Attorney
ABReceived Transmission From School
ACReceived Application and Promissory Note
ADReceived Application, Awaiting Promissory Note
AEProcessing for Submission to Guarantor
AFSubmitted to Guarantor
AGAwaiting Credit Approval
AHCredit Approved
AIApproved by Guarantor
AJAwaiting First Disbursement
AKApplication and Promissory Note have been Printed and Mailed
ALReprint Request has been Denied
ANReduced Disbursement Amount
AORejected by Lender
APRejected by Guarantor
AQRejected Due to Processing Problems
ARCompleting Telephone Follow-up to Resolve Problems
ASHolding While Resolving Outstanding Problems
AVPerforming Exception Processing
AWFirst Right Party Contact with Delinquent Borrower Completed
AXLast Right Party Contact with Delinquent Borrower Completed
AYProperty Securing the Loan is Listed For Sale
BAForeclosure Resumed
BBForeclosure Sale Requested
BCPromise to Pay Broken
BDPromise to Pay Made
ZATitle Search Received
ZZMutually Defined

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