1487 Retrip Reason Code

Code identifying the reason a trip has been revised

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
BOCar Reported Bad Order
CIChange in Interchange Mode
CUTrain Delay - Hold for Maintenance of Way Curfew
DETrain Delay - Derailment
EARoad Estimated Time of Arrival Available
ETCar Rescheduled to an Extra Train
HLCar Reported Held
HRCar Reported Released from Hold
HWTrain Delay - High Wind
IDScheduled Interchange did not Include Car
MSCar Manually Scheduled
MVCar Location Move (Without Train)
OKCar Reported Released from Bad Order
OPOperating Plan Change
PEPredictive Estimated Time of Arrival Used
RRTrain Rerouted
SIAdded Consignee Placement Instructions
SKTrain Delay - Sun Kink
SLTrain Delay - Washout or Slide
SOTrain Block Set Out Location Changed
TATrain Annulment
TCTrain Consolidation
TDTrain Departed Without Car
TMTrain Movement Reporting Deletion
TRTrain Size Reduction (tonnage, length, number or cars)
WACar Arrived on Different Train
WCWaybill Cancellation
WDWaybill Diversion or Correction
WETrain Delay - Weather
WICar Included in Different Interchange
WTCar Departed on Different Train

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