302 Location on Equipment Code

Code indicating a location on a piece of equipment, as observed from the rear-end. The rear-end of the equipment is based on the equipment type (i.e. container door, chassis wheels, brakes.)

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 3
CComplete Equipment, Right and Left
LFLeft Front
LICLeft Inner Center
LIFLeft Inside Front
LIRLeft Inside Rear
LOCLeft Outer Center
LOFLeft Outside Front
LORLeft Outside Rear
LRLeft Rear
LRSLeft and Right Side
LSLeft Side
LSCLeft Side Center
LSFLeft Side Front
LSRLeft Side Rear
R0FRight Outside Front
RFRight Front
RICRight Inner Center
RIFRight Inside Front
RIRRight Inside Rear
ROCRight Outer Center
RORRight Outside Rear
RRRight Rear
RSRight Side
RSCRight Side Center
RSFRight Side Front
RSRRight Side Rear
TCTop Center
TFTop Front
TRTop Rear

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