304 Event Code

Code identifying the event about which a report is made

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
AAARequested Requirements
AADActual Arrival at POD
ACAActual Conveyance Arrival
ADRHighway Departure
ALRActually Loaded on Rail
ALVActually Loaded on Vessel
ANLTrain Annulment
ANOArrived, Not Ordered Placed by Destination Party
APUAnticipated Pickup
ARDActual Arrival Date at Final Destination
ARIArrival Transit Location
ARRArrival Final Destination
ASOAnticipated Set-out
BADBad Order
BFRRelease from Bad Order
BHVBad Order Heavy Repair
BLGBad Order Light Repair
BOHBad Order - Hours to Repair
CCTCrew Call
CG1Car Grade By Inspection
CLKConsist Locked
COCCancellation of Conveyance
CRDCargo Receipt Date
CSLCargo Stripping
CTUCrew Tie Up
CULConsist Un-Lock
DDLDelivery Attempt
DEPDelivery Pending
DFLDeparture from Location
DPCDeparture Cancelled
DPODeparture Overdue
Equipment unloaded from conveying flatcar
DSIDestination Switch Interchange
DVAConveyance Diversion Approval
DVCConveyance Diversion Cancellation
DVRConveyance Diversion Rejection
DVSConveyance Diversion Submission
DVUConveyance Diversion Update
EADEstimated Arrival Date
EDDEstimated Departure Date
EFTEstimated Free Time
EQOEquipment Ordered In
ERDEstimated Arrival Date at Final Destination
ETAAdvanced Estimated Time of Arrival
EWIEarly Warning Inspections
EWLAssociation of American Railroads Early Warning Letter
FCACarrier Does Not Possess Valid U.S. Operating Authority
FCBCarrier Has an Out of Service Order Against It
FCCSafety Score Indicates Inspection is Warranted
FCDCarrier Check Not Performed, Data Not Available At This Time
FCICarrier's Current Insurance Does Not Meet the Minimum Level or Better
FCSCarrier Data Not Found in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Systems
FDDDriver Check Not Performed, Data Not Available at this Time
FDHDriver Does Not Have Proper Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Endorsements for HAZMAT Cargo
FDLDriver Does Not Have Valid/Current Commercial Drivers License (CDL) or Equivalent (Mexico or Canada)
FEDTrailer Check Not Performed, Data Not Available at this Time
FOLFollow Up
FRTFrom Repair Track
FTEFree Time Expired Date
FVCNo Current Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Decal On File
FVDTractor Check Not Performed, Data Not Available at this Time
HARHighway Arrival RR Facility
HEBHold for Embargo
HEQEquipment Held
HMIHold or Miscellaneous
HRERelease from Hold or Miscellaneous
HSPHaulage Stop
HSRHaulage Start
HTRTrip Held
IBDIn Bond
ICHInterchange Delivery
ICRInterchange Receipt
IGTIntermodal In-Gate Arrival at Railroad Intermodal Terminal
INVAssociation of American Railroads Inventory Move
IRDIn Transit
IRIIngate to Rail Interchange
ITSIngate to Rail Terminal or Satellite
MWYMove Away
NOBNo Bill at Location
NOTNotified Destination Party
OCAOverdue Conveyance Arrival
OGTIntermodal Out-Gate
OIDOpen Interchange Delivery
OIROpen Interchange Receipt
ORIOutgate to Rail Interchange
ORPOrdered to Place
OSIOrigin Switch Interchange
OTSOutgate to Rail Terminal or Satellite
PACPlacement Actual
PCOPlacement Constructive
Estimated placement
PFPPulled from Patron
Picked up at customer location
PLFPlaced on Leased Track - From Customer
PLJPlace at Joint Industry
PLTPlaced On Leased Track - To Customer
PRBProblem Log Created
PUJPull from Joint Industry
PULPulled From Leased Track
PURCustomer Released with No Billing
Loaded onto conveying flatcar
RCOConveyance Released
RCRCrew and or Passengers Released
REBRelease from Embargo Hold
RECPostal Reconsignment
REJRejected by Shipper
REQEquipment Released
RLOReleased Loaded from Customer
RLTReleased From Leased Track
RMTReleased Empty from Customer
RSTRestore Annulled Train
RTRTrip Released
RYDRail Yard Move
SADScheduled Arrival Date
SDDScheduled Departure Date
SEISeized Equipment
SERSeized Equipment - Removed
SLASeal Added
SLCSeal Deleted
SLRSeal Replaced
SPDScheduled Passing
SPTSpot Date
STATo Storage - Actual
STITo Storage - Intend
STNStored Unserviceable
STPStored Prospective Load
STSStored for Seasonal Use
STUStored Serviceable
STVDriver's Country of Citizenship Missing
SUVDriver Missing Approved Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) Document
TDCTrain Delay Cancelled
TDLTrain Delay
TMATrain Move Arrival
TMDTrain Move Departure
TODTrain Overdue
TPLTrip Planned
TRNLading Transferred
TRPTrain Reported Passing
TRTTo Repair Track
UFVUnloaded From Vessel
UNSUnable to Schedule
VARVessel Arrival
VDPVessel Departure
ZZYFuel Reading
ZZZMutually Defined

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