707 Rating Category Code

Code indicating supplier rating category

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
A1Bank Account Relations
A2Credit Limit
A3Credit Rating
A4Credit Worthiness
A6Loan Payment History
AAOverall Composite
ACDelivery Timeliness
ADPercentage Rejections to Receipts
AEContract Administration
AFCorrective Action
AIFinancial Conditions
ALTrade Payments
ANFailure Risk Ranking
Represents how one company's failure score is ranked against other companies
AORevenue Ranking
APSales Growth Ranking
AQAsset Ranking
ARProfit Margin Ranking
ASAttitude of Supplier Personnel
ATPost Tax Profit Ranking
AUImport and Export Ranking
AVInvoice Collection
AWAverage Trade Payment for all Businesses
AXPretax Profit Ranking
BABilling Accuracy
BCBid Conformance
BDDelinquency Risk Score
Score representing the risk of company having delinquent payments in the future
BEBilling Errors
BFDelinquency Performance Score
Score showing actual delinquent payments
BGDelinquency Ranking
Represents how one company's delinquency score is ranked against other companies
BHDelinquency Incidence
Provides a delinquency percentage as it relates to all firms
BIProjected Trade Payments
A projected score representing trade payments made in a future period
BJFinancing Resources
BKFailure Risk Score
Score representing the risk of company failing in the future
C2Customer Service Index
CDCredit Risk
CHClaims Handling
CLClass Level
COClaims Outstanding
CPCrew Professionalism
CRContract Refund Timeliness
CTClaims Timeliness
DPDamage Percentage
DQDelivery Quantity
DSDays Supply
EAEquipment Availability
ECEquipment Condition
EEEDI Errors
EIAssigned Equipment Inventory
FAFacility Audit
IFLag Timeliness
LTLoading Timeliness
PAProcedure Audit
PCPackaging Discrepancies
PDPast-due Claims
PFPremium Freight
PSPrice Stability
PTPlacement Timeliness
PUPickup Timeliness
RCClaims Ratio
RORouting Compliance
RSResponse Timeliness
RTRelease Timeliness
SDItem Discrepancies
SESyntax Errors
SFService Failure
SNShipment Notices
SPSafety Performance
SSShipping Schedule Compliance
STSwitch Timeliness
TCTotal Cost
TSTechnical Support
TTTransit Timeliness
UTUnloading Timeliness
WTWaiting Timeliness

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