808 Hazardous Material Shipment Information Qualifier

Code indicating the type of information being passed so that a receiver may format a description of hazardous commodity movements that meets regulatory requirements

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
ADIAdditional Descriptive Information Not Required by Regulation but Desired to Accompany the Movement by the Shipper
CAOCargo Airlift Only
CERHazardous Materials Certification
To specify the name of the person certifying that the shipment complies with the regulations
D13"DOT - 113, Do Not Hump or Cut Off Car While in Motion" Declaration
D20"AAR - 204, Do Not Hump or Cut Off Car While in Motion" Declaration
DRCDamaged Car Number
DWW"Dangerous When Wet" Declaration
EMSEmergency Schedule (EMS) Page Number
EQPConveyed Equipment Identification
FUMFumigation Declaration
HOTIdentifies Products in a Heated Molten State
HZCHazardous Substance Constituents
INHInhalation Hazard
LQILimited Quantity Index Value
The maximum quantity of dangerous goods that may be transported as a Limited Quantity Index Value as listed in Transport Canada's Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
LQY"Limited Quantity" Declaration
MFAMedical First Aid Guide (MFAG) Page Number
MOSMaximum Operating Speed
MPIMarine Pollutant
NODNot Odorized Declaration
PIH"Poison - Inhalation Hazard" Declaration
POI"Poison" Declaration
RAMRadioactive Material Data
TECTechnical or Chemical Group Name
TNMTrade Name
WSTWaste Declaration

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