91 Transportation Method/Type Code

Code specifying the method or type of transportation for the shipment

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
6Military Official Mail
Type of transportation provided by the U.S. Postal Service
ACAir Charter
AEAir Express
AFAir Freight
AHAir Taxi
FAA approved carrier utilizing a 1 or 2 engine aircraft for on demand service
APAir (Package Carrier)
ARArmed Forces Courier Service (ARFCOS)
A military organization whose mission involves the receipt, movement, and delivery of special categories of material
BBBreakbulk Ocean
BPBook Postal
CCCommingled Ocean
CECustomer Pickup / Customer's Expense
DParcel Post
DADriveaway Service
Movement of wheeled vehicle, wheeled equipment, or wheeled chassis of which is powered by a self-contained power unit (includes tractor/trailer combination)
DWDriveaway, Truckaway, Towaway
DoD policy includes all three terms in one. They mean collectively, a transportation method whereby a vehicle is moved under its own power by a driver, or loaded into or upon a carrier's equipment, or towed by carrier's equipment
EExpedited Truck
EDAir Mobility Command (AMC) Channel and Special Assignment Airlift Mission
When an aircraft is sold to a customer, the delivery flight (non-revenue) includes goods and products (such as spare parts) as part of the contract
FAAir Freight Forwarder
A firm other than a railroad, motor, or water carrier, which represents itself as a common carrier and undertakes to assemble and consolidate shipments or provide for same and assumes responsibility for the air transportation of such property from point of receipt to its destination. Delivery is "Held in Bond"
FLMotor (Flatbed)
GConsignee Option
GGGeographic Receiving/Shipping
A collection of shipments that involve multiple origins, multiple destinations, and a single trailer, and are paid under a single freight bill
GRGeographic Receiving
A collection of shipments that involve a single origin, multiple destinations, and a single trailer, and are paid under a single freight bill
GSGeographic Shipping
A collection of shipments that involve multiple origins, a single destination, and a single trailer, and are paid under a single freight bill
HCustomer Pickup
HHHousehold Goods Truck
ICommon Irregular Carrier
IPIntermodal (Personal Property)
LContract Carrier
LAMilitary Air
LDLocal Delivery
LTLess Than Trailer Load (LTL)
MMotor (Common Carrier)
MBMotor (Bulk Carrier)
MPMotor (Package Carrier)
MSMilitary Sealift Command (MSC)
NPrivate Vessel
OContainerized Ocean
PPrivate Carrier
PAPooled Air
Outbound shipment from an airport consolidation point to a final destination via an air move
PGPooled Piggyback
Outbound shipment consisting of a trailer on a railcar from a consolidation point to a final destination via rail move
PPPool to Pool
Shipment moves from one consolidation point to another consolidation point before final delivery
PRPooled Rail
PTPooled Truck
QConventional Ocean
RCRail, Less than Carload
Movement by rail of a quantity of freight less than that required for the application of a carload rate
ROOcean (Roll on - Roll off)
Used for shipments that travel by roadrailer, i.e., a multimodal rail/highway trailer
SBShipper Agent
Agent for piggyback code consolidation
SCShipper Agent (Truck)
Motor carrier agent for piggyback trailer consolidators
SDShipper Association
Non-profit cooperative consolidator or distributors of shipments by member firms
SFSurface Freight Forwarder
SRSupplier Truck
STStack Train
TBest Way (Shippers Option)
TATowaway Service
Movement of shipper owned trailers or semi-trailers loaded and/or pulled by carrier furnished power unit
TCCab (Taxi)
TTTank Truck
UPrivate Parcel Service
VAMotor (Van)
VEVessel, Ocean
VLVessel, Lake
WInland Waterway
WPWater or Pipeline Intermodal Movement
A water move by barge or tanker followed by a pipeline move to the destination
XIntermodal (Piggyback)
XEIntermodal Expedited
YMilitary Intratheater Airlift Service
Method of movement of material from a point in a theater to another point within the same theater by military controlled aircraft
Y1Ocean Conference Carrier
Y2Ocean Non-Conference Carrier
ZZMutually defined

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