Your trading partner may send you TA1 Interchange Acknowledgments in response to outbound EDI files.

You may also need to send your trading partner a functional acknowledgment in response to each inbound EDI file. This confirms that you received the transaction and helps your trading partner know everything is working as expected.

Stedi can automatically generate a 997 Functional Acknowledgment or a 999 Implementation Acknowledgment for each inbound transaction within a partnership and deliver it to a specified connection.


You don’t need to create a transaction setting to process TA1s. Stedi automatically processes inbound TA1s and displays the data in the Files and Transactions pages for inspection.

TA1s indicate receipt of an interchange and identify any errors in the interchange’s envelope (ISA and IEA) information.

997s and 999s

You must create inbound transaction settings if your trading partner plans to send you 997 or 999 functional acknowledgments.

When sending outbound functional acknowledgments, you should never return both a 997 and a 999 for a given file. 997s are used throughout many different industries. 999s allow for more detailed errors to be returned, and are currently only used healthcare.

999s are commonly returned for the following transaction sets:

Visit the Stedi Network for a complete collection of pre-built x12 HIPAA guides. You can import any guide into your Stedi account for free to use in your integrations.

Automatic acknowledgments

We recommend that you enable this feature if your partner requires 997s or 999s because it removes the need to manually generate and send them.


Before you begin, you must define at least one connection for this partnership.

Enable 997s or 999s

To enable automatic 997 or 999 generation:

  1. Go to the partnership.
  2. Click the pencil next to Acknowledgments.
  3. Select 997s or 999s.
  4. Select an existing Connection within the partnership. Stedi delivers generated acknowledgments using this connection.
    • (SFTP/FTPS only) Specify an optional Subdirectory. Stedi will deliver generated acknowledgments to this subdirectory. We don’t recommend specifying a subdirectory unless your trading partner has instructed you to do so.
  5. (Optional) Enter a JSONata expression to set a custom filename for generated acknowledgments. Available JSONata expressions are & (Concatenation) and $millis. If you do not set a filename, Stedi uses the File Execution ID.
  6. Click Save.

Stedi will now generate 997 or 999 acknowledgments for every successful inbound transaction received over a connection within this partnership.

Auto-generation functionality

When configured, Stedi autogenerates a 997 or 999 acknowledgment for every successful inbound EDI transaction received over a partnership connection, even if the transaction set has not been explicitly configured as an inbound transaction setting. Acknowledgments are generated at the functional group level and contain complete ISA and GS envelopes, including control numbers.

If a file fails during validation or processing, Stedi does not send an acknowledgment until the file is processed successfully. Per the X12 EDI specification, Stedi doesn’t generate acknowledgments in response to inbound acknowledgments.

A file.failed.v2 event is emitted when Stedi fails to process a file. You can use this event to trigger a 997 rejection.