This functionality is available on Cloud and Enterprise plans.

Stedi provides a modular SDK that can you can use to programmatically integrate with Stedi Cloud products. It is currently available for JavaScript and TypeScript.

Functions SDK


Manage and invoke Functions. Details and examples are available in the Functions documentation.

Buckets SDK


Manage buckets and upload or download files. Details and examples are available in the Buckets documentation.

Stash SDK


Manage namespaces and manipulate key-value pairs. Details and examples are available in the Stash documentation.


You need a Stedi API Key to use the SDK. You can create your key using the UI.

When deploying code that uses the Stedi SDK to Functions, you don’t need to specify an API key. The SDK automatically makes requests in the context of the current account.

Passing the API key

You pass the API key when constructing a specific product client. The SDK uses this key to automatically secure all requests. The following example constructs a client and makes a request with an API key stored in an environment variable called STEDI_API_KEY.

const client = new BucketsClient({
  region: "us",
  apiKey: process.env["STEDI_API_KEY"],

const result = await buckets.send(
  new ListObjectsCommand({ bucketName: "stedi-bucket" })

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