SKDREQ Schedule request

D10 Travel, Tourism and Leisure (SWG)

The message is used to request travel service schedule update information aimed to update the schedule data base of the requester. It allows to the specification of selection criteria for the requested information.


Max use
  1. To specify the message and business function and to provide a tracking mechanism.

  2. To provide the originator of request details.

  3. To specify header information applicable to the entire message.

  4. To specify date or time period with days of operation.

  5. To convey first the origin and then final destination of a journey.

  6. Segment group 1
    Repeat 99
    1. To specify a reference.

    2. To indicate a level in a hierarchical structure.

  7. Segment group 2
    Repeat 99
    1. To identify the type of application error within a message.

    2. To specify a reference.

    3. To provide free form information.

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