0083 Action, coded

A code indicating acknowledgement, or rejection (the action taken) of a subject interchange, or part of the subject interchange.

String (AN)
Min 1 / Max 3
4This level and all lower levels rejected
The corresponding referenced-level and all its lower referenced-levels are rejected. One or more errors are reported at this reporting-level or a lower reporting- level.
7This level acknowledged, next lower level acknowledged if not explicitly rejected
The corresponding referenced-level is acknowledged. All messages or functional groups at the next lower referenced-level are acknowledged except those explicitly reported as rejected at the next lower reporting-level in this CONTRL message.
8Interchange received
Indication of interchange receipt implies that the recipient of the subject interchange: has received the interchange; and acknowledges the parts of the interchange that have been checked in order to assure that the data elements copied into the reporting UCI segment are syntactically correct; and has accepted liability for notifying the sender of acknowledgement or rejection of the other parts of the interchange; and has taken reasonable precautions in order to ensure that the sender is so notified.

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