5007 Monetary amount function description code

Code specifying the monetary amount function.

String (AN)
Min 1 / Max 3
1Destination charge totals
Code to indicate total charges levied at destination.
2Alternative currency amount
The amount is expressed in alternate currency.
3Total message amount
The total amount of the message.
4Invoices total amount summary
The summary of a number of invoices' total amounts.
5Amount for Customs purposes
Number of monetary units expressed in a specified currency for Customs purposes (see: 5004).
7Financial transaction amount
Amount refers to financial transaction.
8Total(s) of deferred items
To specify the total(s) of all deferred items from one reinsurance account.
9Total(s) of open cash claims
To specify the total(s) of all open cash claims from one reinsurance account.
10Reinsurance account balance
To specify the result(s) of the reinsurance account calculation.
11Prepaid totals
Totals of prepaid freight and charges.
12Collect totals
Totals of collect freight and charges.
14Valuation amounts
Code to indicate valuation amounts.
15Prepayment amount
The amount paid or to be paid before a business transaction occurs.
16Alternative currency total amount
The total amount expressed in an alternate currency.
17Documentary credit amount
Value expressed in monetary terms of the documentary credit.
18Additional amounts covered: freight costs
Freight costs are also covered under the documentary credit.
19Additional amounts covered: insurance costs
Insurance costs are also covered under the documentary credit.
20Additional amounts covered: interest
Interest on delayed or deferred payment is also covered under the documentary credit.
21Additional amounts covered: inspection costs
Goods inspection costs are also covered under the documentary credit.
22Part of documentary credit amount
Part of documentary credit subject to sight, deferred or acceptance payment when the documentary credit is available by mixed payment.
23Amount of note
Amount of debit or credit note.
24Hash total
Total sum of amounts specified for control purposes.
25Cumulative total, this period
Totals to date.
26Period total
Totals this measurement period.
27Cumulative total, preceding period
Total to the end of last measurement period.
28Total balance credit risk covered
The total balance of factored invoices which are covered for credit risk.
29Labour costs
Identifying costs related to labour resource.
30Business credit amount
Monetary amount(s) associated with business credit information.

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