7161 Special service description code

Code specifying a special service.

String (AN)
Min 1 / Max 3
The service of providing advertising.
The service of providing telecommunication activities and/or faclities.
AACTechnical modification
The service of making technical modifications to a product.
AADJob-order production
The service of producing to order.
The service of providing money for outlays on behalf of a trading partner.
The service of providing services outside the premises of the provider.
AAHAdditional processing
The service of providing additional processing.
The service of certifying validity.
The service of accepting goods or services.
AATRush delivery
The service to provide a rush delivery.
AAVSpecial construction
The service of providing special construction.
AAYAirport facilities
The service of providing airport facilities.
The service allowing a party to use another party's facilities.
ABACompulsory storage
The service provided to hold a compulsory inventory.
ABBFuel removal
Remove or off-load fuel from vehicle, vessel or craft.
ABCInto plane
Service of delivering goods to an aircraft from local storage.
The service of providing labour beyond the established limit of working hours.
The service of providing specific tooling.
Miscellaneous services.
ABLAdditional packaging
The service of providing additional packaging.
The service of providing additional padding materials required to secure and protect a cargo within a shipping container.
The service of packing items into a container.
ABSCarton packing
The service of packing items into a carton.
ABTHessian wrapped
The service of hessian wrapping.
ABUPolyethylene wrap packing
The service of packing in polyethylene wrapping.
ACFMiscellaneous treatment
Miscellaneous treatment service.
ACGEnamelling treatment
The service of providing enamelling treatment.
ACHHeat treatment
The service of treating with heat.
ACIPlating treatment
The service of providing plating treatment.
The service of painting.
The service of polishing.
The service of priming.
ACMPreservation treatment
The service of preservation treatment.
Fitting service.
The service of consolidating multiple consignments into one shipment.
ADEBill of lading
The service of providing a bill of lading document.
The service of surrounding a product with an air bag.
The service of transferring.
The service of securing a stack of products on a slipsheet.
Binding service.
ADNRepair or replacement of broken returnable package
The service of repairing or replacing a broken returnable package.
ADOEfficient logistics
A code indicating efficient logistics services.
A code indicating that merchandising services are in operation.
ADQProduct mix
A code indicating that product mixing services are in operation.
ADROther services
A code indicating that other non-specific services are in operation.
The service of picking up or collection of goods.
ADWChronic illness
The special services provided due to chronic illness.
ADYNew product introduction
A service provided by a buyer when introducing a new product from a suppliers range to the range traded by the buyer.
ADZDirect delivery
Direct delivery service.
The service of diverting deliverables.
The service is a disconnection.
Distribution service.
AEDHandling of hazardous cargo
A service for handling hazardous cargo.
AEFRents and leases
The service of renting and/or leasing.
AEHLocation differential
Delivery to a different location than previously contracted.
AEIAircraft refueling
Fuel being put into the aircraft.
AEJFuel shipped into storage
Fuel being shipped into a storage system.
AEKCash on delivery
The provision of a cash on delivery (COD) service.
AELSmall order processing service
A service related to the processing of small orders.
AEMClerical or administrative services
The provision of clerical or administrative services.
The service of providing a guarantee.
AEOCollection and recycling
The service of collection and recycling products.
AEPCopyright fee collection
The service of collecting copyright fees.
AESVeterinary inspection service
The service of providing veterinary inspection.
AETPensioner service
Special service when the subject is a pensioner.
AEUMedicine free pass holder
Special service when the subject holds a medicine free pass.
AEVEnvironmental protection service
The provision of an environmental protection service.
AEWEnvironmental clean-up service
The provision of an environmental clean-up service.
AEXNational cheque processing service outside account area
Service of processing a national cheque outside the ordering customer's bank trading area.
AEYNational payment service outside account area
Service of processing a national payment to a beneficiary holding an account outside the trading area of the ordering customer's bank.
AEZNational payment service within account area
Service of processing a national payment to a beneficiary holding an account within the trading area of the ordering customer's bank.
The service of making adjustments.
The service of authenticating.
The provision of cataloguing services.
Movement of goods by heavy duty cart or vehicle.
The service of certifying.
CAECertificate of conformance
The service of providing a certificate of conformance.
CAFCertificate of origin
The service of providing a certificate of origin.
The service of cutting.
CAJConsular service
The service provided by consulates.
CAKCustomer collection
The service of collecting goods by the customer.
CALPayroll payment service
Provision of a payroll payment service.
CAMCash transportation
Provision of a cash transportation service.
CANHome banking service
Provision of a home banking service.
CAOBilateral agreement service
Provision of a service as specified in a bilateral special agreement.
CAPInsurance brokerage service
Provision of an insurance brokerage service.
CAQCheque generation
Provision of a cheque generation service.
CARPreferential merchandising location
Service of assigning a preferential location for merchandising.
The service of providing a crane.
CATSpecial colour service
Providing a colour which is different from the default colour.
The provision of sorting services.
CAVBattery collection and recycling
The service of collecting and recycling batteries.
CAWProduct take back fee
The fee the consumer must pay the manufacturer to take back the product.
CDCar loading
Car loading service.
Cleaning service.
CSCigarette stamping
The service of providing cigarette stamping.
CTCount and recount
The service of doing a count and recount.
The service of providing layout/design.
DADDriver assigned unloading
The service of unloading by the driver.
The service of providing delivery.
The service of providing engraving.
The service of expediting.
ERExchange rate guarantee
The service of guaranteeing exchange rate.
The service of providing fabrication.
FABFreight equalization
The service of load balancing.
FACFreight extraordinary handling
The service of providing freight's extraordinary handling.
FCFreight service
The service of moving goods, by whatever means, from one place to another.
The service of providing filling/handling.
The service of providing financing.
The service of grinding.
The service of providing a hose.
Handling service.
HHHoisting and hauling
The service of hoisting and hauling.
The service of installing.
IABInstallation and warranty
The service of installing and providing warranty.
IDInside delivery
The service of providing delivery inside.
The service of inspection.
IRInstallation and training
The service of providing installation and training.
The service of providing an invoice.
The service of preparing food in accordance with Jewish law.
L1Carrier count
The service of counting by the carrier.
Labelling service.
The service to provide required labour.
LABRepair and return
The service of repairing and returning.
The service of legalising.
The service of mounting.
MIMail invoice
The service of mailing an invoice.
MLMail invoice to each location
The service of mailing an invoice to each location.
NAANon-returnable containers
The service of providing non-returnable containers.
OAOutside cable connectors
The service of providing outside cable connectors.
PAInvoice with shipment
The service of including the invoice with the shipment.
PAAPhosphatizing (steel treatment)
The service of phosphatizing the steel.
The service of packing.
The service of palletizing.
The service of repacking.
The service of repairing.
RADReturnable container
The service of providing returnable containers.
The service of restocking.
The service of re-delivering.
The service of refurbishing.
RHRail wagon hire
The service of providing rail wagons for hire.
The service of loading goods.
The service of salvaging.
SAAShipping and handling
The service of shipping and handling.
SADSpecial packaging
The service of special packaging.
The service of stamping.
SAIConsignee unload
The service of unloading by the consignee.
The service of shrink-wrapping.
SHSpecial handling
The service of special handling.
SMSpecial finish
The service of providing a special finish.
The service of setting-up.
TABTank renting
The service of providing tanks for hire.
The service of testing.
TTTransportation - third party billing
The service of providing third party billing for transportation.
TVTransportation by vendor
The service of providing transportation by the vendor.
V1Drop yard
The service of delivering goods at the yard.
V2Drop dock
The service of delivering goods at the dock.
The service of storing and handling of goods in a warehouse.
XAACombine all same day shipment
The service of combining all shipments for the same day.
YYSplit pick-up
The service of providing split pick-up.
ZZZMutually defined
A code assigned within a code list to be used on an interim basis and as defined among trading partners until a precise code can be assigned to the code list.

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