7497 Structure component function code qualifier

Code qualifying the function of a structure component.

String (AN)
Min 1 / Max 3
1Array time dimension
A time dimension of an array.
2Value list
A coded or non coded list of values.
3Array cell
Cell of an array.
4Array dimension
Dimension of an array.
5Tree structure
A tree structure containing hierarchical levels.
6Tree structure link
A link between two related tree structures.
7Tree structure level
A hierarchical level of a tree structure.
8Tree structure level link.
A link between two related hierarchical levels of a tree structure.
9Structure item
An item in a structure.
10Structure item link
A link between two related items in a structure.
11Statistical time series indicator
To specify a component function as a statistical time series indicator.
To specify a component function as an attribute.

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