CONRPW Response of pending works

To be provided

This message is a reply to a CONAPW message and enables service providers to respond to a contractor giving details of any services and networks in the location where construction work is to be undertaken.


Max use
  1. To head, identify and specify a message.

  2. To indicate the type and function of a message and to transmit the identifying number.

  3. To specify a reference.

  4. To specify date, and/or time, or period.

  5. Segment group 1
    Repeat 3
    1. To specify the name/address and their related function, either by CO82 only and/or unstructured by CO58 or structured by CO80 thru 3207.

    2. Segment group 2
      Repeat 2
      1. To identify a person or a department to whom communication should be directed.

      2. To identify a communication number of a department or a person to whom communication should be directed.

  6. To identify a country/place/location/related location one/related location two.

  7. To provide free form or coded text information.

  8. To identify documents, either printed, electronically transferred, or referenced as specified in message description, including, where relevant, the identification of the type of transaction that will result from this message.

  9. To provide control total.

  10. To specify results of the application of an authentification procedure.

  11. To end and check the completeness of a message.

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