235 Product/Service ID Qualifier

Code identifying the type/source of the descriptive number used in Product/Service ID (234).

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
ACAggregation Code (Used to Consolidate Part Families)
ADAmerican Dental Association Codes
AIAlternate ISBN
AMAllocation Methodology Identification Code
ANAsset Number
ARARINC Part Number
ASRear Axle Serial Number
ATAssortability Code
AXAssembly Lot Number
A serialization number identifying good's manufacturing location
B1Volume Set
B2Library of Congress Code
B3Edition Code
B4Binding Code
B5Title Code
B6Author Code
B7Publisher Code
BABale Number
BCSupplier Brand Code
BEBuyer's Engineering Change Level Number
BMBeam Number
BNBar-Coded Serial Number
BOBuyers Color
BPBuyer's Part Number
BSBill Subgroup Code
BTVolume Type Identification Code
BUBus Body Serial Number
BXBill Credit Code
CBBuyer's Catalog Number
CCCompatible Cut Number
CDMotor Vehicle-Line Designator
CEClass of Contract Code
CFChassis Serial Number
CGCommodity Grouping
CHCountry of Origin Code
CICommon Language Equipment Identifier (CLEI)
CJCurrent Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes
CMNational Retail Merchants Association Color Code
CNCommodity Name
COChemical Abstract Service (CAS) Registry Number
CPCarry-over Part Number
CQEquipment Code per COPAS standard
CRContract Number
CSService code per COPAS standard
CTContinuation (ID Number Spans Multiple Product ID Data Elements)
CUCut Number
CYCustomer Company Registry Number
DEDesign Number
DGDiscount Grouping
DIDeposit Item Number
DLDye Lot Number
DNDie Number
DPDiscontinued Part Number
DRDrawing Revision Number
ECEngineering Change Level
EDEngine Displacement Identification
EIExpense Identifier
ENEuropean Article Number (EAN) (2-5-5-1)
EPBuyer's End Product Number
EQEquipment Type
ESEngine Serial Number
FFFifth Wheel Serial Number
FIFinish Number
FLFinish Lot Number
FNFinal Test Lot Number
A serialization number identifying the final test event of goods
FPFabric Pieces Per Roll
FSNational Stock Number
FTFederal Stock Classification
GCGrade Code
GDGrain Direction
GNGrade Name
GRGear Ratio
GSGeneral Specification Number
GUVolume Usage Identification Code
HCHealth Care Procedural Coding System (HCPCS) Codes
HIHIBC (Health Care Industry Bar Code)
HNHeat Number
IAInformation Media Type
IBInternational Standard Book Number (ISBN)
ICInterior Color Number
IDInternational Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM)
IMImprint (Trademark Code of Subsidiary)
INBuyer's Item Number
ISInternational Standard Serial Number (ISSN)
ITBuyer's Style Number
IZBuyer's Size Code
JNJob Number
JPPackage Type Code
Packaging method used for manufacturer product
JSJob Sequence Number
KPKanban Plan Number
LGLift Gate Serial Number
LTLot Number
LULot Pricing Unit Number
MAMachine Number
MBMeasurement Type Code
MDMethod of Delivery Code
MGManufacturer's Part Number
MIMortgage Insurance Product Code or Number
MMMotor Equipment Manufacturing Association (MEMA) Product Type Code
MNModel Number
MOMovement Type Code
MSMilitary Specification (MILSPEC) Number
MTMajor Product/Material/Machine Type
NCNational Corporate Cash Management Association Service Code
NDNational Drug Code (NDC)
NHNational Health Related Item Code
NRNon-resaleable item (excluding deposit) number
OAOld UPC/EAN Case Code
OBOld UPC/EAN Multipack Code
OCOld UPC/EAN Consumer Package Code
ODOld UPC/EAN Module Code
OEOriginal Equipment Number
OHOpposite-Hand Part Number
OLOptical Cable Code
ONCustomer Order Number
OOOutside Production Operation Sheet Number
The specific engineering level or release to be used for the manufacture of the material being procured
OPObsolete Part Number
P1Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Operating and Maintenance Code
P2Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Capital Expenditure Code
P3Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Tubular Code
P4Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada Non-Tubular Code
PAPattern Number
PCPrime Contractor Part Number
PDPart Number Description
PEPieces in Roll
PGPackaging Specification Number
PIPurchaser's Item Code
PJProduct Date Code (A code indicating the period during which a product was manufactured.)
PKPackaging Drawing
PLPurchaser's Order Line Number
PMNumber of Positions on Machine
PNCompany Part Number
POPurchase Order Number
PQProduct ID Attribute Code
PRProcess Number
PTPrint or Drawing
PWPart Drawing
RAReturn Code
RBRevenue Codes
RCReturnable Container No.
RDReel Number
REReefer Serial Number
RKRack Number
RNRelease Number
RORoll Number
RPReplaced Part Number
RRReplacement Product No.
RSSet Number
RTReel Type
RURun Number
RVRepair Tag Number
RWRelative Value Units
RYRecord Keeping or Model Year
SBSubmission Number
A sequential number indicating the number of times a lot has been submitted for a certain test event
SCSeller's Date Code
SDSupplier Company Registry Number
SESection Print Number
SFSurface Finish
SIStandard Industrial Classification Code
SKStock Keeping Unit (SKU)
SLSeller's Lot Number
SMNational Retail Merchants Association Size Code
SNSerial Number
SQRoll Sequence Number
SRSubstitute Product Number
SSSuperseded Part Number
STStyle Number
SUSide Up/Side Down
SVService Rendered
SWStock Number
SZVendor Alphanumeric Size Code (NRMA)
TAPipeline Transaction Code
TCTelecommunications Circuit ID
TITrade In Identifier
TMTelephone Industry Manufacturer Code
TPProduct Type Code
TRTruck Body Serial Number
TSTransmission Serial Number
TTType Selvage
TUTested Material Identification Number
TYTelecommunications Industry Service Code
UAUPC/EAN Case Code (2-5-5)
UBUPC/EAN Multipack Code
UCUPC Suffix (Defines Packing Variations)
UDUPC/EAN Consumer Package Code (2-5-5)
UEUPC/EAN Module Code (2-5-5)
UFUser-Defined Shipping Container Identifier
UGDrug UPC Consumer Package Code (1-4-6-1)
UHDrug UPC Shipping Container Code (1-2-4-6-1)
UIUPC Consumer Package Code (1-5-5)
UMUniversal Vendor Marking, Short Code (UVM; U Line)
UNUPC Case Code Number (1-1-5-5)
UOUCC Serial Shipping Container Code
UPUPC Consumer Package Code (1-5-5-1)
UQUnited Nations (UN) Number (Dangerous Goods)
USUniform Stock Symbol System Code Number
UVUniversal Vendor Marking, Long Code (UVM; R,P,M Lines)
VAVendor's Style Number
VBVendor's Engineering Change Level Number
VCVendor's (Seller's) Catalog Number
VEVendor Color
VIVary Item Product Number
VMVehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards
VNVendor's (Seller's) Item Number
VOVendor's Order Number
VPVendor's (Seller's) Part Number
VSVendor's Supplemental Item Number
VUVendor's Basic Unit Number
VVMotor Vehicle ID Number
VXVendor's Specification Number
WLWafer Lot Identifier
A serialization number identifying the manufacturer of integrated circuit wafers
WSWheel Chair Lift Serial Number
XCExpendable Container Identification
ZZMutually Defined

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