755 Report Type Code

Code indicating the title and/or contents of a document or report.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Product Transfer
11Chemical Analysis
12Mechanical Properties
13Certified Test Report
14Core Loss Test Report
AAAgent Inventory Report
ABAssembly Drawing
ADAgent/Distributor Inventory Report
AOAverage Outgoing Quality Report
APAdvanced Problem Notification
ATPurchase Order Attachment
BCBill of Lading Copy
BLBill of Lading
BMBill of Material
BOBill of Lading Original
BTBlanket Test Results
CACertificate of Analysis
CCC.A.A. Certificate of Conformance (British CAA)
CDCustomer/Distributor Inventory Report
CICertificate of Inspection Report
CMCustomer/Manufacturer Inventory Report
CNCustomer's Report of Nonconformance
COConsignment Order
CPCertificate of Compliance (Material Certification)
CSConsigned Inventory Sales Report
CWCorrective Work Order
DCDistributor/Customer Inventory Report
DDDistributor Inventory Report
DMDistributor/Manufacturer Inventory Report
DNDeviation/Nonconformance Test Results and Request for Action
DRDatalog Report
EAElectrical Average Outgoing Quality Report
ECEngineering Change Order
EPExperimental Material Purchase Order
EREngineering Change Request
FDFederal Specification Compliance
FHLimitation of Heavy Elements
IPInventory Parameter Report
ITCertified Inspection and Test Results
LCLocation Inventory Report
LDLaboratory Quality Review Variation, Deviation
LOLaboratory Quality Review Order, Waiver
LRLaboratory Quality Review Order, Deviation
LWLaboratory Quality Review Variation, Waiver
MAManufacturer/Agent Inventory Report
MBManufacturer/Distributor Inventory Report
MCManufacturer/Customer Inventory Report
MDMaterial Data Sheets
MEMajor Deviation Request
MIMortgage Insurance Certification
MMManufacturer Inventory Report
MNMinor Deviation Request
MOManufacturer's Statement of Origin
MRMaterial Inspection and Receiving Report
MSMaterial Safety Data Sheet
OPOutside Production Operation Sheet
PAPart Drawing
PBProduct Catalog
PCProcess Change Notice
PDProof of Delivery
PHProduction History - Property Level
PIProduct Availability Inquiry
PRPurchase Report
PSPipeline/Shipper Inventory Report
PTInter-Plant Inventory Report
PWProduction History - Well Level
QCCause and Corrective Action Report
QDQuality Review Order, Purchasing
QEQuality Detail
Signifies lot by lot detail
QMQuality Review Order, Manufacturing
QRQuality Report
QSQuality Review Order Supplement
QTQuality Summary
Summarizes quality lot or lots
RARevision Announcement
RCRequest for Cause and Corrective Action Report
RFReliability Fail Rate Report
RMRequest for Manufacturing Engineer Appraisal
RNSupplier's Report of Nonconformance
RORegular Order
RTReport of Tests and Analysis Report
SASample Approval Bale List
SBSample Approval and Rejection List
A listing of approved and disapproved cotton bales along with a reading of tests done and reasons for rejection sent by a textile mill to a merchant
SDSupport Data for a Request for Quote
SESample Rejection Bale List
SISeller Inventory Report
SLSample Bale List
SMShipping Manifests
SNShipping Notice
SQStatistical Quality Documents
SRStatistical Report
SSSeller Sales Report
SWSea Waybill
TTTitle Transfer
US"BUY AMERICA" Certification of Compliance
VDData Request for Vendor's Specifications or Drawings.
VMVisual/Mechanical Average Outgoing Quality Report
WIWell Information
WTWell Test Information

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