1131 Level of Student or Test Code

Code identifying level of course, test, or student.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01First grade
02Second grade
03Third grade
04Fourth grade
05Fifth grade
06Sixth grade
07Seventh grade
08Eighth grade
09Ninth grade
10Tenth grade
11Eleventh grade
12Twelfth grade
20Non-Degree or Temporary Undergraduate in Postsecondary school
21Postsecondary First Year Student
22Postsecondary Sophomore
23Postsecondary Junior
24Postsecondary Senior
25Postsecondary Post-Baccalaureate Student
26Postsecondary Non-Degree Graduate Student
27Postsecondary Professional Student
28Postsecondary Master's Degree Student
29Postsecondary Doctoral Student
30Postdoctoral Student
A person who is classified at the adult grade-level by virtue of receiving instruction or services through an adult education program or class who is not enrolled in a regular program of study for students of compulsory school age
P0Pre-Kindergarten Level 0
P1Pre-Kindergarten Level 1
P2Pre-Kindergarten Level 2
P3Pre-Kindergarten Level 3
P4Pre-Kindergarten Level 4
P5Pre-Kindergarten Level 5

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