304 Event Code

Code identifying the event about which a report is made.

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
AADActual Arrival at POD
ADRHighway Departure
ALRActually Loaded on Rail
ALVActually Loaded on Vessel
ARDActual Arrival Date at Final Destination
ARIArrival Transit Location
ARRArrival Final Destination
BADBad Order
BFRRelease from Bad Order
BHVBad Order Heavy Repair
BLGBad Order Light Repair
CRDCargo Receipt Date
CSLCargo Stripping
DDLDelivery Attempt
DFLDeparture from Location
Equipment unloaded from conveying flatcar
EADEstimated Arrival Date
EDDEstimated Departure Date
EFTEstimated Free Time
ERDEstimated Arrival Date at Final Destination
FTEFree Time Expired Date
HARHighway Arrival RR Facility
HMIHold or Miscellaneous
HRERelease from Hold or Miscellaneous
IBDIn Bond
ICHInterchange Delivery
ICRInterchange Receipt
IRDIn Transit
NOBNo Bill at Location
PACPlacement Actual
PCOPlacement Constructive
Estimated placement
PFPPulled from Patron
Picked up at customer location
Loaded onto conveying flatcar
RECPostal Reconsignment
RLOReleased Loaded from Customer
RMTReleased Empty from Customer
RYDRail Yard Move
SPTSpot Date
STNStored Unserviceable
STPStored Prospective Load
STSStored for Seasonal Use
STUStored Serviceable
TMATrain Move Arrival
TMDTrain Move Departure
TRNLading Transferred
TRPTrain Reported Passing
UNSUnable to Schedule
ZZZMutually Defined

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