366 Contact Function Code

Code identifying the major duty or responsibility of the person or group named.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
AAAuthorized Representative
ACAdministrative Contracting Officer
ADAccounting Department
AECorporate Purchasing Agent
AFAuthorized Financial Contact
AHAfter-Hours Contact
AIAdditional Insurance Information Contact
ALAlternate Contact
Person to be contacted when the main contact is not available
ANAttention-to Party
Party to whose attention information is sent via U.S. Post Office - U.S. Mail
APAccounts Payable Department
ARAccounts Receivable Department
ATMaterial Safety Data Sheet Contract
AUReport Authorizer
BBLocal Purchasing Agent
BCBroker Contact
BDBuyer Name or Department
BIBill Inquiry Contact
Service Provider contact for making inquires about information on the invoice
BPSchool Principal
BUBusiness Unit Manager
CACustomer Contact Granting Appointment
CBChanged By
CCComputer Systems Contact
CDContract Contact
CFCustomer Engineer
A person who maintains or repairs computer hardware or software
CGChief Executive Officer
CHChange Order Approver
CIChief Financial Officer
CJChief Information Officer
CKChairman of the Board
CLChief Operating Officer
CMContainer Manager
CNGeneral Contact
COComponent Engineer
CPCost and Schedule Coordinator
CRCustomer Relations
CSCAD/CAM Specialist
CWConfirmed With
CXPayers Claim Office
Location responsible for paying bills related to medical care received
DADirectory Advertising Contact
Service Provider contact for questions about, and changes to, directory advertising
DCDelivery Contact
DDDivision Director
DEDesign Engineer
DIDelivery Instructions Contact
DMDivision Manager
DNDental School Admissions Office
EAEDI Coordinator
EBEntered By
ECEmergency Contact-Shipper
EDEmergency Contact-Consignee
EFEmergency Contact-Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC)
EMEmergency Contact
EPEmployer Contact
FAFinancial Aid Office
FCForwarder Contact
FLForeclosing Lender Administrative Contact
FMFunctional Manager
GCGuidance Counselor
GRGraduate Admissions Office
HMHazardous Material Contact
ICInformation Contact
IOIssuing Officer
IPInsured Party
LDLaw School Admissions Office
MAMaintenance Contact
Service Provider contact for requesting service maintainance, or reporting problems
MCMedical Contact
MDMedical Admissions Office
NANational Agent
NCNumerical Control Engineer
NPNotary Public
NTNotification Contact
OCOrder Contact
ODOrder Department
PBPlant Manager
PCPurchasing Contracting Officer (PCO)
Person to whom a warrant has been issued authorizing that person to obligate funds on behalf of the government
PDProject Director
PEProcess Engineer
PGProgram Director
Entity providing health care services
A firm, organization, or individual who determines the tax liability from information supplied by the taxpayer
PJProject Manager
PLManufacturing Plant Contact
PMProduct Manager
POProduction Representative
An industrial specialist assigned to a contract administration office and charged with production surveillance of government contracts being performed in the plant or plants under the production representative's cognizance
PPProgram Manager
PRPrototype Coordinator
PSPersonnel Department
PUReport Preparer
PXPurchase Service Provider
Entity from which medical supplies may be bought
Individual receiving medical care
QAQuality Assurance Contact
QCQuality Coordinator
QIQuality Inspector
QMQuality Manager
QPQuoting Party
The party that actually submitted a quote in response to a request for quotation
QROrdering Officer
An individual authorized to place orders against existing contracts
RARental Company Administrative Contact
RCRebate/Chargeback Contact
RDReceiving Dock
REReceiving Contact
RPResponsible Person
RSRate Supervisor or Clerk
SASales Administration
SCSchedule Contact
SDShipping Department
SEService Organization
SHShipper Contact
SKSchool Clerk
SMSubmitting Contact
SOService Order Writer
SPSpecial Program Contact
SRSales Representative or Department
STService Technician
SUSupplier Contact
SVService Manager
SYSecondary Taxpayer
Taxpayer who is filing jointly with the primary taxpayer
TATraffic Administrator
TCCollege of Education Admissions Office
TDTender Developer
THSchool of Theology Admissions Office
The firm, organization, or individual who transmits returns electronically to a taxing authority
TPPrimary Taxpayer
Taxpayer whose social security number or employer identification number is used as the primary identification number for the filing
TRTechnical Marketing Representative
UGUndergraduate Admissions Office
UPUnion President
VMSchool of Veterinary Medicine Admissions Office
VPVice President
WRTechnical Writer
ZZMutually Defined

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