40 Equipment Description Code

Code identifying type of equipment used for shipment.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
2B20 ft. IL Container (Closed Top)
4B40 ft. IL Container (Closed Top)
2020 ft. IL Container (Open Top)
4040 ft. IL Container (Open Top)
ACClosed Container
AFAir Freight (Break Bulk)
ALContainer, Aluminum
Container must be made of aluminum
ATClosed Container (Controlled Temperature)
BCCovered Barge
BOBarge Open
CBChassis, Gooseneck
CCContainer resting on a Chassis
CDContainer with Bag Hangers
Rings or bars located in upper part of container walls to suspend bulk bags within the ocean container
CGContainer, Tank (Gas)
CIContainer, Insulated
CJContainer, Insulated/Ventilated
CKContainer, Heated/Insulated/Ventilated
CLContainer (Closed Top - Length Unspecified)
CMContainer, Open-Sided
CPCoil Car Open
CQContainer, Tank (Food Grade-Liquid)
CRCoil-Car Covered
CSContainer-Low Side Open Top
CTContainer-High Side Open Top
CUContainer (Open Top - Length Unspecified)
CVClosed Van
CWContainer, Tank (Chemicals)
CZRefirgerated Container
DFContainer with Flush Doors
Container doors must be flush with the inside walls of the ocean-type containers
DTDrop Back Trailer
DXBoxcar, Damage Free Equipped
ETEnd of Train Device
FHFlat Bed Trailer with Headboards
FNFlat Bed Trailer with No Headboards
FRFlat Bed Trailer - Removable Sides
FSContainer with Floor Securing Rings
Applicances at floor level that can be used to secure cargo
FTFlat Bed Trailer
FXBoxcar Cushion Under Frame OF
GSGenerator Set
HBContainer with Hangar Bars
Container must be equipped with hangar beams/bars for garment shipments
HCHopper Car (Covered)
HOHopper Car (Open)
HPHopper Car (Covered; Pneumatic Discharge)
HTHead of Train Device
HVHigh Cube Van
Used at large airports with installed distribution systems to make into-plane deliveries; distinguished from other types of fueling vehicles
IDIdler Car
IXBoxcar (Insulated)
LULoad/unload Device on Equipment
NXBoxcar (Interior Bulkheads)
OBOcean Vessel (Break Bulk)
OTOpen-top/flatbed trailer
OVOpen Top Van
PTProtected Trailer
PUPick-up Truck
RCRefrigerated (Reefer) Car
REFlat Car (End Bulkheads)
RFFlat Car
RGGondola Covered
RIGondola Car (Covered - Interior Bulkheads)
ROGondola Car (Open)
RRRail Car
RTControlled Temperature Trailer (Reefer)
Device to stack containers on a rail car
SCService Car
SKStack Car
SLContainer, Steel
Container must be made of steel
SSContainer with Smooth Sides
Walls in ocean container must be flat/smooth
STRemovable Side Trailer
SVVan - Special Inside Length, Width or Height Requirements
TATrailer, Heated/Insulated/Ventilated
TBTrailer, Boat
TCTrailer, Car
TFTrailer, Dry Freight
TGTrailer, Tank (Gas)
THTruck, Open Top High Side
TITrailer, Insulated
TJTrailer, Tank (Chemicals)
TKTrailer, Tank (Food Grade-Liquid)
TLTrailer (not otherwise specified)
TMTrailer, Insulated/Ventilated
TNTank Car
TOTruck, Open Top
TPTrailer, Pneumatic
A specialized trailer with a pneumatic device for loading or unloading
TQTrailer, Electric Heat
A trailer with electric heat to keep product from freezing
TTTelescoping Trailer
TUTruck, Open Top Low Side
TVTruck, Van
TWTrailer, Refrigerated
A refrigerated trailer capable of keeping product cold. Different from a temperature controlled trailer which is able to keep product at a constant temperature
ULUnit Load Device (ULD)
UPContainer, Upgraded
Container must be upgraded for higher weights
VAContainer, Vented
Dry container must have vent openings for air exchange
VEVessel, Ocean
VLVessel, Lake
VRVessel, Ocean, Rollon-Rolloff
VSVessel, Ocean, Lash
VTVessel, Ocean, Containership
WRContainer with Wavy or Ripple Sides
Walls must be wavy or ripple type
WYRailroad Maintenance of Way Car

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