98 Entity Identifier Code

Code identifying an organizational entity, a physical location, or an individual

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Loan Applicant
02Loan Broker
04Asset Account Holder
06Recipient of Civil or Legal Liability Payment
08Non-Mortgage Liability Account Holder
09Note Co-Signer
11Party to be billed(AAR Accounting Rule 11)
12Regional Office
13Contracted Service Provider
14Wholly-Owned Subsidiary
15Accounts Payable Office
17Consultant's Office
19Non-Production Supplier
20Foreign Supplier
21Small Business
22Minority-Owned Business, Small
23Minority-Owned Business, Large
24Woman-Owned Business, Small
25Woman-Owned Business, Large
26Socially Disadvantaged Business
27Small Disadvantaged Business
29Prototype Supplier
30Service Supplier
31Postal Mailing Address
32Party to Receive Material Release
33Inquiry Address
34Material Change Notice Address
35Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Coordinator Point Address
37Previous Debt Holder
38Mortgage Liability Account Holder
39Appraisal Company
Entity to accept transmission
Entity transmitting transaction set
42Component Manufacturer
Provider of a proprietary designed and manufactured subassembly that meets defined customer specifications
43Claimant Authorized Representative
44Data Processing Service Bureau
45Drop-off Location
46Invoicing Dealer
Source with whom monetary transactions for component manufacturer extended service coverages will occur
48In-service Source
Source placing product into service
49Initial Dealer
The dealer who initially attempted the repair
50Manufacturer's Representative
51Parts Distributor
52Part Remanufacturer
53Registered Owner
Unique code of entity owning the equipment
54Order Writer
Individual who receives the product from the customer and prepares the repair order describing work to be performed
55Service Manager
Person responsible for service department
56Servicing Dealer
57Servicing Organization
58Store Manager
59Party to Approve Specification
Identification of individual that sold the product e.g. ssn, salesperson id, etc.
61Performed At
The facility where work was performed
62Applicant's Employer
63Reference's Employer
64Cosigner's Employer
65Applicant's Reference
A person identified on the loan application as a secondary contact for the borrower
66Applicant's Cosigner
A person who signs the promissory note in addition to the borrower and is responsible for the obligation if the borrower does not pay
67Applicant's Comaker
One of two individuals who are joint borrowers on a loan and who are equally liable for repayment of the loan
68Owner's Representative
Individual operating or responsible for the vehicle/equipment
69Repairing Outlet
Party completing the repair
70Prior Incorrect Insured
71Attending Physician
Physician present when medical services are performed
72Operating Physician
Doctor who performs a surgical procedure
73Other Physician
Physician not one of the other specified choices
74Corrected Insured
76Secondary Warranter
77Service Location
78Service Requester
An institution where the ill or injured may receive medical treatment
81Part Source
Identifies vendor who supplied casual part
82Rendering Provider
83Subscriber's School
84Subscriber's Employer
85Billing Provider
87Pay-to Provider
Manufacturer's representative approving claim for payment
An educational institution of higher learning with a historically black student population
A2Woman-Owned Business
A business (not defined as large or small) that is owned by a woman
A3Labor Surplus Area Firm
A business that has an identified surplus of labor in the geographic area where it is located
A4Other Disadvantaged Business
A business which qualifies as a disadvantaged business for another, unspecified reason
A5Veteran-Owned Business
A business owned by a veteran
A6Section 8(a) Program Participant Firm
A firm participating in a program (under Section 8 (a) of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 637 (a)), in which the Small Business Administration enters into contracts on behalf of, and then subcontracts with, the participating firm, certifying the firm's competence and responsibility
A7Sheltered Workshop
A business entity which provides work for a special category of worker
A8Nonprofit Institution
A business that by operation of policy or law does not choose (or is not allowed) to make a profit from the efforts of its enterprise
A9Sales Office
A business entity whose main activity is, or a location at which, the sale of goods or services takes place
AAAuthority For Shipment
ABAdditional Pick Up Address
ACAir Cargo Company
ADParty to be advised (Written orders)
AEAdditional Delivery Address
AFAuthorized Accepting Official
AKParty to Whom Acknowledgment Should Be Sent
ALAllotment Customer
ANAuthorized From
A geographic location designated as an authorized pick-up or origin point for a shipment
AOAccount Of
APAccount of (Origin Party)
AQAccount of (Destination Party)
ARArmed Services Location Designation
ASPostsecondary Education Transcript Sender
Indicates that the educational record, or transcript,is being sent from a postsecondary educational institution
ATPostsecondary Education Transcript Recipient
Indicates that the educational record, or transcript, is being sent to a postsecondary educational institution or other agency
AUParty Authorizing Disposition
AVAuthorized To
A geographic location designated as an authorized drop-off or destination point for shipment
B1Construction Firm
A business entity whose main activity is construction
B2Other Unlisted Type of Organizational Entity
An organization, e.g., a business, the description of which cannot be accomplished using the existing code list and for which the trading partners have not mutually agreed to a definition for it
B3Previous Name of Firm
A name by which a business entity was previously known
B4Parent Company
The organizational entity which, by virtue of organization, ownership, and/or management, exercises control over a subordinate but separate business entity
B5Affiliated Company
An organizational entity that shares a business affiliation with another business entity
B6Registering Parent Party
An organizational entity (which is also a parent company) that is registering, for a program, e.g. to become a registered bidder
B7Registering Nonparent Party
An organizational entity (which is not a parent company) that is registering, for a program, e.g. to become a registered bidder
B8Regular Dealer
A business entity that regularly deals in a commodity or service being quoted on; use of the term ``regular dealer'' is consistent with its application to the Walsh-Healey Act
B9Large Business
A business entity that cannot be classified as a small business for purposes of receiving preferential treatment in the award of contracts
That portion of the surface of land, other than a wellsite or roadway, required for access to and to accommodate all equipment, including above ground pressure maintenance facilities that are necessary to measure, separate or store prior to shipping to market or disposal, or necessary to produce the fluids, minerals and water or any of them from wells
BDBill-to Party for Diversion Charges
Charges associated with a diversion or reconsignment of a railcar
The person(s) designated to receive proceeds or benefits upon the death of an insured
BFBilled From
BGBuying Group
BLParty to Receive Bill of Lading
BNBeneficial Owner
BOBroker or Sales Office
BSBill and Ship To
BTParty to be Billed For Other Than Freight(Bill To)
BUPlace of Business
BVBilling Service
Entity that provides statement of charges for medical services or supplies
BYBuying Party (Purchaser)
C1In Care Of Party no. 1
C2In Care Of Party no. 2
C3Circuit Location Identifier
Identifies the address information as that which is assigned to a circuit location address
C4Contract Administration Office
Established at either a contractor facility or in a geographic area, and responsible for administering on behalf of the buying activities that assigned contracts for administration and all contracts awarded to either the specific contractor or all contractors in the geographic area
C5Party Submitting Quote
A business entity submitting a quote; this entity may be the party who ultimately performs if an order is received, or the entity may be submitting the quote on behalf of another entity who will perform if an order is received
CBCustoms Broker
CEConsignee (To receive large parcels and freight)
CGCarnet Issuer
CHChassis Provider
CJAutomated Data Processing (ADP) Point
A qualifier for an address of a location providing ADP support to an entity that is the intended recipient of a transmission, but that entity does not have its own organic capability to receive the transmission directly, relying instead on the support provided by the ADP point
CLContainer Location
COOcean Tariff Conference
CPParty to Receive Cert. of Compliance
CQCorporate Office
CRContainer Return Company
CTCountry of Origin
CUCoating or Paint Supplier
CWAccounting Station
A qualifier for an address of a location providing Automated Data Processing (ADP) support to an entity that is the intended recipient of a transmission, but that entity does not have its own organic capability to receive the transmission directly, relying instead on the support provided by the ADP point
CZAdmitting Surgeon
DADelivery Address
DBDistributor Branch
DCDestination Carrier
DDAssistant Surgeon
DFMaterial Disposition Authorization Location
DGDesign Engineering
Identifies the design engineer or office of the design engineer who will receive design specifications
DHDoing Business As
DIDifferent Premise Address (DPA)
Provides the different premise address when the associated equipment, or services, or both, are located at an address different from the main address
DJConsulting Physician
DKOrdering Physician
DMDestination Mail Facility
DNReferring Physician
DODependent Name
DPParty to Provide Discount
DQSupervising Physician
DRDestination Drayman
DTDestination Terminal
DUResale Dealer
DZDelivery Zone
Area where the product was delivered
E1Person or Other Entity Legally Responsible for a Child
E2Person or Other Entity With Whom a Child Resides
E3Person or Other Entity Legally Responsible for and With Whom a Child Resides
EBEligible Party To The Contract
EELocation of Goods for Customs Examination Before Clearance
EFElectronic Filer
The firm, organization, or individual who converts the paper return into a machine-readable form
ELEstablished Location
EMParty to Receive Electronic Memo of Invoice
ENEnd User
EPEligible Party to the Rate
ESEmployer Name
EYEmployee Name
FBFirst Break Terminal
FHParty to Receive Limitations of Heavy Elements Report
FOField or Branch Office
Remote location of the payer responsible for administering the plan of benefits
FRMessage From
FSFinal Scheduled Destination
Customs duties, excise taxes, and use of bonded fuels are dependent on whether an aircraft flight originated or is destined for an international location, these codes would be used to note those occurences
GAGas Plant
GPGateway Provider
Identifies a gateway access provider
GUGuarantee Agency
HBHistorically Black College or University
HFHealthcare Manpower Shortage Area (HMSA) Facility
Facility recognized by the Health Care Financing Administration as existing in an area of the country lacking in health care establishments and services
HSHigh School
IAInstalled At
ICIntermediate Consignee
IDIssuer of Debit or Credit Memo
Party that will issue any credit or debit memo
IIIssuer of Invoice
IKIntermediate Carrier
ILInsured or Subscriber
The person (employee, dependent, or group member) who is covered for insurance under the group policy and to whom, or on behalf of whom, the insurer agrees to pay benefits
ISParty to Receive Certified Inspection Report
ITInstallation on Site
KAItem Manager
The address of the person responsible for the managment of an item of supply
KBCustomer for Whom Same or Similar Work Was Performed
The party for whom the proposing entity performed the same or similar work
KCParty That Received Disclosure Statement
The office to which the Cost Accounting Standards Board (CASB) disclosure statement was sent
The party submitting the proposal to the proposal soliciting entity
KEPlace of Performance
The location where the work will be performed
KFAudit Office
The office performing the audit
KGProject Manager
The address of the person responsible for the management of a designated project
KKRegistering Party
The party requesting registration into a system
KRPre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 Student Record Recipient
Indicates that the educational record, or transcript, is being sent to a pre-kindergarten through grade 12 school or school district
KSPre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 Student Record Sender
Indicates that the educational record, or transcript, is being sent from a pre-kindergarten through grade 12 school or school district
L1Inspection Location
Place where the item was viewed or inspected
LBLast Break Terminal
LCLocation of Spot for Storage
Name of the location at which a trailer is spotted for storage, i.e., the party to receive equipment
LGLocation of Goods
LIIndependent Lab
Outside laboratory which provides test results for entity providing medical services
LLLocation of Load Exchange (Export)
Name of the location at which load (trailer) is exchanged with another motor carrier for export
LMLending Institution
LOLoan Originator
LPLoading Party
LRLegal Representative
Person by law who is in charge of personal matters of the patient
LVLoan Servicer
M1Source Meter Location
M2Receipt Meter Location
M3Upstream Meter Location
M4Downstream Meter Location
M7Foreclosing Lender
M8Educational Institution
MAParty for whom Item is Ultimately Intended
MBCompany Interviewer Works For
MCMotor Carrier
MDVeterans Administration Loan Guaranty Authority
MEVeterans Administration Loan Authorized Supplier
MFManufacturer of Goods
MGGovernment Loan Agency Sponsor or Agent
MHMortgage Insurer
MIPlanning Schedule/Material Release Issuer
MJFinancial Institution
MKLoan Holder for Real Estate Asset
MLConsumer Credit Account Company
MMMortgage Company
A business entity that is responsible for originating and servicing mortgage loans
MPManufacturing Plant
MQMetering Location
N1Notify Party no. 1
N2Notify Party no. 2
N3Ineligible Party
NCCross-Town Switch
Local Rail Movement
NDNext Destination
NNNetwork Name
Identifies the name of the telecommunications network, e.g., Envoy
NPNotify Party for Shipper's Order
OAElectronic Return Originator
A firm, organization, or individual who collects a prepared tax return for the purpose of having an electonic return produced and who obtains the taxpayer's signature for electronic filing
OBOrdered By
OCOrigin Carrier
OIOutside Inspection Agency
OMOrigin Mail Facility
OOOrder Of (Shippers Orders) - (Transportation)
OPOperator of property or unit
OROrigin Drayman
OSOverride Institution. This is not the institution sending the record, but another institution the student prevously attended or is currently attending
OTOrigin Terminal
OUOutside Processor
A resource extraneous to primary material provider that performs additional material processing prior to delivery of the material to the primary provider's customer
OVOwner of Vessel
OWOwner of Property or Unit
OXOxygen Therapy Facility
Building in which oxygen treatment is provided for medical disorder
The firm, organization, or individual who determines the tax liability from information supplied by the taxpayer
P2Primary Insured or Subscriber
A primary insured or subscriber is a person who elects the benefits and is affiliated with the employer or the insurer
P3Primary Care Provider
Physician that is selected by the insured to provide medical care
P4Prior Insurance Carrier
P5Plan Sponsor
P8Personnel Office
P9Primary Interexchange Carrier (PIC)
Identifies the carrier who will handle the interexchange calls
PAParty to Receive Inspection Report
PBPaying Bank
PCParty to Receive Cert. of Conformance (C.A.A.)
PDPurchaser's Department Buyer
PFParty to Receive Freight Bill
PGPrime Contractor
PJParty to Receive Correspondence
PKParty to Receive Copy
PLParty to Receive Purchase Order
PMParty to receive paper Memo of Invoice
PNParty to Receive Shipping Notice
POParty to Receive Invoice for Goods or Services
PQParty to Receive Invoice for Lease Payments
PSPrevious Station
PTParty to Receive Test Report
PUParty at Pick-up Location
PVParty performing certification
PWPick Up Address
PXParty Performing Count
PYParty to File Personal Property Tax
PZParty to Receive Equipment
Name a party to receive the transfer of equipment
Establishment responsible for preparing and dispensing drugs and medicines
QBPurchase Service Provider
Entity from which medical supplies may be bought
Individual receiving medical care
QDResponsible Party
Person responsible for the affairs of the person having services rendered
QRBuyer's Quality Review Board
R1Party to Receive Scale Ticket
Party receiving document containing weight information from scale
R3Next Scheduled Destination
RAAlternate Return Address
RBReceiving Bank
RCReceiving Location
RDDestination Intermodal Ramp
REParty to receive commercial invoice remittance
RGResponsible Installation, Origin
RHResponsible Installation, Destination
RIRemit To
RJResidence or Domicile
RKRefinery Operator
RLReporting Location
RMParty that remits payment
RNRepair or Refurbish Location
Location to ship goods for repair or refurbishment
ROOriginal Intermodal Ramp
RPReceiving Point for Customer Samples
RQResale Customer
RSReceiving Facility Scheduler
RTReturned to
Location to which goods have or will be returned
RUReceiving Sub-Location
Sometimes in aircraft fueling operations additional fueling charges may apply due to an unusual fueling location within the airport boundaries, this code would be used in those instances to note the location and reason for the special charge
RYSpecified Repository
RZReceipt Zone
Area where the product was received
SASalvage Carrier
SBStorage Area
SCStore Class
SDSold To and Ship To
SESelling Party
SFShip From
SGStore Group
SIShipping Schedule Issuer
SJService Provider
Identifies name and address information as pertaining to a service provider for which billing is being rendered
SKSecondary Location Address (SLA)
Identifies a physical address location in which a telecommunications circuit terminates; this address is in addition to a main service address
SLOrigin Sublocation
The origin of product for accounting and operations purposes
SMParty to Receive Shipping Manifest
SOSold To If Different From Bill To
SPParty filling Shipper's Order
SQService Bureau
A business entity that is responsible for providing computer resources to other firms that do not have computer resources of their own
SRSamples to be Returned To
SSSteamship Company
STShip To
SVService Performance Site
When services are contracted for, this describes the organization for whom or location address at which those services will be performed
SWSealing Company
SYSecondary Taxpayer
Taxpayer who is filing jointly with the primary taxpayer
T1Operator of the Transfer Point
T2Operator of the Source Transfer Point
T3Terminal Location
A geographic location where a motor or rail or air or water terminal is located
T4Transfer Point
A geographic location where a shipment is transferred or diverted to a new destination
T5Transfer To
A geographic location where a transferred or diverted shipment is to be delivered
T6Terminal Operator
T7Transfer Point
TCTool Source
TFTank Farm
THTheater Circuit
TITariff Issuer
TLTesting Laboratory
A firm, organization, or individual who transmits returns electronically to a taxing authority
TOMessage To
TPPrimary Taxpayer
Taxpayer whose social security number or employer identification number is used as the primary identification number for the filing
TSParty to Receive Certified Test Results
TTTransfer To
UCUltimate Consignee
UPUnloading Party
WDStorage Facility at Destination
A storage facility located in the geographic vininity of a destination location
WFTank Farm Owner
WOStorage Facility at Origin
A storage facility located in the geographic vicinity of an origin location
X1Mail to
An address to which a specified item is to be mailed
X2Party to Perform Packaging
A party responsible for packaging an item after it has been produced
Z1Party to Receive Status
An organization that will receive information about a transaction
Z2Unserviceable Material Consignee
An organization that will receive unserviceable material
Z3Potential Source of Supply
An organization that might stock the needed material
Z4Owning Inventory Control Point
An inventory control organization responsible for management of a particular item
Z5Management Control Activity
Department of Defense organization that oversees contractor requests for government-owned material to be supplied for use in support of government contracts
Z6Transferring Party
An organization that is sending material
Z7Mark-for Party
The party for whom the needed material is intended
Z8Last Known Source of Supply
The last organization known to hold a transaction for the needed material
ZACorrected Address
The organization to which information should have been sent
ZBParty to Receive Credit
The organization to which credit will be granted
ZDParty to Receive Reports
The organization designated to receive reports
ZEEnd Item Manufacturer
Manufacturer of the end item associated with the required material
ZFAutomated Data Processing (ADP) Point
ZLParty Passing the Transaction
The party forwarding a transaction
ZNLosing Inventory Manager
The organization losing management responsiblity for an individual item of supply
ZPGaining Inventory Manager
The organization assuming management responsiblity for an individual item of supply
ZQScreening Point
ZRValidating Party
Party to affirm the validity of a requirement
ZSMonitoring Party
Party to oversee and track the status of a requirement
ZZMutually Defined

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