1270 Code List Qualifier Code

Code identifying a specific industry code list

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 3
0Document Identification Code
Codes that subclassify a transaction
1Free On Board Site Code
The destination site where the seller agrees to deliver merchandise on board the conveyance without extra charge
2Type of Business Code
The classification of a contractor's business
3Kind of Contract Code
Various kinds of contracts for tailoring reports
4Type of Contract Code
Types of contract pricing provisions
5Criticality Designator Code
Classifies the order of importance of contracts for production and performance surveillance
6Special Contract Provision Code
Certain contract clauses and provisions that require special attention
7Quality Assurance Site Code
The site at which quality assurance is performed
8Acceptance Site Code
The site at which assent to ownership of contract line items takes place
9Indicator Code
A specific condition applies to the contract
10Transaction Status Indicator Code
A transaction other than normal and therefore requiring special handling
11Contract Delivery Date Revision Agent Code
The kind of organization that caused an item to be undeliverable within the contract time schedule
12Reason for Contract Delivery Date Revision Code
The reason why delivery of an item will not be made by the contract delivery date
13Recommendations Regarding Delayed Deliveries Code
Describes which actions should be taken on delayed deliveries from contractors
14Contract Shipment Advice Code
Information about a shipment of material from a contractor to the government
16Cash Discount Stipulation Code
When cash discount terms for prompt payment apply to the contract
17Shipment Acceptance Discrepancy Explanation Code
Either the reason for a difference between the quantity shipped and accepted, or why documentation is missing or incomplete
19Contract Close-out Group Code
Classifies contracts to evaluate the closing of physically complete contracts against the established time standard
20Payment Type Code
Type of payment made to a contractor in anticipation of performance, actual performance, or partial performance of a contract
21Contract Fund Reporting Transaction Code
Type of cash record specified in a notice of contract payment
22Contract Payment Deduction or Collection Code
Authorized deduction and collection conditions that can be used to adjust gross amounts or reflect monies collected
23Obligation Variance Code
Codes that indicate a difference that changes the gross amount to be paid to the contractor from those amounts recorded as payable by the contract
24Plus or Minus Indicator Code
Codes that signify whether a data field is to be considered algebraically positive or negative
25Reason for Delayed Closing of Contract File Code
Factors that contribute to the delay in closing a contract file within the time period established as the norm
26Contract Payment Line Item Status Code
Status of a contract line item after a particular payment or collection has been applied
27Special Reimbursable Provisions Code
Requirements expressing contractor responsibilities not directly involving performance for which the contractor may be reimbursed
28Kind of Modification Code
Specific conditions concerning the modification of header records
29Purchasing Contract Officer (PCO) Instructions Code
Instructions in response to recommended actions regarding actual or anticipated changes to contract line item delivery dates
30Type of Delay Code
Identifies the nature of a delay in delivery
32Container and Roll-on/Roll-off Number Code
Specific containers, unitized pallets, or roll-on/roll-off trailers
33Air Commodity and Special Handling Code
An air commodity and its special handling requirements
34Water Commodity and Special Handling Code
A water commodity and its special handling requirements
35Air Dimension Code
A shipment has one or more outsized dimensions, or is consolidated, or both
36Air Terminal Identifier Code
Identifies the name and location of air terminals worldwide
37Water Terminal Identifier Code
Identifies water ports worldwide
38Consolidation and Containerization Point Code
Activities that consolidate cargo for overseas movement
39Transportation Mode or Method Code
The mode used for each segment of movement within the transportation system
40Type Pack Code
The type of packaging, a conex container, who loaded it, and to what capacity
41Date Shipped or Received Code
Dates and times of a shipment
42Estimated Time of Arrival Code
The number of days a shipment will be in transit
43Military and Civilian Grade Code
The grade of the owners of personal property shipments
44Seavan Ownership Code
The owner of a seavan
45Ocean Carrier Code
An ocean carrier
46Voyage Document Number Code
Identifies the booking office and assigns an area subdivision serial number
47Voyage Manifest Reference Code
The sequence in which manifests were issued
48Vessel Status and Terms of Carriage Code
Specifies the type of shipping and payment and who loads and unloads the vessel
49Vessel Sustaining Code
The physical capability of the ship's gear to load and unload cargo
52Billing Advice Code
The nature of the request or problem
53Billing Status Code
Codes that reply to requests for billing adjustments
54Type of Bill Code
The purpose of the billing
55Recipient of Billing Status Code
The organization to receive the billing reply and status
56Sales Price Condition Code
The amount of the billing record does not equal the unit price extension
57Delivery Source Code
Codes that provide an audit trail between performance and pricing requirements
58Transportation Bill Code
Earnings for "below-the-line" transportation of material
59Stock Fund or Non-stock Fund Code
The financing appropriation or a stock fund
60General Services Administration (GSA) Customer Supply Center Number Code
GSA customer supply centers
61Information Indicator Code
Codes that convey special information to offices receiving an interfund bill
62Communications Routing Identifier Code
Organizations involved in the communications process
63Content Indicator Code
The content of communication messages
66Suffix or Limit Code
Components that receive allocations under defense agency appropriations
67Type of Assistance Code
Codes that distinguish between types of military assistance transactions
69Foreign Military Sales Country Code
Foreign countries
71Service and Agency Code
Military services, defense agencies, and certain civilian agencies of the United States Government
74Demand Code
Identifies whether or not a material demand is recurring
75Suffix Code
Differentiates partial actions of the same transaction
78Project Code
Codes that relate a transaction to special programs, exercises, projects, operations, or other purposes
79Priority Designator Code
The priority of a transaction
80Advice Code
Instructions to transaction recipients when narratives cannot be transmitted
81Status Code
Informs appropriate recipients about the status of a transaction or excess report
82Shipment Hold Code
Explains why a shipping organization is delaying material after it has been picked, packed, marked, and prepared for shipment
83Supply Condition Code
Classifies material by readiness for issue and use, describes actions underway to change the status of material, or identifies material as excess or not serviceable
84Management Code
Supplemental information not covered by the transaction coding structure
85Country and Activity Code
Countries, international organizations, and accounts that could receive material or services under the Foreign Military Sales System and through Military Assistance Program Grant Aid
87Subsistence Type of Pack Code
A certain level of protection from the packing or outside shipping container for perishable and nonperishable subsistence items
88Disposal Authority Code
Material being transferred to a Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office is authorized for disposal because of instructions from an item manager or inventory control point
89Cooperative Logistics Program Support Code
Indicates whether or not a Foreign Military Sales transaction is a programmed or unprogrammed requirement
90Precious Metals Indicator Code
Material containing precious metals and the content value of the metal
91Automated Data Processing Equipment Identification Code
Automated data processing equipment
92Reason for Disposal Code
Explains why material is being transferred for disposal
93Type of Storage Code
The storage requirements for material
94Identification Code
Parties or organizations not covered by other codes
95Offer and Release Option Code
Allows countries participating in the Foreign Military Sales Program to advise supply sources whether or not prior notice to country representatives or freight forwarders is required before shipment
96Shipment Release Code
Information about shipment release instructions
97Ultimate Recipient Code
The ultimate receiver or buyer of material for reimbursement purposes
98Reason for Requisitioning Code
Explains why material is needed
99Purpose Code
Codes that inform the material owner why an inventory balance is being reserved
102Mortgage Index Source Code
AAmerican Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
A1Ownership Code
Items included in the inventory records of an organization that is not the owner of the items
A2Customer Within Country Code
The receiving country and place of discharge within the country for Military Assistance Program Grant Aid or the country's mark-for or ship-to addresses in Foreign Military Sales transactions
A3Delivery Term Code
The delivery term for a Foreign Military Sales shipment
A4Case Designator Number
The case that a Foreign Military Sales transaction supports
A5Subcase Number
The line item or subcase that a Foreign Military Sales transaction supports
A6Freight Forwarder Number
Representatives designated by a country to accomplish or control shipments of Foreign Military Sales material
A7Record Control Number
A line item of the International Logistics Program
A8Program Year Code
Number defining the fiscal year in which the International Logistics Program Item is to be planned
A9Supplemental Data
Identifies the originating organization's unique logistics information
AACountry Code (Finance and Acquisition)
Countries in international balance of payment transactions
ABDefense Priorities and Allocations System Code
Identifies and prioritizes defense orders
ABRAssigned by Receiver
ABSAssigned by Sender
ACAccount Characteristics Code
Identifies characteristics of an establishment that holds a license to sell or serve alcohol beverages
ADAcquisition Advice Code
Denotes how and under what restrictions an item will be acquired
AHAcquisition Method Suffix Code
Supplements the acquisition method code description
AIAcquisition Method Code
Describes the method of acquisition used in obtaining material
AJUtilization Code
Code identifying the purpose of the transaction
AKDistribution Code
Code identifying activities eligible to receive additional status
ALSpecial Requirements Code
Identifies special requirements impacting the processing of the transaction
ALPAlteration Lookup
ANNature of Event Code
APAmerican Psychiatric Association Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IIIR)
APEActivite Principale Exercee (APE) Code
Activity code from French Government
AQApplication Question Identifier
ARArrest Reason
ATAllegation Type Code
AUAll Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (APR-DRG)
AWAll Patient Diagnosis Related Groups (AP-DRG)
AXAmbulatory Patient Groups (APG)
BBank Administration Institute (BAI)
BAVessel Stowage Location Code
Specifies where cargo is stowed on the vessel
BBBusiness Type
BCTransportation Holding Delay Code
Identifies the reason for a transportation delay
BCCBusiness Change Code
BCRBusiness Credit Rating
BDTransportation Priority Code
Indicates the order of handling and the recommmended method of material movement
BIOccurrence Span
BJAdmitting Diagnosis
BKPrincipal Diagnosis
BLRoutine Foot Care Class Findings
BMSystemic Condition for Routine Foot Care
BNUnited States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Vital Statistics E-code
BOHealth Care Financing Administration Common Procedural Coding System
BPHealth Care Financing Administration Common Procedural Coding System Principal Procedure
BPLBoard of Inspection and Survey Part Lookup
BQInternational Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) Procedure
BRInternational Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) Principal Procedure
BRLBoard of Inspection and Survey Responsibility Lookup
BSCurrent Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes
BSLBoard of Inspection and Survey Ship Lookup
BUPart of Body Affected
BZBusiness Size Code
CCanadian Inter*EDI
C1Eye Color Code
C2Hair Color Code
C3Skin Tone Code
CAType of Inquiry Code
The type of inquiry being requested
CBBilled Office Indicator Code
Indicates whether the summary billing record was submitted by a billed office
CCTreasury Symbol Code
Departments, accounts, fiscal year, and allocation holders or receivers
CDSupplementary Accounting Classification Code
The budget activity, object class, and reimbursement data of the financial transaction
CEReference and Station Code
The transaction reference number, accountable station, paying station, and voucher number of the financial transaction
CFMajor Force Program Code
The source of funding for major programs
CGAircraft Mission Design Series Code
Types of aircraft
CHType of Issue Code
An issue, defueling, or service
CICriminal Charge
CJCriminal Charge Grade
CKCoupon Adjustment Reason Code
CLCounty Designator Code
CLPCause Lookup
CMFinancial Management Service Cash-Link Code
CMLCustomer Maintenance Level Lookup
CNCause of Injury Code
COCustomized Notice Type Code
CPSCourt Party Status
CRCComplaint Request Code
CSClause Status Type
CSFCorporate Statement Filing Code
CTCompensation Type Codes
CUCuisine Type Code
Identifies the type of cuisine served in an establishment
CVCoverage Code List
CWControvert Code
DCourt Document Type Code
DADevice Availability Code
DBDebtor Business Type Code
DBSDUN's Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) 2+2, Dun and Bradstreet
DCReport Distribution Code
DDPrimary Diagnosis
DESignal Code
DFMedia and Status Code
DGFund Code
DGODynamic Generator Set Code
DHDrug Detail Code
DISingle Use Label Code
DJRemedial Action Code
DKProgram Originator Code
Enables the security assistance organization to determine the specific military department to which the requests are to be directed
DLService Contract Act Operation Code
DLODynamic Locomotive Tag Code
DLPDeferral Lookup
DMAgent Status Code
DNNature of Debt Code
DODevice Operator Type Code
DPEAssociation of American Railroads Deprescription Exception List
DPLAssociation of American Railroads Deprescription Distribution List
DQDevice Status Code
DRDiagnosis Related Group (DRG)
DSRelated Device Applicability Code
DTDebtor Type Code
DUDevice Usage Code
DWEstimating Method Status Code
DXContact Status Code
DYType of Firm Code
DZReportable Event Status Code
EDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)
EAAsset Status or Transaction Reporting Code
Type of reporting required and whether a request is for commencement, change, or termination of reporting
EBAsset Transfer Status Code
Responds to a follow-up request for asset data, also used for follow-up and reconciliation requests for due-in information
ECCertification Requirements Code
Contract certification requirements
EDCoast Designation Code
The location of the consignee
EECompetitive Characteristics Code
Describes the basis for competitiveness or noncompetitiveness
EFCorrection or Change for Storage Item Records Code
Indicates the nature of the change actions to be taken and the affected data fields
EHType Due-In Indicator
EIDiscrepancy Indicator Code
Indicates that a supply or transportation discrepancy or product quality deficiency affects receipt posting
EJDisposal Condition Code
Identifies action to change status, classifies readiness for issue, and describes the physical condition of material
EKEvent or Exposure Code
ELError Classification Code
Classifies the causes of actual or potential adjustments
EMInventory Category Code
The inventory category of an item
ENLocal Source Code
Defines the method or source for satisfying the material requirement at the local level
EOAdverse Event Outcome Code
EQControlled Inventory Item Code
Categorizes pilferable items
ERDepartment of Defense Identification Code
Commodities in Federal Supply Groups 13 and 14
ESLEquipment Status Lookup
ETReject Advice Code
Indicates the reason a transaction was rejected
ETLEstimate Type Lookup
EURequest Code
The type of data requested and furnished on an asset support request
EVReview Period Indicator Code
Review period relative to decapitalization date
EWSmall Arms Error Transaction Reject Code
The type of small-arms transaction error
EWCEvaluate Work Candidate Lookup
EWREvaluate Work Candidate Reason Lookup
EXSmall Arms Transaction Code
Changes in small-arms status in the master file
EYSpecial Program Requirement Status Code
Informs of forecasting activities of action taken
EZType Inspection Code
The level of quality control
FAType of Contractor Code
The type of contractor
FBType of Media Code
The media for transmittal of transaction history
FCType Physical Inventory or Transaction History Code
Identifies the type of inventory being conducted or requested, or identifies requests for transmission of custodial balances and history
FDDemilitarization Code
Identifies the action necessary to prevent the further use of equipment and material for its originally intended purpose
FEShelf Life Code
The storage time period or perishability of an item
FFEssentiality Code
The essentiality of an item
FGSource Maintenance and Recoverability Code
Codes that provide source, maintenance, and recoverability data for material that can be repaired
FHType of Location Reconciliation Request
FIApplicant Type
FJAntenna Structure Type
FKStation Classification
FLRadio Frequency Type
FMStation Classification Type
FNClass of Operation
FOAntenna Polarization
FPFund Purpose
FQRadio System Type
FRFrequency Band
FSArea of Operation
FTApplication Type
FUAuthorization Type
FVRadio Service Type
FWApplicant Classification Type
FZEdit Error Code
G1Uniform Residential Appraisal Attributes Code
Defines the attributes of a residential property
GAAction Code
The type of action being processed
GBMedium of Transmission Code
Method by which transactions are received
GCManagement Indicator Code (Petroleum)
Supplemental data not indicated through the transaction coding structure
GDGain or Loss Indicator Code
Identifies an inventory adjustment as a gain or loss
GEType Adjustment Code
The reasons for gain or loss adjustment of a fuel inventory
GFType Identity Change Code
Changes in the grade of petroleum products
GGTransportation Mode Reason Code
Excess transportation costs resulting from use of other than the lowest cost route or mode
GINotification Indicator Code
Indicates that a transaction creates a condition requiring review
GJReject Indicator Code
Indicates that a transaction cannot be processed due to erroneous or conflicting data
GKInvestigation Status Code
The status of the investigation of a shortage
GQGroup Qualifier Code
HADiscrepancy Code
Describes a material discrepancy
HBDiscrepancy Advice Code
Describes the type of action taken or requested for a supply discrepancy report
HDDiscrepancy Status or Disposition Code
Provides advice to the reporting activity regarding disposition of the discrepant material
HEClaim Payment Remark Codes
HIHealth Industry Number
HRCHazardous Response Codes
HSService Contract Act Occupation Category Code
HZRAssociation of American Railroads Standard Transportation Commodity Code Description Qualifier
IIdentifying Characteristics
ICCollision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) - Inspection
IDIdentity Disclosure Code
IFInvestment Fund Type
IMPImpact Recorder Code
IPAImpact Axis or Analog Port Code
IQIRS Qualification Code
ITInitial Treatment Code
J0Summons Type Code
J1Judicial Hearing Type Code
J2Judicial Order Type Code
J3Judicial Sentence Type Code
J4Court Disposition Code
J5Court Appearance Type Code
J6Court Pleading Type Code
J7Defendant Plea Type Code
J8Trial Type Code
J9Court Case Status Code
JAPhysical Characteristics Code
Identifies the physical characteristics of an item
JBWeight or Fragility Code
The weight or fragility of an item
JCPreservation Material Code
Codes that identify the material needed to preserve an item
JCLJob Characteristics Lookup
JDQuantity per Unit Pack Code
Identifies the number of units to be contained in a package
JEPreservation Data Code
Identifies the preservation data requirements for an item
JFPacking Requirement Level A Code
The Level A packing requirements for an item
JGPacking Requirement Level B Code
The Level B packing requirements for an item
JHPacking Requirement Level C Code
The Level C packing requirements for an item
JIIntermediate Container Code
The intermediate container requirements for an item
JKIntermediate Container Quantity Code
The number of units to be packed within each intermediate container
JLSpecial Marking Code
The special marking requirements for an item
JMType and Cause Code
JNMission Impact Statement Code
JOInternational Standard Designation System for Teeth and Areas of the Oral Cavity
JOLJob Originator Lookup
JPNational Standard Tooth Numbering System
KADeficiency Cause
KCPreventive Measure
KDContactor Alert List Reason
KEQuality Alert List Reason
KFContractor Alert List Status
KGNature of Buy
KHType of Procurement
KIRepresentative Buy Indicator
KJAssured Delivery Indicator
KKAward Source
KMPatient Event Problem Code
KOMethod Evaluation Code
KPResult Evaluation Code
KQConclusion Evaluation Code
KSDevice Event Problem Code
KTDose Form Code
KURoute Code
KWReport Source Code
KYLKey Event Lookup
KZAdverse Event Code
LBContractor Review List Status
LCLaboratory Test Condition Code
LDCollision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) - Loss Category
LELife/Annuity Service Features
LFLife/Annuity Product Code
LGLocation Code
LHBasis of Jurisdiction Code
LJPrincipal Party Citizenship Code
LKNature of Suit Code
LMCase Origin Code
LNLine of business code
LOLetter of Recommendation Rating Category
LPDeficiency Indicator
LQDelinquency Indicator
LRTest Results Code
Report nonquantifiable test results
LSLoss Severity Code
Identifies the extent of the loss
LSCLegal Structure Code
LTLaboratory Results Identification Code
Identifies the test being reported
LZWar Reserve Material Requirement Code
MBService Contract Act Occupation Classification Code
MCManual Class Code
MCDGenerator Set Mounting Code
MEDevice Evaluation Code
MIMinority Indicator
MJDrug Status Code
MKDrug Status Adverse Event Code
MLLot Type Code
MNPost Market Study Status Code
MOCMechanization of Contract Administration Services (MOCAS) System Error Code
NAPlant Clearance Office Code
Code to indicate the disposition of excess material
NACNomenclature Activity Classification Economy (NACE) Code
Activity code from Belgian and Italian Governments
NAFNorme Activite Francaise (NAF) Code
Activity Norm code from French Government
NASNature of Suit
NBInventory Type Code
NCProperty Record Status Code
NDControl Unit Design Code
NDCNational Drug Code (NDC)
NEDirect Numerical Control System Code
NFType Numerical Control System Code
NHProperty Source Code
NINature of Injury Code
NJUniform Freight Classification (UFC) Code
NKNational Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) Code
NLNo Longer Considered for Award Reason
NPSpecial Category Code
Code to indicate material with special properties
NRExcess Material Disposition Code
Codes to indicate means of disposing unwanted excess material
NSHazardous Material Code
NTType of Cargo Code
O1Office of Worker's Compensation Programs (OWCP) Source of Injury Code
O2Office of Worker's Compensation Programs (OWCP) Nature of Injury Code
O3Office of Worker's Compensation Programs (OWCP) Part of Body Code
O4Office of Worker's Compensation Programs (OWCP) Occupation Code
OCOccupation Code
PBPart of Body Code
PCCollision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) - Profile
PDProfessional Designation
PICollision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) - Points of Impact
PITPetroleum Bill Type
PLPriority Lookup
PLCPetroleum Land Category
PLSPetroleum Lease Status
PPDPetroleum Product Disposition
PPPPetroleum Product Point-of-Sale
PPSPetroleum Product Selling Arrangement
PPVPetroleum Product Value Adjustment
PRAPetroleum Royalty Adjustment
PRCPetroleum Royalty Calculation Method
PRRPetroleum Regulatory Report
PRTPetroleum Royalty Transaction
PSProfessional Status Code
PWAPetroleum Well Action
PWRPetroleum Well Shut-In Reason
PWSPetroleum Well Classification Status
PWTPetroleum Well Test Information
QAResponse Status Code
QSQuery Status
RAReligious Affiliation Code
RCRequirement Code
RCARegistered Contractor Activity Code
Activity code from Belgian Government for contractors
RDProperty Ownership Type Code
REProperty Type Code
RENAssociation of American Railroads Rate EDI Network Error Code
RFFailure to Award Reason
RIResidency Indicator
RRBid Rejection Reason
RTRequest Type
RTCRegistration Type Code
RUMRefrigeration Unit Operating Mode Code
RXNational Council for Prescription Drug Programs Reject/Payment Codes
SSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT)
SAStudent Activity Type Code
SBStudent Award Code
SBAStatistic Bundes Amt (SBA) Code
Activity code from German Government
SDSecondary diagnosis
SESound Code
SECStock Exchange Code
SFRun Type
SGSource of Deposit Code
SHSource of Lead Code
SHLSafety Hazard Lookup
SISIC (Standard Industrial Classification)
Identifies establishments by type of economic activity
SJSource of Injury Code
SLSecondary Source of Injury
SMSolicitation Method
SOSolicitation Cancellation Reason
SPStandard Occupation Classification Code
SRStatistical Administrative Information Code
SRLSpecial Requirement Lookup
SSSystem Status
STSpecial Marketing Type Code
Identifies a special or one time only marketing program or method
STCAssociation of American Railroads Standard Transportation Commodity Code Master Description Information
T00Credentials Codes
T01Data Categories
T02Event Codes
T03Operation Type
T04Accident Parameters
T05Inspection Parameters
T06Driver Parameters
T07View Parameters
T08Vehicle Parameters
T09Fleet Parameters
T10Query Options
TBTreasury Management Association Service Code and Bank Service Code
TCTreatment Codes
TCLTemplate Characteristic Lookup
TDTertiary diagnosis
TETreasury Management Association Service Code
TFTitle Exception and Requirement Code List
TGTitle Document Code List
TOLTemplate Owner Lookup
TRReport Code
TTLTemplate Type Lookup
TXFollow-up Code
TYReportable Event Code
UPUnsolicited Proposal Rejection Reason
UREvent Reappearance Code
USEvent Abatement Code
UUUnit Code
VViolation Type Code List
WCourt Issued Warrant Type Code
WDLWhen Discovered Lookup
ZZMutually Defined

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