1321 Condition Indicator

Code indicating a condition

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Patient was admitted to a hospital
1APatient is receiving anti-fungal therapy
1BProperty is occupied by owner
1CProperty is occupied by tenant
1DProperty is vacant
1ELocation is urban
1FLocation is suburban
1GLocation is rural
1HBuiltup over 75%
1IBuiltup 25 - 75%
1JBuiltup under 25%
1KGrowth rate is rapid
1LClass I-Left
Normal relationship of the left side of the mouth by correct interdigitation of the upper and lower molars
1MGrowth rate is stable
1NGrowth rate is slow
1OProperty values are increasing
1PProperty values are stable
1QProperty values are declining
1RClass I-Right
Normal relationship of the right side of the mouth by correct interdigitation of the upper and lower molars
1SDemand or supply is in shortage
1TDemand or supply is in balance
1UDemand or supply is over supply
1VMarketing time is under 3 months
1WMarketing time is 3 to 6 months
1XMarketing time is over 6 months
1YPredominant occupancy is the owner
1ZPredominant occupancy is the tenant
02Patient was bed confined before the ambulance service
2APatient is receiving oral anti-fungal therapy
2BPredominant occupancy is vacant (0-5%)
2CPredominant occupancy is vacant (over 5%)
2DDeveloper or builder is in control of the Home Owners Association
2ESite is a corner lot
2FZoning compliance is legal
2GZoning compliance is legal nonconforming (grandfather use)
2HZoning compliance is illegal
2IThere is no zoning
2JHighest and best use as improved is the present use
2KHighest and best use as improved is other use
2LClass II-Left
The lower left first molar is posterior to the upper left first molar
2MProperty is located in a Federal Emergency Management Administration special flood hazard area
2NAppraisal is made "as is"
2OAppraisal is made subject to the repairs, alterations, inspections, or conditions listed
2PAppraisal is made subject to the completion per plans and specifications
2QProject type is planned unit development (PUD)
2RClass II-Right
The lower right first molar is posterior to the upper right first molar
2SProject type is condominium
2TProperty rights are fee simple
2UProperty rights are leasehold
2VSupervisor appraiser inspected the property per supervisory appraiser's certification
2WProperty was sold within last 12 months
2XAppraiser signed statement of limiting conditions and disclaimer
2YOwnership interest in a property
03Patient was bed confined after the ambulance service
3APatient is receiving topical anti-fungal therapy
3BPoints Paid by Seller
3CPoints Paid by Buyer
3DSeller Concession
3FVerbal Report Needed
3GAny Relationship Between Owner and Occupant
3HMap and Directions to Remote Properties to Follow
3IGround Lease to Follow
3JDisclosure Statement to Follow
3KCopy of Property Listing to Follow
3LClass III-Left
The lower left first molar is mesial to the upper left first molar
3MCopy of Title Report Plat Map to Follow
3NProperty Tax Bill to Follow
3OEngineering or Soil Report to Follow
3PSales Contract Available
3RClass III-Right
The lower right first molar is mesial to the upper right first molar
04Patient was moved by stretcher
4AServices are rendered within Hospice-elected period of coverage
05Patient was unconscious or in shock
5ATreatment is rendered related to the terminal illness
5BCertified Aftermarket Parts Association (CAPA) Only
5CCertified Aftermarket Parts Association (CAPA) Preferred
06Patient was transported in an emergency situation
6ATreatment is rendered by a Hospice employed physician
6BUnited States Citizen
6CPermanent Resident Alien
6DBorrower is First Time Homebuyer
07Patient had to be physically restrained
7ATreatment is rendered by a private attending physician
7BMedications Ordered are being Administered Intramuscularly
7CMedications Ordered are being Administered Intravenously
7DMedications Ordered are being Administered Orally
7FMedications Ordered are being Administered Subcutaneously
7JInterior Access Denied
7KRepairs are Recommended
7MTitle and or Legal Issues Exist
7NEnvironmental Issues Exist
7OProperty is Listed As Is
7PProperty is Listed as Repaired
7QVacancy Rate is Greater Than 5 Percent to 10 Percent
7RVacancy Rate is Greater Than 10 Percent to 20 Percent
7SVacancy Rate is Greater Than 20 Percent
7TMost Comparable Property
7UAnticipate Issues which Affect Ability to Secure Financing
7VPoints are Paid by Seller
7YPoints are Negotiable
7ZProperty is Currently Listed with a Real Estate Firm
08Patient had visible hemorrhaging
8ATreatment is curative
8BIncome or Assets of Another Used
8CDisclosure of Someone Else's Liabilities Required
8DProperty Improvements "to be made"
8EProperty Improvements "have been made"
8FDistant Suburban
8GSelf Employed
8HLiability to be Satisfied
8IAre Assets/Liabilities Reported Jointly
8JLocation is Farm
8KLocation is Resort
8LShortage Exist for Competing Listings
8MCompeting Listings are in Balance
8NOversupply Exist for Competing Listings
8OIncentives are Offered
8PListed Property has been Inspected
8QSale Property has been Inspected
8RGeneral Marketing Condition is Depressed
8SGeneral Marketing Condition is Slow
8TGeneral Marketing Condition is Static
8UGeneral Marketing Condition is Improving
8VGeneral Marketing Condition is Excellent
8WEmployment Conditions are Stable
8XEmployment Conditions are Declining
8YEmployment Conditions are Increasing
8ZOverimprovement Condition Exists
09Ambulance service was medically necessary
9ATreatment is Palliative
9BInvoluntary Committal
9CLack of Available Equipment
9DLack of Appropriate Facility within Reasonable Distance to Treat Patient in the Event of Complications
9ESudden Onset of Disorientation
9FSudden Onset of Severe, Incapacitating Pain
9GContinuous Hemorrhage from any Site with Abnormal Lab Values
9HPatient Requires Intensive IV Therapy
9IPatient Requires Volume Expanders
9JPatient Requires Protective Isolation
9KPatient Requires Frequent Monitoring
9LPatient Requires Extended Post-operative Observation
9MForeclosure Proceedings Have Begun
9NUnderimprovement Condition Exists
9OMarketability of Property is Excellent
9PMarketability of Property is Good
9QMarketability of Property is Fair
9RMarketability of Property is Poor
9SFees are Current
9TFees Include Tennis
9UFees Include Pool
9VFees Include Insurance
9WFees Include Landscape
9XFees Include Other Amenities
9YMost Likely Buyer is Owner Occupant
9ZMost Likely Buyer is Investor
10Patient is ambulatory
11Ambulation is Impaired and Walking Aid is Used for Therapy or Mobility
12Patient is confined to a bed or chair
13Patient is Confined to a Room or an Area Without Bathroom Facilities
14Ambulation is Impaired and Walking Aid is Used for Mobility
15Patient Condition Requires Positioning of the Body or Attachments Which Would Not be Feasible With the Use of an Ordinary Bed
16Patient needs a trapeze bar to sit up due to respiratory condition or change body positions for other medical reasons
17Patient's Ability to Breathe is Severely Impaired
18Patient condition requires frequent and/or immediate changes in body positions
19Patient can operate controls
20Siderails Are to be Attached to a Hospital Bed Owned by the Beneficiary
21Patient owns equipment
22Mattress or Siderails are Being Used with Prescribed Medically Necessary Hospital Bed Owned by the Beneficiary
23Patient Needs Lift to Get In or Out of Bed or to Assist in Transfer from Bed to Wheelchair
24Patient has an orthopedic impairment requiring traction equipment which prevents ambulation during period of use
25Item has been prescribed as part of a planned regimen of treatment in patient home
26Patient is highly susceptible to decubitus ulcers
27Patient or a care-giver has been instructed in use of equipment
28Patient has poor diabetic control
29A 6-7 hour nocturnal study documents 30 episodes of apnea each lasting more than 10 seconds
30Without the equipment, the patient would require surgery
31Patient has had a total knee replacement
32Patient has intractable lymphedema of the extremities
33Patient is in a nursing home
34Patient is conscious
35This Feeding is the Only Form of Nutritional Intake for This Patient
36Patient was administered premix
37Oxygen delivery equipment is stationary
38Certification signed by the physician is on file at the supplier's office
39Patient Has Mobilizing Respiratory Tract Secretions
40Patient or Caregiver is Capable of Using the Equipment Without Technical or Professional Supervision
41Patient or Caregiver is Unable to Propel or Lift a Standard Weight Wheelchair
42Patient Requires Leg Elevation for Edema or Body Alignment
43Patient Weight or Usage Needs Necessitate a Heavy Duty Wheelchair
44Patient Requires Reclining Function of a Wheelchair
45Patient is Unable to Operate a Wheelchair Manually
46Patient or Caregiver Requires Side Transfer into Wheelchair, Commode or Other
47Advertisement Run Condition
48Individual Paid for Last Day Worked
49Full Wages Paid for Date of Injury
50Citation or Ticket Issued
51Individual is Member of Policyholder's Household
52Individual Permitted to Use Vehicle
53Individual Wore Seatbelt
54Child Restraint Device in Vehicle
55Child Restraint Device Used
56Individual Injured
57Individual Transported to Another Location
58Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Purchased New
59Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Is Under Warranty
60Transportation Was To the Nearest Facility
61Employee is Exempt
62Claimant is Covered on the Employer's Long-term Disability Plan
63Employee's Job Responsibilities Changed Due to the Disabling Condition
64Employer Has a Return to Work Policy for Disabled Employees
73Double Protrusion
The projection of both the upper and lower anterior teeth beyond normal limits
74No Crossbite
Refers to the absence of a crossbite
The upper teeth
The lower teeth
81Maxillary Moderate
Average crowding of the upper teeth
82Mandibular Moderate
Average crowding of the lower teeth
83Maxillary Severe
Excessive crowding of the upper teeth
84Mandibular Severe
Excessive crowding of the lower teeth
85Income Has Been Verified
86Person Has Been Interviewed
87Rent Has Been Verified
88Employer Has Been Verified
89Position Has Been Verified
90Inquiry Has Been Verified
91Outstanding Judgments
92Declared Bankruptcy in Past 7 Years
93Foreclosure or Deed in Lieu in Past 7 Years
94Party to Lawsuit
95Obligated on a Loan Foreclosed, Deed in Lieu of Judgment
96Currently Delinquent or in Default
97Obligated to Pay Alimony, Child Support or Maintenance
98Part of Down Payment Borrowed
99Co-maker or Endorser on a Note
A1Most Likely Buyer is Other Person or Entity
A2Potential Financing is Fannie Mae
A3Suppress Paper Endorsement
A4Do Not Suppress Paper Endorsement
A7Sub-servicer Submitted
A8First Mortgage
A9Second Mortgage
ABAddress Skip Begin
ACAddress Corrected
ADAutomatic Drill Time Calculated
AEAutomatic Edging Time Calculated
AFAutomatically Select
AHAutomatically Search and List
AIAddress Incorrect
AKPotential Financing is Cash
ALAmbulation Limitations
AMPotential Financing is Outside Lender
ANAddress Incomplete
AOAccept Certification without Changes
APAlley is Public
AQPotential Financing is Federal Housing Administration
ARAddress Skip Resolved
ASAddress Skip Exhaust
ATAccept Statement of Limiting Conditions without Changes
AUAutomatic Underside Time Calculated
AVAvailable - Not Used
AWAccept Certification with Changes
AXAccept Statement of Limiting Conditions with Changes
AYAdjacent Track Occupied
AZPotential Financing is Veterans Affairs
B1Mortgage in Foreclosure
B2Real Estate Owned (REO) Mortgage
B3Potential Financing is Contract for Deed
B4Only the Exterior has been Inspected
B5Real Estate Owned Property or Foreclosure Property
B6Number of Comparable Listings is Normal
B7Number of Comparable Listings is an Oversupply
B8Number of Comparable Listings is a Shortage
B9Property Management Expenses Outstanding
BABorrower Letter Attempt
BBBuilding or Mobile Home is in a Coastal Barrier Resources Area
BCBorrower Telephone Contact
BDBusiness Pending
BEBorrower Letter Contact
BGAppropriate Improvement Condition Exists
BLBowel Limitations, Bladder Limitations, or both (Incontinence)
BPBorrower Payment Received
BRBedrest BRP (Bathroom Privileges)
BTBorrower Telephone Attempt
C1Advances From Property Management Expenses Outstanding
C2Final Demand Letter Sent
C3Lender Request for Assistance
C4Mortgage has Lender-purchased Mortgage Insurance
C5Insufficient Funds
C6Credit Enhanced Mortgage
C7Corporate Appointment
C8Special Servicing Required
CACane Required
CBComplete Bedrest
CCCollection Card was Left
CDCall to Directory Assistance for Reference Telephone
CECo-signer Telephone Attempt
CFCo-signer Telephone Contact
CGCo-signer Delinquency Letter Sent
CHCo-signer Final Demand Letter Sent
CICall to Directory Assistance for Co-signer Telephone
CJValid Borrower Address or Phone Attempt with Previous Holder
CLClaimant had a Pre-existing Injury
CNCommon Elements are Leased to or by the Home Owners' Association
CPCase Pending
CRCrutches Required
CSCommunity Participates in National Flood Insurance Program
CTCommon Elements are Completed
CUCurb and Gutter are Public
CWCooling Water is Low
CXCertification Status
CYCar Spaces are Adequate
CZCar Spaces are Inadequate
D1Issue Check Payable to Borrower and Return to Servicer
D2Issue Check Payable to Servicer and Return to Servicer
D3Issue Check Payable to Borrower and Send to Borrower
D4Issue Check Payable to Servicer or Borrower and Return to Servicer
D5Issue Check Payable to Other Payee
DACall to Directory Assistance for Borrower Telephone
DBDeferment or Forbearance Begin
The customer or vehicle owner's election to decline the use of an aftermarket part
DDBorrower Furnished Demographic Data
DEDeferment or Forbearance End
DFFunds available for Unsecured Creditors
DGDynamic Brakes are Out
DHDebtor has been Domiciled
DJDynamic Brakes are Operational
DKConstruction Warranty
DLConstruction Warranty Transferable
DMMaintenance Drug under Client's Benefit Plan
DNPayment Reduced Because Maximum Allowable Cost Exceeded
DOBenefits Terminated Prior to Service Date
DQDrug Part of Formulary Data Base
DSAll Door Seals are Intact
DTFiling Fee Attached
DYDyspnea with Minimal Exertion
E0Figures are Total
E1Fixed Asset Breakdown Undisclosed
E2For the Fiscal Year
E3For the Period
E4Formed by Consolidation
E5Formed by Merger
E6Prior Bankruptcy Case Filed in Last 6 Years
E7Debtor is not Represented by an Attorney
E8A Pending Case has been Filed
E9Guaranteed by Parent Company
EAHas Authority for All Purchases
EBHas Authority to Purchase Supplies
ECEquipment Certified
EDHas Business Interuption Insurance
EEHas Class of Stock
EFHas Extended Coverage Insurance
EGHas Fire Insurance
EHHas Joint Authority
EIHas Life Insurance
EJExistence of Preliminary Flood Determination
EKExistence of Community Participation in the National Flood Insurance
ELEndurance Limitations
EMHas Marriage Contract
ENElectricity On
EOEquipment Is Overhauled
EPExercises Prescribed
EQHas No Par Value
EREngine Start-Up Performed with No Problems Reported
ESEngine Start-Up Performed with Problems Reported
ETElectrical Control System Shut Down
EUHas Other Insurance
EVHas Par Value
EWHas Sole Authority
EYHas Voting Rights
EZHeading Address in Registered Office Only
F0High Level
F1Homeworkers Employed
F2In Subscriber Shares
F5Incorporation Details Requested
F6Increase or Up
F7Information Cannot Be Provided at This Time
F8Information in Date
F9Information Requires Investigation
FAActions has a Significant Environmental Effect
FBApplication Includes Complete System
FCAntenna is Mounted on a Structure with an Existing Antenna
FDNotice of Construction or Alteration has been Filed
FEApplicant Wants to Monitor Frequency
FFApplicant has been Denied Goverment Benefits Due to Use of Drugs
FGApplication is Certified
FHApplication is for other Than a New Station
FIFee Required
FJFlood Status
FKFlood Insurance Required
FLFederal Flood Insurance is Available (Community Participates)
FMInventory Valued Using LIFO (Last In/First Out)
FNNot Too High Level
FPFlood Certification with Life of Loan
FSNot Yet Registered
FTObliged to File Balance Sheet
FUOfficial Confirmation Received
FVOld But Well Kept
FWOld Established Business
FXOperated at Break Even
FYOperates as Agent
FZFlood Zone Status
G0Out of Business
G1Outstanding Claims
G2Gas On
G3Hazardous Materials are Used or Produced
G4Genetically Engineered Organisms are Used or Produced
G5This is a Group Proposal
G6Historical Sites Are Affected
G7Facilities are Properly Accredited or Authorized
G8Proprietary or Privileged Information will be contained in the Application
G9This Project is in Violation of an Environmental Compliance Regulation
GAGrowth Rate is Fully Developed
GBOutstanding Social Security Claims
GCOutstanding Value Added Tax (VAT) Claims
GDProduct Demonstration in Effect
GEOwnership Acknowledged in Signed Statement
GFOwnership Acknowledged Verbally
GGOwnership Not Acknowledged
GHOwns No Real Estate
GIOwns Real Estate but Details Not Available
GJPrepared from Books Without Audit
GKPrepared from Statement by Accountant
GLProfits Paid to Group
GMShelf Set to Manufacturer's Standard
GNPublicly Traded
GPPurchase Authority is Qualified
GQPurchases on Floor Plan
GRShelf Set to Retailer's Schematic
GSPurchases on Letter of Credit
GTReal Estate Check is Necessary
GURecord of Preferential Claims
GVRegistered Address is Same as Business Address
GWRelatives Help in Business
GYSeasons are Steady
H0Organization Certifies Compliance with Federal Lobbying Regulations
H1Project involves the International Co-operative Act
H2Human Anatomical Substances Are Used
H3Handicap Facilities Are Available
H4Lobbying Activities Have Been Conducted Regarding the Proposal
H5Organization Certifies Compliance With the Drug-Free Workplace Act
H6Organization Certifies Compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations Regarding Research Misconduct
H7Organization Provides a Smoke Free Workplace
H8Organization Certifies Compliance with Federal Discrimination Regulations
H9Organization Certifies Compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations Regarding Responsibility of Applicants for Promoting Objectivity in Research for which Public Health Service (PHS) Funding is Sought
HCHeating and Cooling for the Individual Units Separately Metered
HDHigh Discharge
HEHigh Engine Water Pressure
HFInterest Only
HGGraduated Payment
HHPrincipal Balance Exceeds Maximum Negative Amortization
HILast Change
HJLiability Released
HKLiability Not Released
HLHearing Limitations
HMLiability Determined by Note Holder
HNAfter Conversion
HPAfter Modification
HRCapitalized Mortgage
HSFederal Wages in Effect
HTSocial Security Number (SSN) Never Issued
HUName Does Not Match Social Security Number (SSN)
HVBirthdate Does Not Match Social Security Number (SSN)
HWImpossible Social Security Number (SSN)
HXEmployee is Ineligible to Work
I1Uses Outside Services
I2Very High Level
I3Very Small
I4Voluntary Bankruptcy
I5Well Balanced
I6Well Regarded in Business Circles
I7Organization has Delinquent Federal Debts
I8Organization has been Placed on the Federal Debarment and Suspension List
IAInterest Paid in Advance
IBInterest Paid in Arrears
ICInterest Carryover
IDSells Directly
IESells with Agents
IFSells with Storage
IHIndependent at Home
IISome Increase
IJSomewhat Declining Tendency
IKStarted Some Time Ago
IOTermination Date Set
IPInjury occurred on Employer's Premises
IQTerms Include Lump Sum Payments
IRTerms Include Progress Payments
ISTerms on Cost Plus Basis
ITTerms on Fixed Fee Basis
IUTrade Style Registered
IVTrading Address of Sole Proprietor
IWUnchanged Situation
J1Military Services Barred from Recruitment Activities at the Proposing Organization's Site(s)
J2Rate Negotiated
J3Under Penalty of Perjury the Information is True and Correct
J4Project Requires Inter-Government Review for Activities that affect State or Local Government or Possible National Security Implications
J5Filing on Behalf of Debtor is Authorized
J6Debtor Understands the Relief available under each Bankruptcy Chapter
J7Attorney Declares that Debtor has been Informed
J8Attorney has Explained the Relief available under each Bankruptcy Chapter
J9There has been a Transfer of a Claim Against the Debtor by or to any Petitioner
K0Account Receivables Breakdown Undisclosed
K1Additional Record Items Available
K2Address is Qualified
K3All Paid In or Issued
K4Appears High
K5Appears Not to Guarantee Sufficient Coverage
K6Appears Sufficiently High
K7Appears to Indicate a Strained Situation
K8Banks with Main National Banks
K9Bills Paid from Branch Office
KABills Paid from Division Office
KBBills Paid from Headquarters Office
KCBond Information Available
KDChanged Accounting Date
KFClear Declining Tendency
KGClear Increase
KICompany has No Other Locations
KJCompany is Branch of Foreign Entity
KKCompany is Perpetual
KLCompany is Tax Exempt
KMCompared to Same Period Last Year
KNConducted at a Loss
KOInventory Valued using FIFO (First In/First Out)
KQLetter of Agreement Present
KRLetter of Agreement Withdrawn
KSLetter of Liability Present
KTLetter of Liability Withdrawn
KULocation Inquired Upon is a Branch
KVLocation Inquired Upon is a Branch; Headquarters is Provided
KWLocation inquired upon is a Headquarters
KXLocation is Foreign
KYMeans Exhausted
KZMedium to Large
L1General Standard of 20 Degree or .5 Diopter Sphere or Cylinder Change Met
L2Replacement Due to Loss or Theft
L3Replacement Due to Breakage or Damage
L4Replacement Due to Patient Preference
L5Replacement Due to Medical Reason
L6Land Contract
L7Account Current
LALetter of Map Amendment or Letter of Map Revision
LBLegally Blind
LCProducer of Goods
LDDrawback Indicator
LFCustoms Rule Applicable
LGExported Pursuant to Law Regulation or to Cancel Customs Bond
LHCountry of Origin Information Applies to All Prior Shipments
LIPrice Estimated
LJNorth American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Preference
LKKit Form
LLLockout Effective
LMLetter of Appointment
LOLocomotive is Isolated
LPLow Engine Oil Pressure
LRLocomotive Engine is Running
LSLessee Signature on File
LTLender or Servicer Transfer
MAMajor Alarm Flag Reported
MBEquipment has Modified Configuration
MCOther Mental Condition
MDMarketing Time is 4 to 6 Months
MFMicroprocessor Fault
MGMortgage Insurance Application Included
MHMortgage Credit Report Included
MIResidential Loan Application Included
MJReal Estate Information Report Included
MKReal Estate Title Evidence Included
MLManually Search and List
MSMiscellaneous Skip-Trace Attempt
NANo User Available
NBNeighborhood Predominately Single Family Dwellings
NCItem has Direct Numerical Control
NDNote Holder Permission Required
NFNew Construction
NHNo National Flood Insurance Program map
NPCertification of a Non-attorney Bankruptcy Petition Preparer
NRNo Restrictions
NUNot Used
OLOther Limitation
OOOwn other Federal Housing Administration Property
OPOut of Range Product Temperature
OROther Restrictions
P1Patient was Discharged from the First Facility
P2Patient was Admitted to the Second Facility
P3Property has a Family Room or Den
P4Property has Central Air Conditioning
P5Property Typical of Neighborhood
P6Property Deferred Maintenance Typical of Neighborhood
P9Property Intended to be Occupied as Primary Residence
PBPhone Skip Begin
PCPlan is Attached
PDPhone Skip Resolved
PEPhone Skip Exhaust
PFPaid Outside of Closing
PGProject is Subject to Ground Rent
PKPreliminary Flood Determination
PMProject and Services Budget is Maintained
POPersonal Property Onsite
PPProperty Previously Winterized
PSPublication is Included in Sharing
PTProject is Complete
PVProperty Vacant 0-5 Percent
PWPartial Weight Bearing
PYProperty for Sale
PZProperty Vacant Over 5 Percent
Q1Export Product
Q2Distilled Spirit, Beer or Wine
Q3U.S. Goods Returned
Q4Candidate for U.S. Customs Service Protest
Q5Domestic Product
Q6Prior Approval Letter and Official Orders on File
Q7Importer's Substantiating Statement and Contract are on File
Q8International Transport Movement
Q9Piece Count should be Included in the Total Packing List Quantity
QAShipment should be Held at the Port
QBMultiple States of Origin for this Item
QCMultiple Countries of Origin for this Item
QDLetter of Credit Restricted to a Specific Bank
QELetter of Credit Permits Transshipment
QFLetter of Credit Covers Partial Shipments
QGDutiable Item
QHAmounts should be Pro-rated across Line Items
QIToxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Certification Required
QJVisa Required for this Item
QKItem Subject to Quotas
QLItem is a Set as Defined by the General Rules of Interpretation Section 3 (GRI3)
QMItem is a Set
QNItem is an Ensemble
QOItem is a Metal Item
QPItem is a Machine Part
QQItem is a Hazardous Item
QRItem is Eligible under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)
QSQuantity to be Imported has been Approved by the Necessary Agencies
QTFiling Data is to be Withheld from Public Inspection
QUProperty Type Cooperative
R1Debtor Holds Claim to Real Property
R2Entity Claims to Hold a Secured Interest
R3Debtor has Property of the Type Specified
R4Debtor Elects the State Exemption
R5Debtor Elects the Federal Exemption
R6Co-debtor may be Jointly Liable
R7Claim is Contingent
R8Claim is Unliquidated
R9Claim is Disputed
RAReference Telephone Attempt
RBDebtor has No Creditors Holding Unsecured Priority Claims
RCReference Telephone Contact
RDRent Deliquent
REClaim is Subject to Setoff
RFDebtor has No Executory Contracts or Unexpired Leases
RGLease is for Nonresidential Real Property
RHDebtor has No Co-debtors
RIDebtor is Married
RJDebtor's Spouse Maintains a Separate Household
RKReal Estate Taxes are Included
RLProperty Insurance is Included
RMDebtor has No Creditors Holding Secured Claims
RNRent Control
ROEquipment is Rebuilt
RPIndividual Injured in Performance of Duty
RQIndividual Injured by Third Party
RRQuality of Management and its Enforcement of Rules and Regulations Based on General Appearances
RSPay Continued
RTSick Leave Taken
RUSignature on File
RVLow Refrigerant Capacity Shutdown
RWRecent Defrost
RXRated Horsepower can be Produced
RYForeign Military Sale
RZWaiver of Prior Notice
S1Services Provided at the Second Facility were available at the First Facility
S2Under Treatment
S3First Time Vacant
S5Disclosure Indicator
SASubject Property is Currently Listed
SBDebtor is a Small Business as Defined in 11 U.S.C. Section 101
SCSpecial Services are Mobile Home Only
SDSpecial Services are Leasehold or Mobile Home or Both
SEDebtor Elects to be Considered as a Small Business Under 11 U.S.C. Section 1121(e)
SFSensor Fault
SGStreet Lights are Public
SHSpecial Services are Leasehold or Subleasehold or Both
SLSpeech Limitations
SMCurrently Serving in Military
SNMajor Base Support
SOCritical Support Level Met
SPStreet is Public
SQLocal Wages in Effect
SRFederal Worker Displacement
STNew Services Requested
SUContinued Services Requested
SVMajor Corporation/High Tech
SWSidewalk is Public
SXCollective Bargaining Agreement Sent by Mail
SYCollective Bargaining Agreement Sent by Facsimile
T1Road Test Performed with No Problems Reported
T2Road Test Performed with Problems Reported
T3Tires' Brand Match
TACollective Bargaining Agreement Sent by Electronic Bulletin Board
TBDebtor has No Creditors Holding Unsecured Nonpriority Claims
TCTransport via Cargo Aircraft
TDAnnual Leave Taken
TEItem is Special Test Equipment
TMTraction Motor is Cut Out
TPTransport via Passenger Aircraft
TRTransfer to Bed, or Chair, or Both
TVTelephone Number Verified
U1Minimal Change
U2Neat Appearance
U3Net Worth Computed after Exemptions
U4Net Worth Considerably Higher
U5Net Worth Higher
U6No Employees
U7No Employees - Business Managed by Owner
U8No Employees - Business Managed by Partners
U9Not Out of Business
UAUninsurable, 1316 Property
UBConducted at a Profit
UCContingent Debt Indicated
UEContracts Obtained by Bid
UFContracts Obtained by Negotiation
UGConverted to Holding Company
UHCross Claim Filed
UIDeclining Tendency
UJDetrimental Events in Past, Relating to Business
UKDetrimental Events in Past, Relating to Management
ULDown or Decline or Decreased
UMEmployees Include Officers
UOEmployees Include Owners
UPEmployees Include Partners
UQEmployees Include Temporary Workers
UREmployees Vary According to Needs
UTUp as Tolerated
UUExtent of Audit, if any, Not Indicated
UVFavorable Personal Reputation
UWFigures are Abbreviated
UXFigures are Converted to Agency Format
UYFigures are Individual
UZFigures are Restated
V1Valid Borrower Address or Phone Attempt with School Attended
V2Lender Determined Borrower Moved Out of State
V3Lender Determined Borrower Moved Back into State
V4Lender Determined Borrower Incarcerated
V5Lender Determined Borrower No Longer Incarcerated
V7True and Exact Copy
VAIntercompany Relations Exist
VBInventory Valued at Lower of Cost or Market
VCInventory Valued at Other Methods
VDOperates as Sole Agent
VEWithout Personal Judgment
VFWork is Subcontracted
VGNot Registered
VHImmediate Attention Required
VIVehicle Inspection Report Completed
VJMiddle to Medium
VKRent Control Likely
VMPrice Range Single Family or Planned Unit Development Not Applicable
VNPrice Range Condominium Not Applicable
VOPrice Range Two to Four Family Not Applicable
W1New Registration
W2Mailing Address Change
W3Residence Address Change
W4Name Change
W5Party Enrollment Change
W6Needs Absentee Ballot
W7Would Like to be Election Day Worker
W8Duplicate Registration
W9Forwarded Application
WAWalker Required
WBWater On
WCApplication Incomplete
WDVehicle Plate Surrendered
WEWritten Notice to Note Holder
WFWritten Notice to Borrower
WGWithin Specified Time Period
WHWithin Specified Range
WIInjury was Work Related
WOEquipment in Working Order
WPTo be Watched
WRWheelchair Required
WSBalance Sheet Filed
WTWinterized Tag Observed
WUMaterial Safety Data Sheet
ZACustomer - Configuration Change is Required
ZBCondition Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) is Mission Degrading
ZCCondition Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) is Maintenance Related
ZDCondition Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) is Safety Related
ZERepair is Mission Essential
ZFRepair is Safety Essential
ZGPeriodic Maintenance is Required
ZHCondition Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) Discrepancy is Corrected
ZIProgress is in Jeopardy
ZKFinal - Configuration Change is Required
ZLFinal - Delivery to Shop is Required
ZMFinal - Requestor Workforce will Assist
ZNJob is Level 2
ZOPreliminary - Configuration Change is Required
ZPPreliminary - Delivery to Shop is Required
ZQPreliminary - Requestor Workforce will Assist
ZRConfiguration Change is Associated with Time Meter
ZSShop Has Lead Responsibility
ZTEstimate is Derived From Job Template
ZURequestor Holds Technical Documentation
ZZMutually Defined

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