1650 Shipment Status Code

Code indicating the status of a shipment

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
A3Shipment Returned to Shipper
A7Refused by Consignee
A9Shipment Damaged
AFCarrier Departed Pick-up Location with Shipment
AGEstimated Delivery
AHAttempted Delivery
AIShipment has been Reconsigned
AJTendered for Delivery
AMLoaded on Truck
ANDiverted to Air Carrier
APDelivery Not Completed
ARRail Arrival at Destination Intermodal Ramp
AVAvailable for Delivery
B6Estimated to Arrive at Carrier Terminal
BAConnecting Line or Cartage Pick-up
BCStorage in Transit
C1Estimated to Depart Terminal Location
CAShipment Cancelled
CBCompleted Shipment
The final part of a partial shipment was delivered to the customer
CDCarrier Departed Delivery Location
CLTrailer Closed Out
CPCompleted Loading at Pick-up Location
D1Completed Unloading at Delivery Location
J1Delivered to Connecting Line
K1Arrived at Customs
OOPaperwork Received - Did not Receive Shipment or Equipment
P1Departed Terminal Location
PAPartial Shipment
Only a portion of the handling units for the shipment was delivered to the customer
PRU.S. Customs Hold at In-Bond Location
R1Received from Prior Carrier
RLRail Departure from Origin Intermodal Ramp
S1Trailer Spotted at Consignee's Location
SDShipment Delayed
X1Arrived at Delivery Location
X2Estimated Date and/or Time of Arrival at Consignee's Location
X3Arrived at Pick-up Location
X4Arrived at Terminal Location
X5Arrived at Delivery Location Loading Dock
X6En Route to Delivery Location
X8Arrived at Pick-up Location Loading Dock
XBShipment Acknowledged

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