668 Line Item Status Code

Code specifying the action taken by the seller on a line item requested by the buyer

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
AAItem Accepted - Order Forwarded to Alternate Supplier Location
ACItem Accepted and Shipped
ARItem Accepted and Released for Shipment
BPItem Accepted - Partial Shipment, Balance Backordered
DRItem Accepted - Date Rescheduled
IAItem Accepted
IBItem Backordered
ICItem Accepted - Changes Made
IDItem Deleted
IEItem Accepted, Price Pending
IFItem on Hold, Incomplete Description
IHItem on Hold
IPItem Accepted - Price Changed
IQItem Accepted - Quantity Changed
IRItem Rejected
ISItem Accepted - Substitution Made
IWItem on Hold-Waiver Required
R1Item Rejected, Not a Contract Item
R2Item Rejected, Invalid Item Product Number
R3Item Rejected, Invalid Unit of Issue
R4Item Rejected, Contract Item not Available
R5Item Rejected, Reorder Item as a Just in Time (JIT) Order
R6Item Rejected, Reorder Item as an Extended Delivery Order (EDO)
R7Item Rejected, Reorder Item as a Drop Shipment
R8Item Rejected, Reorder Item as a Surge Order
SPItem Accepted - Schedule Date Pending

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