374 Date/Time Qualifier

Code specifying type of date or time, or both date and time

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
001Cancel After
002Delivery Requested
004Purchase Order
008Purchase Order Received
010Requested Ship
012Terms Discount Due
013Terms Net Due
014Deferred Payment
015Promotion Start
016Promotion End
017Estimated Delivery
021Charge Back
022Freight Bill
023Promotion Order - Start
024Promotion Order - End
025Promotion Ship - Start
026Promotion Ship - End
027Promotion Requested Delivery - Start
028Promotion Requested Delivery - End
029Promotion Performance - Start
030Promotion Performance - End
031Promotion Invoice Performance - Start
032Promotion Invoice Performance - End
033Promotion Floor Stock Protect - Start
034Promotion Floor Stock Protect - End
Date coverage expires
037Ship Not Before
038Ship No Later
039Ship Week of
040Status (After and Including)
041Status (Prior and Including)
044Settlement Date as Specified by the Originator
045Endorsement Date
046Field Failure
When a component causes a system to fail at a customer site
047Functional Test
When assembly was tested
048System Test
When the finished system was tested
049Prototype Test
When the prototype system or assembly was tested
051Cumulative Quantity Start
052Cumulative Quantity End
053Buyers Local
054Sellers Local
056Estimated Port of Entry
057Actual Port of Entry
058Customs Clearance
059Inland Ship
060Engineering Change Level
061Cancel if Not Delivered by
063Do Not Deliver After
064Do Not Deliver Before
0651st Schedule Delivery
0661st Schedule Ship
067Current Schedule Delivery
068Current Schedule Ship
069Promised for Delivery
070Scheduled for Delivery (After and Including)
071Requested for Delivery (After and Including)
072Promised for Delivery (After and Including)
073Scheduled for Delivery (Prior to and Including)
074Requested for Delivery (Prior to and Including)
075Promised for Delivery (Prior to and Including)
076Scheduled for Delivery (Week of)
077Requested for Delivery (Week of)
078Promised for Delivery (Week of)
079Promised for Shipment
080Scheduled for Shipment (After and Including)
081Requested for Shipment (After and Including)
082Promised for Shipment (After and Including)
083Scheduled for Shipment (Prior to and Including)
084Requested for Shipment (Prior to and Including)
085Promised for Shipment (Prior to and Including)
086Scheduled for Shipment (Week of)
087Requested for Shipment (Week of)
088Promised for Shipment (Week of)
090Report Start
091Report End
092Contract Effective
093Contract Expiration
095Bill of Lading
097Transaction Creation
098Bid (Effective)
099Bid Open (Date Bids Will Be Opened)
100No Shipping Schedule Established as of
101No Production Schedule Established as of
104System Survey
105Quality Rating
106Required By
109Received at Lockbox
110Originally Scheduled Ship
111Manifest/Ship Notice
112Buyers Dock
113Sample Required
114Tooling Required
115Sample Available
116Scheduled Interchange Delivery
118Requested Pick-up
119Test Performed
120Control Plan
121Feasibility Sign Off
122Failure Mode Effective
124Group Contract Effective
125Group Contract Expiration
126Wholesale Contract Effective
127Wholesale Contract Expiration
128Replacement Effective
129Customer Contract Effective
130Customer Contract Expiration
131Item Contract Effective
132Item Contract Expiration
133Accounts Receivable - Statement Date
134Ready for Inspection
136Technical Rating
137Delivery Rating
138Commercial Rating
When the service request was supplied to the service provider or agency
When the insured experienced the theft, damage, or casualty to a given property
143Due Date of First Payment to Principal and Interest
The date first mortgage payment on the principal and interest on a mortgage loan is due
144Estimated Acceptance
145Opening Date
146Closing Date
147Due Date Last Complete Installment Paid
The date last complete principal and interest mortgage payment made was due
148Date of Local Office Approval of Conveyance of Damaged Real Estate Property
The date local office approves of the transfer of damaged property
149Date Deed Filed for Record
The date the formal document (deed) used to transfer title to real estate is filed for record with the recording authority
150Service Period Start
151Service Period End
152Effective Date of Change
Date on which the change went into effect
153Service Interruption
154Adjustment Period Start
155Adjustment Period End
156Allotment Period Start
157Test Period Start
158Test Period Ending
159Bid Price Exception
160Samples to be Returned By
161Loaded on Vessel
162Pending Archive
163Actual Archive
164First Issue
165Final Issue
167Most Recent Revision (or Initial Version)
169Product Availability Date
170Supplemental Issue
173Week Ending
174Month Ending
175Cancel if not shipped by
176Expedited on
Date on which the coverage or service is no longer in force
178Hold (as of)
179Hold as Stock (as of)
180No Promise (as of)
181Stop Work (as of)
182Will Advise (as of)
185Vessel Registry
186Invoice Period Start
When the billing period covered by an invoice begins
187Invoice Period End
When the billing period covered by an invoice ends
188Credit Advice
189Debit Advice
190Released to Vessel
191Material Specification
192Delivery Ticket
193Period Start
194Period End
195Contract Re-Open
Date when the activity was completed
200Assembly Start
202Master Lease Agreement
203First Produced
The date of first production of hydrocarbon from a well for the purpose of sales or on-lease use
204Official Rail Car Interchange (Either Actual or Agreed Upon)
206Status (Outside Processor)
When outside processor established the status of the material
207Status (Commercial)
When producer established the status of the material
208Lot Number Expiration
209Contract Performance Start
210Contract Performance Delivery
211Service Requested
When warranty repair service was requested
212Returned to Customer
213Adjustment to Bill Dated
214Date of Repair/Service
215Interruption Start
When an interruption in the airplane fueling process began
216Interruption End
When drilling started for a well
218Initial Completion
When well was originally completed
219Plugged and Abandoned
When a well was plugged and abandoned after discontinuing to produce
Range of penalty period
221Penalty Begin
Date on which penalty period begins
223Birth Certificate
226Lease Commencement
227Lease Term Start
228Lease Term End
229Rent Start
231Progress Payment
232Claim Statement Period Start
233Claim Statement Period End
234Settlement Date
235Delayed Billing (Not Delayed Payment)
236Lender Credit Check
237Student Signed
238Schedule Release
Planned release date for an item or product
The baseline or original plan that progress is measured against
240Baseline Start
The start date of baseline or original plan
241Baseline Complete
The complete date of the baseline or original plan
242Actual Start
The actual start date for a task or activity
243Actual Complete
The actual complete date for a task or activity
244Estimated Start
The revised plan or estimate of the start date for a task or activity
245Estimated Completion
The revised plan or estimate of the complete date for a task or activity
246Start no earlier than
Fixed start date for a task or activity - cannot begin before this date
247Start no later than
Fixed start date for a task or activity - cannot begin after this date
248Finish no later than
Fixed finish date for a task or activity - cannot end after this date
249Finish no earlier than
Fixed finish date for a task or activity - cannot end before this date
250Mandatory (or Target) Start
Fixed start date - must begin on this date
251Mandatory (or Target) Finish
Fixed finish date - must finish on this date
252Early Start
The earliest date a task or activity can begin
253Early Finish
The earliest date a task or activity can end
254Late Start
The latest date a task or activity can begin
255Late Finish
The latest date a task or activity can end
256Scheduled Start
The scheduled start for a task or activity based on resource needs
257Scheduled Finish
The scheduled finish for a task or activity based on resource needs
258Original Early Start
The saved baseline or planned early start before current changes
259Original Early Finish
The saved baseline or planned early finish before current changes
260Rest Day
A non-working day such a Saturday or Sunday
261Rest Start
The beginning of a range for rest days (from)
262Rest Finish
The end of a range of rest days (to)
A non-working day reserved for a company or national holiday
264Holiday Start
The beginning of a range for holidays (from)
265Holiday Finish
The end of a range of holidays (to)
The start of base date for a calendar reference - all dates fall after it
The current reporting period reference, or current status
268End Date of Support
269Date Account Matures
270Date Filed
271Penalty End
Date on which penalty period ends
272Exit Plant Date
Date at which the product leaves the manufacturing site
273Latest On Board Carrier Date
Latest date on which the cargo must be on board the carrier
274Requested Departure Date
Date report was approved by contractor representative
276Contract Start
The start date for a contract
277Contract Definition
The date the contract was definitized
278Last Item Delivery
The date the last item will be delivered to the customer
279Contract Completion
The finish date for a contract
280Date Course of Orthodontics Treatment Began or is Expected to Begin
281Over Target Baseline Month
The date a budget baseline went over the target budget amount
282Previous Report
The date a previous report was submitted
283Funds Appropriation - Start
The date that funds appropriation begins
284Funds Appropriation - End
The date that funds appropriation ends
285Employment or Hire
Date on which the subscriber or dependent is hired
Date on which the subscriber became retired
Range of dates when the subscriber or dependent is eligible to receive Medicare benefits
288Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
Range of COBRA coverage
289Premium Paid to Date
Range of dates for which premium has been paid
290Coordination of Benefits
Range for which coordination of benefits between insurers applies
Range of dates for which the plan is in effect
Range of benefit coverage
Range of dates when the subscriber or dependent is a student
294Earnings Effective Date
Date on which earnings become effective for applicable benefits
295Primary Care Provider
Range of dates for which the services of the primary care provider are in effect
296Initial Disability Period Return To Work
297Initial Disability Period Last Day Worked
298Latest Absence
Latest occurrence of which the subscriber did not report to work
300Enrollment Signature Date
Date subscriber or dependent signed policy enrollment card
301Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) Qualifying Event
Date of the qualifying event which initiated COBRA benefits
Date on which the maintenance was performed
303Maintenance Effective
Date on which the maintenance is effective
304Latest Visit or Consultation
Date subscriber or dependent last visited or consulted with a physician
305Net Credit Service Date
Date assigned by the employer to an employee who previously worked for them
306Adjustment Effective Date
Date on which the adjustment went into effect
Range of dates when the subscriber or dependent were eligible for benefits
308Pre-Award Survey
309Plan Termination
Date on which the plan terminated
310Date of Closing
The date a property is sold
311Latest Receiving Date/Cutoff Date
312Salary Deferral
Date on which the subscriber begins to defer a portion of their salary
Range of dates as they pertain to a period of time
Range of dates on which the physical or mental condition rendered the subscriber or dependent disabled
Range of dates for which the subscriber or dependent will be receiving other income
316Prior Incorrect Date of Birth
The incorrect date of birth that was previously transmitted
317Corrected Date of Birth
Replaces previously transmitted incorrect date of birth
320Date Foreclosure Proceedings Instituted
The date the first legal action is taken to terminate an owner's interest in realty begins
Date product/extended coverage was purchased
322Put into Service
Date product, subassembly, or replacement part was put in-service
325Disbursement Date
326Guarantee Date
327Quarter Ending
Any condition previously reported by the carrier as preventing the completion of a move or service has been terminated
330Referral Date
The date when an educational official or teacher recommends that a student be evaluated for placement in a special education or other program
331Evaluation Date
The date on which a student was assessed for placement in a special education or other program
332Placement Date
The date which identifies when a student was enrolled in a special education or other program
333Individual Education Plan (IEP)
The date on which the plan specifying the special education instruction and services which a student is to receive was approved
334Re-evaluation Date
The date on which the student's placement in special education or other programs will be re-assessed
335Dismissal Date
The date on which the student exited from a special education or other program
336Employment Begin
Date on which the subscriber or dependent became employed
337Employment End
Date on which the subscriber or dependent ceased to be employed
338Medicare Begin
Date on which Medicare benefits went into effect
339Medicare End
Date on which Medicare benefits ceased to be in effect
340Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) Begin
Date on which COBRA benefits begin
341Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) End
Date on which COBRA benefits end
342Premium Paid to Date Begin
Date for which premium began to be applied
343Premium Paid to Date End
Date for which premium is paid through
344Coordination of Benefits Begin
Date on which Coordination of Benefits begin
345Coordination of Benefits End
Date on which Coordination of Benefits end
346Plan Begin
Date on which the plan begins
347Plan End
Date on which plan ends
348Benefit Begin
Date on which the subscriber's or dependent's benefit begin
349Benefit End
Date on which the subscriber's or dependent's benefit ends
350Education Begin
Date on which the subscriber or dependent became a student
351Education End
Date on which the subscriber or dependent ceased to be a student
352Primary Care Provider Begin
Date on which the subscriber's or dependent's primary care provider became effective
353Primary Care Provider End
Date on which the primary care provider's service ended
354Illness Begin
Date on which illness began
355Illness End
Date on which illness ended
356Eligibility Begin
Date on which eligibility begins
357Eligibility End
Date on which eligibility ends
358Cycle Begin
Date on which the cycle begins
359Cycle End
Date on which the cycle ends
360Initial Disability Period Start
Date on which the disability begins
361Initial Disability Period End
Date on which the disability ends
362Offset Begin
Date subscriber or dependent begins receiving other income
363Offset End
Date other income benefits cease
364Plan Period Election Begin
Date on which the pledged contribution begins
365Plan Period Election End
Date on which the pledged contribution ended
366Plan Period Election
Range of dates for which the subscriber has pledged to contribute toward a benefit
367Due to Customer
Date an item is due to a customer
Date an item was submitted to a customer
369Estimated Departure Date
370Actual Departure Date
371Estimated Arrival Date
372Actual Arrival Date
373Order Start
374Order End
Point after which data can no longer be used (or becomes invalid for use)
375Delivery Start
The date that deliveries will begin
376Delivery End
The date that deliveries will end
377Contract Costs Through
Date through which the costs reported in the contractor's request for progress payment are current
378Financial Information Submission
Date of the submission of contractor financial information
379Business Termination
380Applicant Signed
381Cosigner Signed
383Adjusted Hire
Date of rehire is adjusted to give an employee credit for prior years of service, after a break in service has occurred
384Credited Service
Range of employment service used to determine the amount of plan benefits due the employee
385Credited Service Begin
The start date from which an employee's length of service, as defined in the plan document, will be calculated
386Credited Service End
The end date to be used in the calculation of an employee's length of service, as defined in the plan document
387Deferred Distribution
Date to which the participant has elected to defer the distribution of plan benefits (for lump sum payments)
388Payment Commencement
Date of the initial benefit payment (for installment payments)
389Payroll Period
The applicable payroll date for the financial transaction
390Payroll Period Begin
The start date of the payroll cycle for the financial transaction
391Payroll Period End
The end date of the payroll cycle for the financial transaction
392Plan Entry
Date the employee's participation in the plan is effective
393Plan Participation Suspension
Date the participant is suspended from the plan
Date the participant is rehired, after termination
Date the participant ends employment, after being rehired
Date the participant ends employment
The date when the participant's total account balance is calculated
398Vesting Service
Range of employment service used to determine vesting for distribution of plan benefits
399Vesting Service Begin
The start date from which an employee's vesting percentage, as defined in the plan document, will be calculated
400Vesting Service End
401Duplicate Bill
402Adjustment Promised
403Adjustment Processed
404Year Ending
Used to identify dates and times that operations or processes were performed
406Material Classification
Used to identify dates and times materials were classified or reclassified
409Date of Deed in Lieu
The date a voluntary conveyance of a property by deed in lieu is recorded
410Date of Firm Commitment
The date an obligation to ensure the mortgage is issued
411Expiration Date of Extension to Foreclose
The last day of a given time limit to commence foreclosure
412Date of Notice to Convey
The date of the authorization to assign the contractual rights of a mortgage
413Date of Release of Bankruptcy
The date of release from bankruptcy status
414Optimistic Early Start
Best case earliest date a task or activity can begin
415Optimistic Early Finish
Best case earliest date a task or activity can end
416Optimistic Late Start
Best case latest date a task or activity can begin
417Optimistic Late Finish
Best case latest date a task or activity can end
418Most Likely Early Start
Most likely earliest date a task or activity can begin
419Most Likely Early Finish
Most likely earliest date a task or activity can end
420Most Likely Late Start
Most likely latest date a task or activity can begin
421Most Likely Late Finish
Most likely latest date a task or activity can end
422Pessimistic Early Start
Worst case earliest date a task or activity can begin
423Pessimistic Early Finish
Worst case earliest date a task or activity can end
424Pessimistic Late Start
Worst case latest date a task or activity can begin
425Pessimistic Late Finish
Worst case latest date a task or activity can end
426First Payment Due
427First Interest Payment Due
428Subsequent Interest Payment Due
429Irregular Interest Payment Due
430Guarantor Received
431Onset of Current Symptoms or Illness
Date first symptoms appeared
Date on which claim billing information was sent to payer
Date on which billing document was created
Date of entrance to a health care establishment
436Insurance Card
437Spouse Retirement
Date on which patient's husband or wife has retired from his or her place of employment
438Onset of Similar Symptoms or Illness
Date symptoms related to current illness first appeared
Date mishap occurred
440Release of Information
Date patient signified it was acceptable to distribute pertinent information to other parties
441Prior Placement
Date medical device was last placed or arranged
442Date of Death
Date life terminated
443Peer Review Organization (PRO) Approved Stay
Start and end date of approved confinement
444First Visit or Consultation
Date patient first sought medical assistance
445Initial Placement
Date medical device was positioned or arranged
Date medical device was reinstalled or rearranged
Date on which an event happened
448Occurrence Span
Start and end date on which a span of events happened
449Occurrence Span From
Date on which span of events started
450Occurrence Span To
Date on which span of events ended
451Initial Fee Due
Date the first of one or more payments is due
452Appliance Placement
Date orthodontic devices were arranged
453Acute Manifestation of a Chronic Condition
Date serious symptoms were exhibited for a long term illness
454Initial Treatment
Date medical treatment first began
455Last X-Ray
Date of the most recent x-ray
Date on which operation was performed
457Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)
Date patient began using a device to provide uninterrupted motion not produced by active efforts
Date of a document attesting to a fact
459Nursing Home From
Date on which patient entered nursing home
460Nursing Home To
Date on which patient was released from nursing home
461Last Certification
Date of the most recent document attesting to a fact
462Date of Local Office Approval of Conveyance of Occupied Real Estate Property
The date local office approves of the transfer of an occupied property
463Begin Therapy
Date treatment of physical or mental disorder started
464Oxygen Therapy From
Date treatment with oxygen started
465Oxygen Therapy To
Date treatment with oxygen ceased
466Oxygen Therapy
Begin and end dates of treatment with oxygen
Date on which the accompanying signature was received
468Prescription Fill
Date on which drug order was filled
469Provider Signature
Date supplier of medical service signified the service in question was, in fact, provided
470Date of Local Office Certification of Conveyance of Damaged Real Estate Property
The date local office approves of the transfer of a damaged property or the date of the mortgagee's certification that adequate fire insurance was not obtainable
Date on which prescription was written
473Medicaid Begin
Date patient became eligible for Medicaid benefits
474Medicaid End
Date patient no longer eligible for Medicaid benefits
Start and end of effective period for Medicaid
476Peer Review Organization (PRO) Approved Stay From
Date start of confinement was approved
477Peer Review Organization (PRO) Approved Stay To
Date confinement approval ceased
478Prescription From
Start of prescription period
479Prescription To
End of prescription period
480Arterial Blood Gas Test
Date of test to determine gas content in blood circulating from the heart, at rest, breathing room air
481Oxygen Saturation Test
Date on which oxygen saturation testing occurred
482Pregnancy Begin
Date pregnancy estimated to begin
483Pregnancy End
Date pregnancy end, whether normal or abnormal delivery
484Last Menstrual Period
485Injury Begin
Date damage was inflicted to the body by an external source
486Injury End
Date damage inflicted to the body by an external source ceased
487Nursing Home
Facility for those unable to care for themselves
488Collateral Dependent
Range of collateral dependent coverage
489Collateral Dependent Begin
Date on which collateral dependent coverage begins
490Collateral Dependent End
Date on which collateral dependent coverage ends
491Sponsored Dependent
Range of sponsoring dependent coverage
492Sponsored Dependent Begin
Date on which sponsored dependent coverage begins
493Sponsored Dependent End
Date on which sponsored dependent coverage ends
Date for which deductible is applied
Date for which out of pocket is applied
496Contract Audit Date
497Latest Delivery Date at Pier
498Mortgagee Reported Curtailment Date
The date the mortgagee failed to meet a mandatory time requirement
499Mortgagee Official Signature Date
The date the mortgagee's representative signs the claim for mortgage insurance benefits form
Date when original transaction should be resubmitted for further consideration
501Expected Reply
Date when response may be expected
502Dropped to Less than Half Time
Date on which the student ceased to be enrolled at least half time
503Repayment Begin
Date on which repayment of the loan begins
504Loan Servicing Transfer
Date on which the loan is transferred from one servicer to another servicer
505Loan Purchase
Date on which the ownership of the loan changes
506Last Notification
Date on which the lender was last notified of the less-than-half time information
Date on which the file was extracted from the database
The extended date for a performance requirement
509Servicer Signature Date
The date an authorized representative of the lender servicing the mortgage signs the claim for mortgage insurance benefits form
510Date Packed
511Shelf Life Expiration
512Warranty Expiration
518Voucher (Date of)
519Date Bankruptcy Filed
Date of last bankruptcy action
520Date of Damage
The date that the property became damaged
521Date Hazard Insurance Policy Cancelled
The date the hazard insurance policy was cancelled
522Expiration Date to Submit Title Evidence
The last day of an approved extension to submit title evidence without penalty
523Date of Claim
The date the claim form is prepared
524Date of Notice of Referral for Assignment
The date mortgagors are notified in writing that it is their lender's opinion that they are qualified for an assignment program and that their defaulted mortgage should be assigned
525Date of Notice of Probable Ineligibility for Assignment
The date mortgagors are notified in writing that it is their lender's opinion that they are not qualified for an assignment program but they may apply directly to the program sponsor for consideration
526Date of Foreclosure Notice
The date the mortgagee notifies the mortgage insurer that foreclosure has been initiated
527Expiration of Foreclosure Timeframe
The last day of an extension of the time requirement to institute foreclosure proceedings on an insured mortgage
528Date Possessory Action Initiated
The date the mortgagee initiates action to take possession of a property secured by a mortgage in default
529Date of Possession
The date a mortgagee acquires possession of a property secured by a mortgage in default
530Date of Last Installment Received
531Date of Acquisition of Title
The date the mortgagee acquires good and marketable title to a property secured by a mortgage in default
532Expiration of Extension to Convey
The last day of an extension of the time requirement to convey a property
533Date of Assignment Approval
The date approval is given to assign the contract rights of a mortgage
534Date of Assignment Rejection
The date a request to assign the contract rights of a mortgage is rejected
535Curtailment Date from Advice of Payment
The date to which interest was curtailed
536Expiration of Extension to Submit Fiscal Data
The date of the expiration of extension given to submit fiscal data
537Date Documentation, or Paperwork, or Both Was Sent
538Makegood Commercial Date
539Policy Effective
540Policy Expiration
541Employee Effective Date of Coverage
542Claim Administrator Notified of Employee Legal Representation
543Last Premium Paid Date
544Employer Knowledge of the Injury
545Claim Administrator Knowledge of the Injury
546Date of Maximum Medical Improvement
547Date of Loan
548Date of Advance
549Beginning Lay Date
First date a vessel may call at the port
550Certificate Effective
551Benefit Application Date
552Actual Return to Work
553Released Return to Work
554Ending Lay Date
Date by which the vessel will call at the port
555Employee Wages Ceased
556Last Salary Increase
557Employee Laid Off
558Injury or Illness
559Oldest Unpaid Installment
The due date of the oldest complete mortgage payment that has not been paid
560Preforeclosure Acceptance Date
The date that the mortgagor and the mortgagee accepts a preforeclosure acceptance plan
561Preforeclosure Sale Closing Date
The date that the mortgagor and the mortgagee accept a preforeclosure sales closing plan
562Date of First Uncured Default
563Date Default Was Cured
564Date of First Mortgage Payment
565Date of Property Inspection
566Date Total Amount of Delinquency Reported
567Date Outstanding Loan Balance Reported
568Date Foreclosure Sale Scheduled
569Date Foreclosure Held
570Date Redemption Period Ends
571Date Voluntary Conveyance Accepted
The date voluntary conveyance of the property by the mortgagee holding the defaulted mortgage is accepted by the Federal Housing Commissioner
572Date Property Sold
573Date Claim Paid
574Action Begin Date
The date a resolution action such as scheduling a repayment plan or a delay action such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing begins
575Projected Action End Date
576Action End Date
577Original Maturity Date
578Date Referred to Attorney for Foreclosure
579Planned Release
580Actual Release
581Contract Period
582Report Period
586First Contact
587Projected Foreclosure Sale Date
589Date Assignment Filed for Record
The date the transfer of the contract right to real estate is filed for record with the recording authority
590Date of Appraisal
The date the value of a property is assessed
591Expiration Date of Extension to Assign
The last day of a given time limit to assign the contractual rights of a mortgage
592Date of Extension to Convey
The last day of a given time limit to complete the transfer of real property
593Date Hazard Insurance Policy Refused
The date the insurance carrier refused to renew the policy on a property
594High Fabrication Release Authorization
The date of the purchaser's program number that authorizes the highest amount of material production
595High Raw Material Authorization
The date of the purchaser's program number that authorizes the highest amount of raw material or purchased components in their original state to be secured for production
596Material Change Notice
597Latest Delivery Date at Rail Ramp
599Repayment Schedule Sent
600As Of
601First Submission
602Subsequent Submission
606Certification Period Start
607Certification Revision
608Continuous Coverage Date(s)
609Prearranged Deal Match
610Contingency End
611Oxygen Therapy Evaluation
The date the patient was last examined by the physician to determine the need for oxygen therapy
612Shut In
The date when the valves are closed or the pump is stopped at the wellhead
613Allowable Effective
The date the report is effective for allowable purposes
614First Sales
615Date Acquired
616Interviewer Signed
617Application Logged Date
618Review Date
619Decision Date
620Previously Resided
624Presently Residing
625Employed in this Position
627Second Admission Date
Date of second admission to a health care facility which occurred during the service period of this claim
629Account Opened
630Account Closed
631Property Acquired
632Property Built
633Employed in this Profession
634Next Review Date
635Initial Contact Date
636Date of Last Update
637Second Discharge Date
Date of second discharge from a health care facility which occurred during the service period of this claim
638Date of Last Draw
646Rental Period
647Next Pay Increase
648Period Covered by Source Documents
649Document Due
650Court Notice
651Expected Funding Date
652Assignment Recorded
653Case Reopened
655Previous Court Event
656Last Date to Object
657Court Event
658Last Date to File a Claim
659Case Converted
660Debt Incurred
662Wages Start
663Wages End
664Date Through Which Property Taxes Have Been Paid
665Paid Through Date
666Date Paid
667Anesthesia Administration
668Price Protection
669Claim Incurred
The date a debt or obligation arises or is incurred
670Book Entry Delivery
671Rate Adjustment
672Next Installment Due Date
673Daylight Overdraft Time
Time a Fed Wire is processed by the Federal Reserve
674Presentment Date
Date a Letter of Credit is presented
675Negotiated Extension Date
New date to which a Letter of Credit extension is negotiated
682Security Rate Adjustment
683Filing Period
684Review Period End
685Requested Settlement
686Last Screening
691Last Visit
693Time in U.S.
694Future Period
Range of future activity
695Previous Period
Range of previous activity
696Interest Paid To
697Date of Seizure
Date creditor reduced claim by amount of debtor's claim against creditor
700Override Date for Settlement
701Settlement Date (From Interline Settlement System (ISS) only)
702Sending Road Time Stamp
703Retransmission Time Stamp
704Delivery Appointment Date and Time
The date and time associated with an appointment number
705Interest Paid Through
706Date Material Usage Suspended
707Last Payment Made
708Past Due
709Analysis Month Ending
710Date of Specification
711Date of Standard
712Return to Work Part Time
713Paid-through Date for Salary Continuation
714Paid-through Date for Vacation Pay
715Paid-through Date for Accrued Sick Pay
716Appraisal Ordered
717Date of Operation
718Best Time to Call
719Verbal Report Needed
720Estimated Escrow Closing
721Permit Year
722Remodeling Completed
723Current Month Ending
724Previous Month Ending
725Cycle to Date
726Year to Date
727On Hold
728Off Hold
729Facsimile Due By
730Reporting Cycle Date
731Last Paid Installment Date
732Claims Made
Date that determines Liability coverage under a Claims Made policy
733Date of Last Payment Received
734Curtailment Date
736Pool Settlement
737Next Interest Change Date
738Most Recent Hemoglobin or Hematocrit or Both
739Most Recent Serum Creatine
744Date Became Aware
745First Marketed
746Last Marketed
747New Due Date of First Payment to Principal and Interest
748New Maturity Date
750Expected Problem Resolution
The date and time by which resolution of a problem is expected to occur
751Alternate Problem Resolution
The alternate date and time by which resolution of a problem should occur, if the expected problem resolution date and time cannot be met
752Fee Capitalization
753Interest Capitalization
754Next Payment Due
755Conversion to Repayment
756End of Grace
757School Refund
758Simple Interest Due
759Date Practice Ceased
761Date Practice Established
762Drop Action Date
764Most Recent Renewal
766Outside Auditor's Report
769Pre-certification Date
770Back on Market
772Benefit Adjustment Start
775Benefit Adjustment End
776Listing Received
777Benefit Adjustment Period
778Anticipated Closing
779Last Publication
780Sold Book Publication
Publication Date of Multiple Listing Book of Sold Property
783Percolation Test
784Septic Approval
785Title Transfer
786Open House
787Benefit Credit Period
788Benefit Transfer Period
791Tail Coverage Begin
Extension of liability coverage begin date
792Tail Coverage End
Extension of liability coverage end date
793Training Begin
794Training End
795Verification Received
796Verification Sent
797State Residency Date
798Effective Date of the Routing File
799Test Data Analysis
800Midpoint of Performance
801Acquisition Date
802Date of Action
803Paid in Full
805Voluntary Termination
806Customer Order
810Document Received
813Customs Entry Date
814Payment Due Date
815Maturity Date
816Trade Date
817Gallons Per Minute (GPM) Test Performed
818British Thermal Unit (BTU) Test Performed
819Last Accounts Filed at Public Registration Agency
820Real Estate Tax Year
821Final Reconciliation Value Estimate as of
825Original Due Date
826Incumbency Period
827Audience Deficiency Period
828Aired Date
831Paid Through Date for Minimum Payment
832Paid Through Date for Total Payment
841Engineering Data List
842Last Production
843Not Before
844Not After
845Initial Claim
846Benefits Paid
847Wages Earned
848Adjusted Start
849Adjusted End
850Revised Adjusted Start
851Revised Adjusted End
853Field Test
854Mortgage Note Date
855Alternative Due Date
856First Payment Change
857First Rate Adjustment
858Alternate Base Period
859Prior Notice
860Appointment Effective
861Appointment Expiration
862Company Termination
863Continuing Education Requirement
864Distributor Effective
865Distributor Termination
867Incorporation Dissolution
868Last Follow-up
869License Effective
870License Expiration
871License Renewal
872License Requested
874Paperwork Mailed
875Previous Employment
876Previous Employment End
877Previous Employment Start
878Previous Residence
879Previous Residence End
880Previous Residence Start
882Resident License Effective
883Resident License Expiration
884State Termination
885Texas Line Termination
901Adjusted Contestability
903Application Entry
905Automatic Premium Loan
907Confinement End
908Confinement Start
910Flat Extra End
911Last Activity
912Last Change
913Last Episode
914Last Meal
916Application Status
918Medical Information Signature
919Medical Information System
921Offer Expiration
922Original Receipt
924Placement Period Expiration
931Reinsurance Effective
932Reservation of Facility
933Settlement Status
934Table Rating End
935Termination of Facility
937Department of Labor Wage Determination Date
940Execution Date
941Capitation Period Start
942Capitation Period End
943Last Date for a Government Agency to File a Claim
944Adjustment Period
946Mail By
948Payment Initiated
949Payment Effective
952Reclassification (Exit Date)
954Post-Reclassification (First Report Card)
955Post-Reclassification (First Semi-annual)
956Post-Reclassification (Second Semi-annual)
957Post-Reclassification (End of Second Year)
960Adjusted Death Benefit
963Annuity Commencement Date
Expiration of annuity accumulation contract
965Calendar Anniversary
Adjusted plan anniversary date
966Contract Mailed
967Early Withdrawal
Pre age 59 withdrawal from qualified plan
968Fiscal Anniversary
Date annuity payments commence
970Initial Premium
971Initial Premium Effective
972Last Premium Effective
973Minimum Required Distribution
Internal Revenue Service required latest distribution start date
974Next Anniversary
976Notification of Death
977Partial Annuitization
978Plan Anniversary
Anniversary date adjusted to nearest business day
979Policy Surrender
980Prior Contract Anniversary
981Prior Contract Issue
982Signature Received
984Benefit Period
985Month to Date
986Semiannual Ending
988Plan of Treatment Period
989Prior Hospitalization Date(s) Related to Current Service(s)
990Original Name Change
992Date Requested
993Request for Quotation
The reference date associated with a specifically numbered request for quotation
The date on which a (price) quote was rendered
995Recorded Date
996Required Delivery
A date on which or before, ordered goods or services must be delivered
997Quote to be Received By
A date on which or before a quote must be received at a location specified in an RFQ
998Continuation of Pay Start Date
999Document Date
AA1Estimated Point of Arrival
AA2Estimated Point of Discharge
AA3Cancel After, Ex Country
AA4Cancel After, Ex Factory
AA5Do Not Ship Before, Ex Country
AA6Do Not Ship Before, Ex Factory
AA7Final Scheduled Payment
AA8Actual Discharge
AA9Address Period
AAAArrival in Country
AACSuspension Effective
AAEDischarge - Planned
AAGDue Date
AAIFirst Involvement
AAJGuarantee Period
AAKIncome Increase Period
AALInstallment Date
AAMLast Civilian Flight
AANLast Flight
AAOLast Insurance Medical
AAPLast Military Flight
AAQLast Physical
AASMedical Certificate
AAUNet Worth Date
AAVNext Activity
AAWOwnership Change
AAXOwnership Period
AAYRate Date
AAZRequested Contract
AB1Requested Offer
AB2Sales Period
AB3Tax Year
AB4Time Period
AB6Treatment End
AB7Treatment Start
AB9Worst Time to Call
ABCEstimated Date of Birth
ABDLast Annual Report
ABELegal Action Started
ABGPayment Period
ABHProfit Period
Date businesses consolidated or merged
ABLBoard of Directors Not Authorized As Of
ABMBoard of Directors Incomplete As Of
ABNManager Not Registered As Of
ABOCitizenship Change
ABRRegistration of Board of Directors
ABSCeased Operations
ABUTerms Met
ABVAsset Documentation Expiration
ABWCredit Documentation Expiration
ABXIncome Documentation Expiration
ABYProduct Held Until
ACAImmigration Date
ACBEstimated Immigration Date
ACCCurrent Disability Period Start
ACDCurrent Disability Period End
ACECurrent Disability Period Last Day Worked
ACFBenefit Type Gross Weekly Amount Effective
ACGBenefit Type Net Weekly Amount Effective
ACHBenefit Type Period Start
ACIBenefit Type Period End
ACJBenefit Debit Start
ACLBenefit Debit End
ACMBenefit Credit Start
ACNBenefit Credit End
ACOBenefit Transfer Start
ACPBenefit Transfer End
ACQWage Effective
ACRDenial Effective
ACSDenial Rescission
ACTPayment Issue
ACUPayment Period Start
ACVPayment Period End
ACWEmployer Reported Injury To Claim Administrator
ACXSurvey Year
ACZControvert Date
ADABilled Through
ADBBusiness Control Change
ADCCourt Registration
ADDAnnual Report Due
Date annual report will be due with state
ADEClaim Notification Received
ADFConversion Privilege End
ADGDividend Applied
ADJPremium Change
ADKPolicy Effective on or before
ADLAsset and Liability Schedule
ADMAnnual Report Mailed
Date annual report was mailed when last filed with state corporate authorities
ADNPolicy Effective on or after
ADRAnnual Report Filed
Date annual report last filed with state corporate authorities
ADSAudit Period After Split Date
ADTAudit Period Prior to Split Date
ADUExposure Source Period
ADVSubcontractor Period of Hire
ADXPower of Attorney
ADYUniform Gifts to Minors Account Established
AEAMedicare Part A Eligibility Begin Date
AEBMedicare Part A Eligibility End Date
AECMedicare Part A Coverage Effective Date
AEDMedicare Part A Termination Date
AEEMedicare Part B Eligibility Begin Date
AEFMedicare Part B Eligibility End Date
AEGMedicare Part B Coverage Effective Date
AEHMedicare Part B Termination Date
AEILoading Period
AEKDate on which Assets Judged Insufficient to Pay Creditors
AELEmployees Temporarily Laid Off Begin Period
AEMEmployees Temporarily Laid Off End Period
AENFirst Published
AEOForecast Period Start
AEPForecast Period End
AEQInvestigation Start
AERInvestigation End
AESLast Published
AETLatest Balance Sheet
AEUShare Price
AEVStop Distribution
AEWMaximum Credit Date
Date of highest credit provided to entity by a vendor
AEXFounding Date
AEYRepayment Plan Start Date
ARDAnnual Report Delinquency
Date annual report will be delinquent with state corporate authorities
AWHWithheld Date
BAACompliance Audit
BABContractor Safety Performance Evaluation
BACContractor Safety Procedures Review
BADDate of Equipment Inspection
BAEDate of Safety Inspection
BAFEmployees Participation Plan Review
BAGExpected Completion of Changes Resulting from Compliance Audit
BAHExpected Completion of Changes Resulting from Process Hazard Analysis
BAIExpected Completion of Changes Resulting from Hazard Review
BAJHazard Review Completion
BAKHot Work Permit Procedures Review
BAMMaintenance Procedures Review
BANManagement of Change Procedures Review
BAOOperating Procedures Review
BAPSafety Information Review
BARTraining Program Review
CADChanged Accounting Date
CCRCustoms Cargo Release
CDTMaintenance Comment
CEDYear Due
CEENext Annual Meeting
CEFEnd of Last Fiscal Year
CEHYear Beginning
CEJStarted Doing Business
CEKSworn and Subscribed
CELCalendar Year
CEOHigh Capital Year
CLOClosing Date of First Balance Sheet
CLUClosed Until
CONConverted into Holding Company
CURCurrent List
DAFAccount Frozen
DEEDeed Not Available
DETDetrimental Information Received
DFSDeparture From Specification
DLCDate of Last Contact
DOADate of Abandonment
DODDate of Delinquency
DOIDelivery Order Issued
E01Tenure Decision
E02Most Recent Position Change
E03Fee Payment
E04Start Date for Continuous Employment
E05Start Date for Current Position
E06Start Date for Original Position
E07Fiscal Year
ECDEstimated Construction Date
ECFEstimated Completion - First Prior Month
ECSEstimated Completion - Second Prior Month
ECTEstimated Completion - Third Prior Month
EDHLegislative Session
EDKPrimary Election
EDORestructured From
EPPEstimate Preparation
ESCEstimate Comment
ESFEstimated Start - First Prior Month
ESSEstimated Start - Second Prior Month
ESTEstimated Start - Third Prior Month
ETPEarliest Filing Period
FFIFinancial Information
FFOFirst Order
ICFConverted to Electronic Date
IDGInsolvency Discharge Granted
INTInactive Until
KEVKey Event Fiscal Year
KEWKey Event Calendar Year
LAMLast Annual Meeting
LASLast Check for Balance Sheet Update
LCCLast Capital Change
Date capital stock was last modified
LEALetter of Agreement
LELLetter of Liability
LLPLow Period
LOGEquipment Log Entry
LPCList Price Change
LSCLegal Structure Change
LTPLatest Filing Period
MRRMeter Reading
MSDLatest Material Safety Data Sheet Date
NAMPresent Name
NFDNegotiated Finish
NRGNot Registered
NSDNegotiated Start
ORGOriginal List
PBCPresent Control
PDVPrivilege Details Verification
PLSPresent Legal Structure
PPDPost Paid Date
The last date a tax authority posted tax payments
PPPPeak Period
PRDPreviously Reported Date of Birth
PRRPresented to Receivers
PTDPaid To Date
PTOPlan to Obsolete
RAPReceiver Appointed
RFDRequested Finish
RFFRecovery Finish
RFOReferred From
RNTRent Survey
RRMReceived in the Mail
RSDRequested Start
RSSRecovery Start
RTOReferred To
SCVSocial Security Claims Verification
SDDSole Directorship Date
TSRTrade Style Registered
TSSTrial Started
TSTTrial Set
VATValue Added Tax (VAT) Claims Verification
VLUValid Until
W01Sample Collected
W02Status Change
W03Construction Start
W06Last Logged
W07Well Log Run
W08Surface Casing Authority Approval
W09Reached Total Depth
W10Spacing Order Unit Assigned
W11Rig Arrival
W12Location Exception Order Number Assigned
W13Sidetracked Wellbore
WAATime Employee Began Work
YXXProgrammed Fiscal Year
YXYProgrammed Calendar Year
ZZZMutually Defined

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