1161 Product Option Code

Code indicating an option chosen for the product

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
The money applied to benefits before federal taxes have been incurred
The money applied to benefits after federal taxes have been incurred
6Individual Retirement Account
8Simplified Employee Pension
9Single Premium
10Flexible Premium
11Variable Premium
12Fixed Premium
13Registered under the Income Tax Act of Canada
14Non-Registered under the Income Tax Act of Canada
15Registered Spousal Case
Registered under the Income Tax Act of Canada with contributions made by the owner's spouse
30Lead Reinsurer
31Facultative Excess
AFirst to Die
BLast to Die
BABank Account
CChild Rider
An amendment which modifies the terms of the life contract or certificate of insurance as they pertain to a dependent child. It may increase or decrease benefits, waive a condition or coverage, or in any other way amend the original contract
DDiscontinue One-Bill Submission
The individual employee has chosen to discontinue one-bill submission
GAGovernment Allocation
NBenefit Continuation
Health benefits that continue to be paid after termination or death
NCOne-Bill Submission Not Chosen
The individual employee has chosen not to participate in one-bill submission
OOne-Bill Submission
The individual employee will submit only one bill
PDPayroll Deduction
SSalary Continuation
Salary that continues to be paid after a disability

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